August Recap / EPIC Haul (for me) / I Read Some Books / On Editing Fails

WHERE EVEN TO START MY FRIENDS. August has been…busy, to say the least!

I have worked really hard to be more active on The Blog, and I’m actually surprised at how well it’s been going?!?!? #dedication. And I’ve met so many amazing new bloggers, it’s insane!!

First things first – I started a bullet journal!! YAY ME * awards self with chocolate *

SO. I have kind of wanted to start a bullet jornal (or Bujo or WHAEVER YOU CALL IT) for like, forever! BUT I had this notion that it would be way too complicated and would make my life harder instead of easier??

HOW I HAVE ERRED. And how I have been missing out! I decided to start one, and I wanted to do themed journals because I am a child and if mine doesn’t look like a coloring book, I will lose interest Very Quickly. Here I have included some peeks at the gloriousness that is my journal for you guys! I went a little overboard with the daisies – I KNOW. But I had to because they are my favorite flower OF EVER.

I BOUGHT SOME BOOKS. Well, technically I bought some books back in JULY when it was my birthday, BUT THEY HAVE FINALLY ALL TRICKLED IN so I can show you all the fabulosity.*

OKAY that’s not true they haven’t all showed up yet. My order of the boxed set of The Mortal Instruments got lost in the mail**, so it had to be resent and should be here within the next couple of weeks…I hope.

*It’s a word OKAY

In case you have not yet discovered the wonderland that is bookstagram WHAT EVEN IS YOUR LIFE. Just kidding.* Bookstagram has introduced me to SO MANY books I never would otherwise have found, and I have met so many amazing people on there! I know we hear this all the time BUT IT’S TRUE I PROMISE.** As sad as it may sound, I actually talk to some of my bookstagram friends more often than I talk to the flesh and blood people in my life.

Here is my bookstagram (also visible in my footer because I know no chill)

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And whoever tells you internet friends aren’t real friends has obviously never had internet friends!!!***

I actually hit 2k followers this past month – and I’m almost at 2.5k WUT. I don’t even know what’s happening??!?!? But yay I am so happy that I have the opportunity to spew my fangirling at so many individuals. I’m sure their lives are better for it.

*but actually NOT kidding because WHAT ARE YOU DOING.
***Also: RUDE MUCH??

SPEAKING OF BOOKSTAGRAM FRIENDS. I actually took the train up to Frankfurt to meet one of them last week! I got to meet the lovely @chezmelodie (on bookstagram, be sure to check her out!). We went to Primark – but not to go ordinary shopping. WE RAIDED THEIR BACK TO HOGWARTS COLLECTION. #BookwormsForTheWin

Then we went to Starbucks and sat and talked for a while. AND THEN we got super overwhelmed by how full the city was and decided to call it a day. #Introverts

BUT IT WAS SO FUN. I have now met two bookstagram friends and they are both amazing!

I READ SO MANY BOOKS THIS MONTH. Not. I read Five Books bahaha and here I was thinking I’LL JUST READ LIKE 10 BOOKS THIS MONTH AND BE A BADASS. Instead I just read five and am still 13 books behind on my 2017 reading challenge. I’m counting on Christmas to catch me up*

ANYWHO. Here is a SMOL overview of what I read, with links to my reviews on goodreads (not all of them have full reviews because #lazy).

I ALSO READ ONE ARC WOOOO. I got approved for 3 on Netgalley, but one got archived the day after I got approved so I couldn’t download it. BOOOO.

*Keep dreaming…

Like I already mentioned above, THERE ARE SO MANY AWESOME BLOGGERS OUT THERE. You just need to know where to find them.*

*I’m not the person to ask because I am just as lost as your dog there

So I was Super Ambitious and decided to set myself the goal of editing my complete first draft of Feathers Black.

  • I’m about halfway through. BUT PROGRESS MAN.
  • Also I started brainstorming a new book, so that’s progress too?!?!? It counts okay.
  • I am setting myself the new goal of finishing my edits on Feathers Black for September
  • I also want to start outlining my new book idea, Red as the Storm because let’s face it, I’m too excited to wait.
  • ALSO. I may or may not begin editing my first draft of No Such Thing as Never. AND PREPARE FOR SNIPPETS IN THE NEAR* FUTURE
*let’s just go ahead and change that to very distant


AAAAND that’s it for August! I promise the month was much more busier than this post is making it seem?!?? I am drained! Plus I have to start looking for new jobs now so pray for me.

What has your August been like? Did you discover any fun new things? Destroy your wallet with books? I wanna know!!


