2017 #goals / Bookish and Otherwise

I KNOW THIS IS BELATED. I have been behind due mostly to laziness and also some laziness. Partly also because I am very lazy. ONWARD.

THIS IS MAH FIRST EVER GOAL POST so bear with me and buckle up. There may be tangents. There may be goals that sound like the silliest thing of ever. We’re all mad. Also I think it’s worth saying (because these things MATTER) that 7 is MY ONE AND ONLY LUCKY NUMBER. So bring it on 2017. Okay so down to business!

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I want to find a new job and quit my apprenticeship.

I have had a lot of trouble in the past few years. It may not seem like it, but I am one solid ball of anxiety and sometimes depression. It’s something I’ve suffered from for a LONG TIME due to some pretty nasty childhood traumas. If you want to know more about those, feel free to read about it here! In any case, I moved to Germany one week after I turned 18 (IKNOWIMINSANE) and basically plummeted. I cried every day for 2 years, and then I got an apprenticeship in a job that didn’t really interest me: I just needed a visa! WELL as it turned out my boss was a verbally abusive (and sometimes physically?? HE THREW THINGS AT PEOPLE. He should not be allowed to exist) and I would wake up EVERY MORNING feeling like I was about to vomit. So I got a new apprenticeship and quit. Halfway through this one I finally realized what it is I love the most: WRITING. I love writing, I love painting, I love creating. SO my plan is to move back to California and study creative writing and start offering freelance writing services. BUT I’M STILL STUCK IN THIS JOB??? SO I’m going to quit it (because I don’t like feeling miserable every day) and just get a simple job that earns me more money where I can bide my time until the time comes to go back home. (SORRYNOTSORRY FOR THE RAMBLE HERE GUYS) I’ve been sending out applications this week so hopefully I’ll hear back soon!

 I want to finish No Such Thing as Never and Feathers Black

(Click title for pinterest board) These are my two darker fairy tale retellings that I started in 2016. I always get really close to the end and then…don’t finish?? But I finished the outline for NSTaN so it shouldn’t be THAT hard…right?? But I am a stubborn cucumber and am bad at finishing things. Bless me. So this year I WILL finish those two if it’s the last thing I do!! (yay for dramaticness!)

I want to write 2 new books!

Ambitious, I know. But I really want my life more focused on my passion so I can get an agent with lots of manuscripts up my sleeve! I already have a pinterest board for my newest idea, Cruel Ice (click on the title to see the board ;D) Book number two is yet to be decided but I know for sure I am going to FINISH THE OUTLINES BEFORE I START WRITING DAGNABIT.

I want to read 80 books

Since I read 40 in 2016 but only gave it half effort for most of the year, I thought WHY NOT DOUBLE? Go big or go home guys. And I already have like 21 unread books on my bookshelf at home?? SO. I have somewhere to start, and I have some MAJOR catching up to do on all the past good reads!! I have been MISSING OUT, people! I am honestly not even sure how I survived so long without reading??? WHO CAN KNOW.

I want need to stop Buying Things

I LOVE TO BUY THINGS. When I’m stressed out, I LOVE TO BUY MORE THINGS*. And then, I get stressed out because of lack of money due to buying So Many Things (as an apprentice your paycheck is a literal joke). AND I THINK YOU SEE WHERE THIS IS GOING??? It is a circle of death. Send help. Or you could just find me a friendly everything benefactor and then I wouldn’t have to buy things?**

So basically I WILL NOT buy more books until I have read all of them*** (this is, of course, excluding book boxes because they are a ONE TIME THING AND WILL NEVER BE AVAILABLE AGAIN. Also they are Life. But I am going to stick with only one.)

*since I have anxiety and depression issues this is no joke 99% of the time. Save me.
**but probably still would, if we are being honest…
***I see so much failure in my future. BUT SH LET ME DREAM

I want to reach 1k followers on #bookstagram

I have basically FALLEN IN LOVE with bookstagram. I am obsessed. I even got a special smol camera to take more glorious pictures with, and a lambskin (DON’T WORRY. It is organic and had a good life. THESE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT TO ME because my soul is squishy and I cry if I think about animals suffering for even a second). I have been on bookstagram for like 2 (maybe almost 3??) months and already have almost 400 followers!?!?! So thank you to the wonderful book community for that?? I can’t believe it, really. SO THANK YOU YOU BEAUTIFUL GOONS.

I want to start getting money for my writing

I am going to dip my toes into the world of freelance writing! IT’S SCARY. I’ve already started researching and I’m not looking to get rich. I just want to get a feel for it and see where it takes me and learn if this is actually Something I Can Do. Since I know this is The Thing That Makes Me Happy (at long last I KNOW WHAT THIS IS) I want to get a start on it now before I put myself into it full time!

Sheesh! These are A LOT OF GOALS. Thankfully, the year is long, and I think I actually have a shot at accomplishing most of these!! We shall see next year in January when I look back and check if I haven’t completely disregarded ALL OF THEM MUAHAHAHA. As of now, however, I FEEL MOTIVATED (this is probably because I am writing this while I am still on vacation from The Job That I Hate??).

Tell me what your glorious goals for 2017 are! Are you feeling motivated this year, or is it a buffer year (like last year was for me)? TELL ME AALL THE THINGS.


4 thoughts on “2017 #goals / Bookish and Otherwise

  1. THESE ARE AMAZING GOALS AND YOU ARE AMAZING AND I SHALL GIVE YOU CAKE AND CHEERS OF SUPPORT. *flings cake at your face* And also I’m really sorry you had to go through that as a child. *sends hugs* I think you’re amazing btw and I hope you have a super happy and wonderful life.?
    And yaaaas to all the writing. Writing is amazing. (Freelancing sounds epic too, I hope we get updates on how you go with that?!) And writing dark fairy tale retellings = ACTUALLY THE BEST THING OF LIFE.? I’m planning to write a Phantom of the Opera retelling (shhh we know I was inspired from Roseblood but it will be seriously different?) and also a Sherlock retelling IF I CAN ACTUALLY SIT DOWN AND FOCUS AND DO THIS. I just flap about and get nothing done these days omg.
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  2. Thank you! It’s sometimes really hard to put it out there but I’ve been working really hard the past couple of years to address it and stop hiding! It’s slow going but I know it will be worth it!

    Writing is my EVERYTHING!!! I actually finished No Such Thing as Never yesterday and I am ridiculously pleased with my ending???? Basically I am #genius. Also the above mentioned Cruel Ice is going to be A RUMPLESTILSKIN RETELLING…WUUUUT.

    I’m not sure how much of myself I will put into the freelancing considering everything else that will be happening this year but I will definitely keep you posted!!

    Yaaasss Phantom of the Opera for the win!! Hey we all need inspiration from somewhere right?? WHY NOT ROSEBLOOD BECAUSE IT’S FREAKING AMAZING??? You know I would read that ? also PSHAW you can so do it!! I believe in you!
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  3. Okay, but the horrible job, the time in Germany, the rock bottom…I smell a future writing superstar’s backstory. Hang in there and I have no doubts you can write those books, read those books, stake your claim on Bookstagram, and be a general badass. I believe in you!
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    1. Oh my goodness seriously STOP you are making me tear up here…it means so much to hear so much encouragement from all of you!! I never thought I would meet such amazing and supportive people when I started my journey in the online book community! You all are too much and TOO AWESOME. SO thank you!!

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