10 Things Joining the Online Book Community Has Introduced Me To

My beauties!! IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS OHEMGEEEE. I can’t contain myself. Christmas is my favorite holiday of ever. And the best thing for me is literally giving. I KNOW I KNOW. It’s so cliche to say that. BUT SERIOUSLY ASK ANYONE. I have been asking my boyfriend if he wants to open at least ONE of his presents early. (LIKE 2 WEEKS EARLY PEOPLE). I must say, he has REALLY thick skin, because I can’t count the amount of times I have asked him and bugged him, and HE SAYS NO EVERY TIME. Honestly I totally would have caved. The other best part is MORE BOOKS. I have a need of books. Since I have been book blogging for a few months now, I wanted to share some things that joining the online book community has showed me!


I. Love. Bookstagram. First of all, EVERYONE IS SO NICE. I have yet to meet any haters on there. No negative comments, lots of love and most of all BEAUTIFUL BOOKS. I’m probably on there way too much. I’m obsessed with finding new feeds that blow me away and I can stalk.


Okay okay, I know I TECHNICALLY can’t make this part of my list because I don’t actually OWN any (BUT WHO FOLLOWS RULES ANYWAYS???). But seriously I see SO MANY BOOKISH CANDLES ON BOOKSTAGRAM AND IT MAKES ME WANT TO CRY. Mostly because I WANT. I HAVE NEEDS. But my bank account is literally broken. It isn’t showing the right amount of 0’s for some reason? CAN SOMEONE FIX THAT?? Anyways I see all these bookish candles and they are cute and candles are amazing and I WANT.


I never really cared about buying bookmarks. To be honest I STILL DON’T. But the great thing about getting bookish bookmarks is that they are LITERALLY BOOK RELATED ART. So who doesn’t want that??? Not to mention a lot of shops that have bookmarks sell other things book related! A lot of society 6 shops have mugs, throw pillows and MANY OTHER GLORIOUS BOOK RELATED THINGS.




I had to make this a point because otherwise this list would not be 10 it would be 387298739. BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH AWESOME BOOKISH MERCH OUT THERE. Funko pops (which aren’t really my thing, but I like seeing other peoples’!), wands, CANDLES, mugs, pillows, T-Shirts, bath bombs, art prints, YOU NAME IT, IT’S OUT THERE.


TOO MANY BOOKS? You say? THERE IS NO SUCH THING! You say? WELL I BEG TO DIFFER. I thought I loved reading BEFORE. I was wrong. I am obsessed now and IT IS AN ADDICTION. I need to buy all the books and I have started to get this feeling of IMPENDING DOOM THAT THERE IS NO WAY I CAN READ ALL THE BOOKS BEFORE I DIE. It’s a real problem people and I NEED MORE TIME. Perhaps I simply need to run from it??? BUT HOW???


This may or may not be DIRECTLY related to No.5. MAYBE. But for some reason every time I buy books THE NUMBER IN MY BANK ACCOUNT GETS SMALLER??? WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?? WUT IS LIFE? But yeah basically the book world is breaking my back people.





I swear, IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Or is it?? …Yes, it probably is. I stalk a number of book bloggers and bookstagrammers. Those of you who follow my blog probably already know who my favorite book blogger is (AHEM CAIT….I’m pretty sure we are long lost sisters). DOES THAT MAKE ME A STALKER? DO I CARE??? Yes and also maybe yes. BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS.


And I mean, COME ON. What can even be better in life than shouting about books and forcing everyone else to read them and love them?? NOTHING, I TELL YOU, NOTHING! There is nothing more satisfying that raging about favorite characters and books and authors and finding other people who feel the same way. ALSO having people who can sympathize because THIS BOOK JUST LITERALLY BROKE ME BUT I NEED MORE.


Book Enthusiasts are the best. I should know, I am one*. IN ANY CASE this also correlates with its brother No.8, because meeting my fellow Book Enthusasts through blogs, bookstagram, twitter and so forth gives me people to relate to (because let’s face it, my boyfriends finds reading tedious and would probably describe it as torture, something that is made to be unpleasant, and something he does not want to be doing right now or ever. FEEL FOR ME). I get to gush and cry and scream and yell with you all all I want AND NOBODY GIVES ME WEIRD LOOKS.

