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Hello again ALL MY LOVELY PEOPLE. I honestly don’t know why you keep coming back to read my frantic ramblings because they almost never make sens. BUT MAKING SENSE IS FOR EVERYONE BUT US. Who needs sense anyways???


Today I am linking up with Cait @ Paper Fury‘s Beautiful Books linkup, where you will be forced to hear about my writerly aspirations MUAHAHA*

*SH I know you’re here by choice but just let me feel like I have a say in this


1. What were your writing achievements last year?

LAST YEAR?? 2016? When was that? WHEN ARE WE. Who can know. JUST KIDDING I STILL REMEMBER LAST YEAR like it is a hazy memory of nothingness. I shall, however, endeavor to remember for you. Last year I managed to self-publish a (very) YA coming of age book that is about a lost princess and snarky dragons (you can check it out here if you want to: Oasis in the Clouds), start writing what was supposed to be the sequel, get lost during writing the sequel, stop writing the sequel because #anxiety, write most of my WIP Feathers Black (darker gender swapped Sleeping Beauty retelling) before losing the outline (SOMEHOW I DON’T KNOW HOW AND WHEN???) And write most of my NaNoWriMo novel No Such Thing as Never! Whew that is a lot. Now I feel like I have accomplished a lot even though it was only 3 mostly-books*

*I shall feel like I am accomplished in any case. YOU CAN’T STOP ME

2. What’s on your writerly “to-do-list” for 2017?

OMG I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED because I plan on being VERY VERY PRODUCTIVE! Productivity is my number one forte weakness, so I’m sure that plan will work out very finely. BUT I am happy to announce that I already finished one of my goals*, which was to finish said NaNoWriMo novel, and I DID. It’s done and now I am putting it into a dark corner where it will fester until I have the courage to look at the tranwreck that is it again.

Also a goal for this year: Write two new books!** I’ve already started one, Cruel Ice, which is to be mildly related to Rumpelstiltskin (it’s kind of like “that happened, but no one knows about it and then strange things start happening and a girl gets sucked into another world and begins a journey to find out that it happened). Very straightforward. You can find the aesthetics for that just under number 3!!

I do not yet have a plan for the second book, though it will, of course, be fantasy and full of magical things and beings and people. WHAT ELSE IS THERE. I also plan on editing No Such Thing as Never…at some point…eventually. BUT THIS YEAR DEFINITELY. Definitely.***

**this time they must be WHOLE. Not holey. WHOLE BOOKS.
***are you convinced yet???

3. Tell us about your top-priority writing projects for this year!

In case you couldn’t tell, my newest and most favoritest baby is Cruel Ice (I mean just look at that title, doesn’t it give you butterflies??) As I said, it will be loosely related to Rumpelstiltskin, and there will be people made out of ice and also fire and earth and wind. I LIKE MY ELEMENTS OK. Here is the aesthetic to feast your eyes on:*

*no, I DON’T have a newfound Pinterest obsession, how dare you suggest such a thing!

4. How do you hope to improve as a writer? Where do you see yourself at the end of 2017?

This is a very sneaky question because it is ACTUALLY TWO QUESTIONS. The nerve. I hope to improve in many ways as a writer this year. TIME FOR A LIST WITHIN A LIST*

  • I want to write more. Or faster. Whatever. Basically I want to be able to sit down and actually write, without sitting and staring into nothing for ages before actually writing.
  • I want to get into the habit of FINISHING MY OUTLINES before I go about actually starting to write the darn book. That has been my plight for the last year. Not finishing outlines, starting books, and then FOR SOME STRANGE REASON I DON’T FINISH WRITING THE BOOK?? These things may or may not correlate. It is impossible to tell.
  • I want to write more often. It’s so much easier to write when things are all good and dandy, but unfortunately for me that is not often the case, since (as some of you may know) I have depression and anxiety most days. They basically cause me to freak out about everything to the point where I just end up doing nothing because I can’t decide which thing to do first or for how long and what’s more important. EVEN THE LITTLE THINGS

At the end of 2017 I see myself with No Such Thing as never fully edited and ready to start querying! I’M SO AMBITIOUS. But I want to be writing full time at some point in my life, so why not?? I also want Cruel Ice to be a finished first draft (if not second…) and Unknown Book #2 to be in the works!


5. Describe your general editing process

Yay another list!