25 thoughts on “August Recap / EPIC Haul (for me) / I Read Some Books / On Editing Fails

  1. UGH! I struggle so much with writing AND reading in a month. I keep saying, “Okay Ali, all you have to do is write 10K words this month. It’s easy, you can do it!” And then POOF I wind up writing 5K or something like that. Which, at least is progress, but OMG I WISH I WOULD WRITE MORE ALREADY. I want to finish this WIP (I think I’m probably 20-30K words away), so that I can move on to my next idea! And I’m not the type that can be writing two different things at the same time. Anyway, that was a bit rambly. Even though you think you didn’t have a good reading month – 5 sounds good to me!!

    1. I feel you! Although I do a lot of reading before I go to sleep so that helps keep me on track, but with my job and everything it can be so challenging to keep up with writing/editing! I want to get better though!
      I hope you find the time to finish your WIP!
      Haha thanks I was just hoping I could be more disciplined and read more but 4-5 is pretty much my norm nowadays!

    1. That is always an amazing feeling! This is why I love my birthday and Christmas so much hahaha all the books and none of the pain 😂
      And omg yas I felt it was hight time I bought all the pirate books ♥ I actually ordered Blacksouls as well but it just barely shipped 😅

  2. Daughter of The Pirate King just sounds like the book was made for me to be honest. WHICH IS WHY I NEED TO READ IT! 2K? 2K? (why don’t have numbers have lowercase and uppercase. it would be so convenient for fangirls. like”K! “K’) Anyways WUT THAT IS AWESOME. Your Bookstragram is sooo pretty #jealous. I could never EVER even begin to try bookstagram!


    Aww and thanks for sharing my post *wipes tears*
    Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink recently posted…[LET’S WHISPER] Do you ever feel 100% satisfied with your blog?My Profile

    1. Eeep I hope you do read it it’s such a fun book and Alosa kicks all the stereotypes about women in the face!
      Awe you are too kind 😣 ever since my feed became a little more rustic my followers have been growing like crazy! I don’t even know what to do with myself 😂😂
      Ahhh I’m so happy you like my journal!! I do too 😍 the fact that I like staring at it keeps me motivated to use it 😂
      Awe you are so welcome ♥

  3. Wow it seems like you had an incredible August Esther. I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again I am in love with your pictures. They’re so beautiful and I’m not surprised you have so many followers on Instagram because you take such beautiful photos. 🙂
    I’m glad to see you loved This Savage Song! It’s a favourite of mine but then again it’s a book by V.E. Schwab so that probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. 😀
    I really need to start a bullet journal. Everyone I know who has one seems to love them, maybe that can be one of my aims before the year is over.
    Great recap, and I hope you have an incredible September as well. 🙂 ❤️

    1. Ermegerd thank you you are so sweet I can’t 😍
      Omg Monsters of Verity just destroyed me ughh why is Schwab sub sweet perfection 😭😭
      See for me the fact that I like to stare at it and come up with new cute doodles keeps me motivated to use it!

  4. You cited one of my post <3 I'm officially moved 😭 I was expecting everything but not that post. I published it without much confidence.
    Anyway, I'm behind my goodreads challenge too! Of fourteen books 🙁
    I would love too meet some of my fav bookstagrammer or the Canadian girl with I usually buddy read. But I'm Italy 😂 I'm also bad at making friendship online. Just recenly I didn't manage well an interaction with a fellow writer. But I will try to interact more on IG. People there scares me less. I don't know why.
    Congratulations for your draft even iif you haven't finished to correct it. It's an hard thing. I'm still correcting my book even after having finished it. But on November and December I want to finish the second of the series. So don't set back 🙂

    1. Awe you should totally have confidence in yourself! Your posts are great ♥♥
      Oh man being behind on your challenge is the worst! I want to catch up but I just like watching TV shows too much I guess 😂
      Oh damn haha Italy to Canada is a tough one! I got to meet a girl from Edinburgh but only because I travelled there with my mom for a couple days! And the other girl I met lives like two hours from where I live so it was definitely more practical!
      If you find accounts on IG that you like and comment on their pictures that’s how I’ve started most of my friendships! I talk to a lot of them every day now!
      Awe you are so sweet! Editing is the hardest if you ask me! Oh I hope you make some good progress on your deafts too! ♥

  5. Fabulosity is my new favorite word.
    Those books are so pretty!! I am jealous. 😀
    I’ve been slipping on my reading goal too and it makes me saaaad. I used to be like 7 books ahead and now I’m like three behind.
    I’m excited to see what you think of Song of the Current!! I haven’t read it yet, but I want to because PIRATES and RIVERS and RIVER PIRATES. Plus that cover is gorgeous. *swoons*
    I hope your September is amazing!
    Lenna @ Sugar Dusted Pages recently posted…August Wrap-Up // 6 month blogiversary, almost-fame, and too many long books.My Profile

      Ugh I know I can’t even with how pretty they are it’s almost rude?!?!?
      Yesss omg I was keeping right on track and now I’m was say behind and it’s stressing me out 😣
      Isgqhidywkdifgkfod I’m so excited for Song of the Current! Not only is the cover gorgeous, THE TITLE IS ACTUALLY SPARKLY 😱😍
      Also pirates.
      I can die a happy woman.