*Que cheesiness




OKAY OKAY I MAY BE GETTING HYSTERICALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. I don’t know why I love them so much. Probably because I love presents and it just feels like I’m getting a super secret present from myself but even myself doesn’t know what it is??? IN ANY CASE…I love them. Even though I will probably only like about half of what is in the box (I HAVE YET TO RECEIVE A CANDLE BUT I KNOW THERE WILL BE ONE IN ONE OF MY NEXT BOXES), it’s worth it people. I have many allergies so green tea and bath stuff with parfume and candies I just can’t have but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea! Besides, I can always use those as a nice little surprise for someone else just because 🙂

Okay, So these are the top 10 things that the online book community has shown me!


How long have you been part of the online book community? What are a few of your favorite things about it? HAVE YOU MET SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE? Has it also turned you into a stalker??



10 thoughts on “10 Things Joining the Online Book Community Has Introduced Me To

  1. I JUST discovered bookstagram a few weeks ago,but I too was introduced by the book bloggersphere! And the merch…OH THE MERCH!!! THE FANARTS! YYYEEEESSSS!!!!! It’s also comforting to know I’m not the only one fated to die before I finish my TBR. *sigh* Such is the bookworm’s burden.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Top Five Fantasy Winter WorldsMy Profile

    1. It is rather comforting to know that EVERYONE ELSE is also torturing themselves by buying too many books and therefore feeding the monster that is their TBR isn’t it?
      And bookstagram is great!! Such a nice extra creative outlet ?

  2. Omg yes I’m totally a stalker. XD Especially on bookstagram!! I like manually check up on my favourite accounts ALL THE TIME because I don’t want to miss how beautiful their posts are.? And I love how nice and friendly and lovely everyone is on bookstagram!?? They’re a lot kinder than on twitter that’s for sure haha. Ahemmmmm.

    So I’ve probably been part of the book community for like 3 years? Actively?? I’ve blogged for 5 years but I was like SMOL LONE WOLF to start with because I knew nothing. But now, omg, there are just so many things to flail over and new BFFs to make because of mutual love over a book cover or something and SO MUCH VIRTUAL CAKE TO SHARE. It’s grand. :’)

    1. Yaaasss SO MUCH MORE NICER OMGEEEE but like WHAI ARE THERE SO MANY HATERS? I cannot compute.
      I only really joined a few months ago and I’m already flailing hopelessly (random fact: my phone corrected hopelessly to holes sly…..?)

    1. They REALLY ARE AAAHHH. And yes haters will hate and its up to us to just take their power away 🙂 But I really haven’t come across a single hater on bookstagram, it’s insane!! (EHSOLJFIEJSLD THANK YOU SO MUCH I LOVE TO HEAR THAT!!!)

  3. How’s your Christmas going?? And also yes yes yes to bookstagram! I’ve never heard about bookish candles though, but they do sound super adorable! And omg when my blog used to be fully a book blog I lived for the merch! It was literally the best thing ever ever c:

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Sorry for the late answer, things were a bit hectic over here!! My Christmas and New Year were wonderful, I hope you were also able to enjoy your holidays! I just got my first candle and it’s amazing! I may or may not have found a new addiction…as if I didn’t have enough!!! IT REALLY IS THE BEST THING except for when you are broke or it makes you broke hahaha

  4. I’ve been part of the online book community for a year or two and YES I *have* met so many great people!! XD I’m not friends with a lot of bookworms IRL so being able to fangirl on social media with others is so much fun. And ugh yes yes yes to the dilemma of having too many books to read!! On the flip side, I never worry about running out these days because I know it would take me less than a minute to discover all kinds of amazing books I’ve never read!
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    1. Yas it’s so great to flail and rant with our virtual FRENS! I wouldn’t say I’m as worried about running out of books so much as I’m terrified because I’ll never live long enough to read All The Books ?????

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