  • As I mentioned before, it is very important to let the finished first draft get moldy in a dank corner and forget about it for a significant amount of time.
  • After that I go through the book and make changes (only on the computer, no physical copies yet!) like rewriting every single thing that is in there. Also adding lots of stuff that I forgot to put in and taking large chunks out.
  • Then let it fester some more
  • THEN I repeat step 2.
  • Basically wash and repeat.
  • Then, when I feel like I have something halfway decent, I’ll get it printed, and go at the physical copy, reading it out loud as I go (because if it sounds weird out loud it’s going to sound weird in other peoples’ heads)
  • Then I’ll ask someone to look at it. I’ll hire an editor, if I’m not too atrociously poor.
  • Then, VOILA. You have a book. Sort of. I’M NOT AN EXPERT, OKAY

6. On a scale of 1-10, how do you think this draft turned out?

My draft of No Such Thing as Never??? WELL. I’m still high from my very genius ending so I would say an 8 (there were some rough spots). Ask me again in 2 months when I start editing. Then I will probably tell you a 2. But hey, let me have my moment for now.

Here is the pinterest aesthetic of my book, JUST BECAUSE:


7. What aspect of your draft needs the most work?

WHAI TORTURE ME WITH THESE QUESTIONS?? Well. I think I can already say that the tense needs to be worked out. Because halfway through the book I decided PRESENT TENSE IS BETTER THAN PAST. And then later on I decided WHAT WAS I THINKING and switched back. At some point I’m fairly sure that it was just a mash up of the two. WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF. I’m fairly sure it was influenced greatly by what I happened to be reading at that point. For example: if I was reading something in present tense, writing in past tense felt really wonky to me so I just said, to hell with it. Because I am a responsible adult and I do what I want, obviously.

8. What do you like most about your draft?

THE ENDING. I thought it was immaculately clever and perfectly worded. We’ll see how I feel about it when it comes time to edit………….. CAN’T YOU TELL EDITING IS MY FAVORITE YET.

9. What are your plans for this novel once you finish editing? More edits? Finding Beta Readers? Querying? Self-Publishing? Hiding it in a dark hole forever?

Honestly, that last option sounds very practical. But most likely I will edit some more. And more and more and more. And then I will probably force my sister to read it because she is my guinea pig for ALL THINGS ME. And then I’ll look for some beta readers (because let’s be honest, she probably won’t want to read it because of the…erm…forced issue. Such a baby). If the beta readers give me good feedback and actually like the book, then I hope to start querying!

10. What’s your top piece of advice for those just finished writing a first draft.

I say put it away. Let it grow something. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WRITTEN. Heck, forget it even EXISTS. Only once you have reached this level of control may you touch it again.

I hope at least SOME of this made sense??? My brain is basically scrambled eggs right now so excuse me while I go pig out on cookies. They are good for unscrambling brains.

Did you write anything last year? Do you want to write something this year? What are YOUR writerly goals?


6 thoughts on “2017 Writing Goals / Beautiful Books / Cruel Ice

  1. THIS IS THE BEST POST EVER. I love how you blog omg.? And yaaas for writing magical beautiful things. Also excuse me while I officially go and stalk every board of your pinterest. The aesthetic is amazing.? And obviously pinterest is 500% crucial for writing books and developing them. What could we do without it? CLEARLY NOTHING.

    Oooh and good luck with the outlines! I’ve started being SO intensely dedicated with my outlines. They’re getting up to 15K which can be slightly a problem. ? But OH WELL. hehe.

    Thanks for joining in the linkup!
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Underrated YA Books That Scream Politely For Your Attention (Or Is That Me Screaming?? Who Can Know??)My Profile

      Also now that I found Pinterest I really don’t understand what I was doing before??? Not truly living, apparently. Now I spend way too much time on it just like Indtagram! #noregrets.

      OMG YES I am so glad I’m not the only one! The outline for No Such Thing as Never is like 10k words and I was like WUT IS THIS EVEN THIS IS 1/6 OF MY BOOK but it was 378376% easier to write, sooo WORTH IT.

      Love your linkups so MY PLEASURE ?

  2. Haha don’t say that Esther! I VISIT YOUR BLOG CUZ I LOVE YOU OKAY? This was such a fun post! I am also planning on doing it sooooonish? (Let’s hope my math test of FREAKING ALGEBRA in which I am the worst gets over quickly so I get some time) You have a novel out!! That!! Is!! Awesome!! I never finished a book in 2016, but I want to do more this year. I haven’t really thought about my goals clearly, but I want to write more than last year. I started 3 books in 2016- with 2K, 4K and 8K words respectively, and wrote two short stories of a thousand words. Anyways, I have to mention this again, I LOVED your post❤️❤️
    Prabhleen recently posted…REASONS TO WATCH YURI!!! ON ICEMy Profile

    1. DAWWW YOU. I’m so glad you love my blog, that is literally THE nicest thing you could say!! 😀 WELL GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST!!
      And yes, I do have a novel out, if you can call it that! It’s for a much younger audience than I initially wanted it to be, but hey haha. I hope you are able to set your goals! I think blogging has helped me map them out more clearly. Before I had no idea what to do with myself XD

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