…And A Happy New Year

Here I am, sitting in Saas Fee, Switzerland, and there is snow. Not as much as I expected, but snow nonetheless. I have a very exhausting day behind me. We went hiking for 1 1/2 hours (which is not so much my thing as it is), and on top of that the path was covered with icy ice and extremely steep. I am a naturally slow walker, and my boyfriend and his family are exactly the opposite so I basically ended up walking most of the way by myself. The view at the top was, however, splendid, even if my feet were frozen into ice blocks despite my robust shoes.

The way down was even more adventurous. I fell on the left side of my butt a total of…. 7 times!! That’s going to leave a mark… Well at least I got to visit the sauna afterwards.

There is not much to say about the Christmas I had. Suffice it to say that it was splendid, with both sides of the family and we were able to thoroughly enjoy it and each others’ company.

After my 3rd Christmas (the one with Linus’ father here in Saas Fee) I skyped with my Mama, my sisters Lynnéa, Beatrice and Marie and Marie’s husband and one of my aunts in law. My family has a knack for leading detailed discussions about our bodily functions. I did my part and explained to them that for the past three days I have been constipated (welcome to the family), along with having the farts. Usually, my whispers of farts smell like nothing, thus I let them rip as they come and no one is the wiser. Franz discovered my bowel issues the night before Christmas in bed… much to my embarrassment. Then on Christmas with his mother’s side of the family, I held it all in, which made it worse. Then there was the 6 hour drive to Saas Fee with his father and his father’s girlfriend, whom I am not in such a good relationship with that I can just let loose, hence another day of bottling up that lovely potion. Needless to say, I was not feeling well after a while and Franz is the lucky man that has to live with my bodily MALfunctions.

On that note…


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