First Ever End of Year Wrap Up / and Other Things You Were Dying To Know Subconsciously

WELCOME MY BEAUTIES. Welcome to my FIRST EVER end of year wrap up. In the following, you will see deeper into my soul than EVER. And there is a lot of black stubbornness and stabbiness. SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride (or just put your hands in the air and enjoy)!


Okay, BEFORE YOU JUDGE. I feel the need to explain. I moved from the US to Germany with LITERALLY NOTHING 4 1/2 years ago. All I took with me were my clothes. For the first few years I couldn’t afford to buy anything, really, but this year, EVERYTHING CHANGED, so I went crazy of course. It wasn’t until about July that I started buying books again, SO I FEEL NO SHAME. Just imagine going so long without reading. IT WAS TORTURE LET ME ASSURE YOU. Now that you all feel VERY SORRY FOR ME (as you should, and maybe you feel sorry enough to buy me all the books??*) let us continue.

*N0?? NO TAKERS? Fine.

2. Disappointments.

Let’s start with the bad, people. I started getting into books by getting free ARCs from either Netgalley, or the authors themselves. And now let me show you some of my biggest disappointments (because why not?). Hint: click on the picture to see my Goodreads review!

(Review scheduled for 14th February at request of the publisher)

3. BEST OF 2016



(I think it goes without saying: CROOKED KINGDOM IS ON THIS LIST TOO. I just don’t want to put too many pictures haha)

(also every book in the Lunar Chronicles guys. I CAN’T DECIDE THIS IS TOO MUCH)

I can also now add ACOTAR after several people yelled at me for not having read! (Currently reading ACOWAR)

4. I wrote 3 half books.

No, not 3 AND a half, you read that right. I AM HOPELESS. I literally am the WORST at finishing things. It is my curse in life. I have quit a total of 1 study, 1 apprenticeship (and am about to quit another because I hate it), have written 5 unfinished manuscripts and the list goes on. I HAVE LITERALLY ONLY EVER FINISHED ONE BOOK EVER. But you will see these 3 half books come up in my 2017 goals post which is coming up soooon! I’m realizing this on is more of a fail than an accomplishment??? hahaha

5. I started blogging again!

My blog started out as a personal blog where I would post random rantings that literally no one would read, because no one knew it even existed. Then I turned it into an author blog when I decided to get Super Productive about authoring before realizing that I’m still young and even though I know what my passion is now I can still let it develop over time and whatstherushomg. THEN it turned into this wonderful book blog where I have met all of you lovelies and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

6. I reached 2k followers on Twitter?

Question mark because most of them are either inactive or bots?? So strange. But I’m hoping to get more real people on there haha.

7. I started a bookstagram and reached 300

THIS MAY NOT SEEM LIKE A LOT TO YOU. But they are Real People unlike the ones on Twitter for some reason. Also I am actually almost at 400 within like 2 months? How did that happen?? FEEL FREE TO CHECK ME OUT. (on instagram obviously, get your mind out of the gutter).

8. I own 90% black hardcovers

99.9% of my books are hardcovers because I am OCD and if I get any paperbacks I have to buy the hardcover. IT’S A PROBLEM. Something that is totally random and also REALLY REALLY ANNOYING is that for some reason Fantasy and SciFi books don’t know how to be any color but black naked???? WHAI I LIKE COLORS just because my soul is black does not mean all the books must be. BE MORE COLORFUL, BOOKS JEEZ.


SO THAT IS ENOUGH RIGHT??? I haven’t been at this for very long so there isn’t THAT much to recap. Tell me what glorious things YOU have accomplished in 2016!


2 thoughts on “First Ever End of Year Wrap Up / and Other Things You Were Dying To Know Subconsciously

  1. OH YOU DID SO MUCH AWESOME. And I highly love your list of of #3 because basically AG Howard’s books are life (and also death coincidentally…bless them) and ADSOM is AFJDKSALFD MY EVERYTHING. I’m about to start re-reading it because I’m just that obsessed. Same with Six of Crows. Is it okay to do a re-read every year?!? BECAUSE #NEED.
    (Although lowkey crying that you didn’t like Name of the Wind!! That was one of my few 5stars of last year.? And I just got approved for Gilded Cage on NG and now I’m worried haha.)
    You need to finish some of these written novels though, c’mon now. 😉
    But YAY for the followers and YAY that you restarted your blog because I so look forward to seeing posts from you. You’re blog is the bessssst.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Being Queen Of The Galaxies (And Other Goals for 2017)My Profile

    1. ACK I know there were so many wonderful books! And the ones I listed on disappointments were pretty much the ONLY ones I didn’t like this year (I MEAN LAST YEAR GAH) so I can’t complain??? I am seriously FREAKING OUT about ACOL LJWOUEKSHIFSJLEIJ. I have not yet ever re-read a book?? Because I am stubborn and no? But last year there were SO MANY GOOD ONES but I am so much slower compared to your 245 books so I don’t have time to reread?!?!?

      I knowwww!! I felt so bad about not liking it but maybe I will try it again when I am older and maybe a smidgen more mature?? We shall see. (because who knows if I shall EVER get more mature?)
      Gilded Cage also got a lot of good reviews! I don’t know what EXACTLY it was about it that bothered me so much?? The magic was really lowkey for the fact that the world is ruled by the magical and they are feared…but read it for yourself I can’t wait to see what you thinkkk!!
      I REALLY DO NEED TO FINISH I am the worst of ever in that aspect haha but it is definitely in my goals to finish!
      AFGAD I’m so glad that we’ve met, like what were the chances of meeting my long lost Australian sister so soon?? Life is kind! As I am sure you already know your blog is basically my life. Also your bookstagram and twitter haha (sh I’m not a stalker)

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