  6. OH MY GOD please post snippets of your novel (s)??? I WILL HUNGRILY DEVOUR THEM. Na dum who gave you the right to take such beautiful bookstagrsm pics??? Yay for meeting a bookstagram friend!! I want to meet an internet friend but it’s be so awkward. 😂 YOUR BUJO AAAGH!!! 😍 It’s so beautiful please post more pictures okay???
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…In Which You (Help Me) Decide Which Novel to Write ft. a Very Important Poll!!! #indecisiveMy Profile

    1. *runs and hides* I MIGHT MAYBE NONCOMMITTALLY (it’s a word) POST SNIPPETS WHEN I’M DONE EDITING THE FIRST DRAFT. But no promises 😂 Ermegerd thank you!
      Yasss I was so nervous both times because I was scared it would be awkward but it was amazing!
      Haha I would post more pictures but I have all of my personal stuff in there so I need to take pictures before I start filling it in 😂

  7. *waves hi at DACSD*
    please post snippets!
    and i’m always up for title brainstorming! i’m currently in need of a title for a book about a girl, her invisible dragon, and a race she’s not ~technically~ allowed to enter. there’s hypnotizing spells, old magicians, a bartender, and blood magic.

    1. OMG TIFF THAT SOUNDS SO FREAKING AMAZING. Y U SLAY SO HARD. We shall have to have a brainstorming session! Titles are always the hardest for me, and I usually change them a few times before I finish the first draft haha
      I’m 61% into DACSD and ughhhh I SHIP REN AND MARLA SO HARDDDDD

  8. Oooh congrats on the IG followers! YOU ARE INCREDIBLE FOR SURE.🎉🎉 I love your photos and your style! 😍 Also omg such pretty books. I needed to read Daughter of the Pirate King like, um, yesterday. 😂 I’m so slack. ALSO YAY YOU LOVED OUR DARK DUET ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. *sobs because is remembering it*

    I also have a bullet journal but I hardly use it properly.😂 Mostly just to keep lists of books I need (because my TBr isn’t huge enough already???) and challenges I’m doing. I’m a bujo failure and it’s lovely.

    I actually didn’t haul that many august books but like maybe this means my TBR won’t fall on my head. THE WORLD IS LOOKING LIKE A BRIGHT PLACE.😂
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…August Fury Recap || 10K on Twitter + Wonder Woman (!!) + My TBR Is Actually Shrinking What Is ThisMy Profile

    1. Daw thanks!! YOU ARE TOO KIND SIR.
      DOTPK will be perfect for you just wait. Knowing you, you will probably read it in like, an hour hahaha so it’ll be a fun little adventure with lots of stabbiness and betrayal for you.
      I literally tear up every time I think about the ending.

      BAHAHA that was my greatest fear when I started my journal. Then again, I’m only one month into it so *knock on wood*
      I’m famous for starting projects and abandoning them XD


  9. I don’t know how eveyrone is able to have cute bullet journals like that ahah, I cruelly lack talent and patience to have one, but I admire you so much 😂
    You have SO MANY beautiful pictures on your bookstagram, I love it so, so much – I’m not too surprised you are having so many followers, you deserve them all and so many, many moreeeee! <3
    I would love to hear more about your WIP – obviously, if you're willing to share more about it all! <3
    Hope you'll have a great month! <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Review: The Delirium series, Lauren OliverMy Profile

    1. Haha these are purposefully far away shots because there are a lot of little mistakes in there BUT that’s okay! I just like doodling so these bullet journals just happen to be perfect for me!
      Awe, you are too kind!!! Thank you so much <3
      I will have to do a post about my WIP!! I just have to gather up my courage hahaha it's so scary to share snippets!!

  10. I’ve been following you for 5 ever on Instagram and I didn’t know you blogged I’M DEAD. YOUR BLOG IS LITERALLY SO PRETTY. Anyways… yay for a bujo! I totally had to use all the color on mine too or else I’d get bored FAST. (I mean I got bored with it eventually despite the color but never mind that). 5 books is a good number! That’s more books than I read most months so I’d say that you’re pretty much #winning at life.
    I wish you the best of luck with your tmi box set and your job search! May you get all the books read in September <333
    Faith @ Cozy Sweater Reads recently posted…August // A (very busy) month in reviewMy Profile

    1. omg you are so sweet!! Thank you I CRYY
      Hahaha yeah honestly what’s the point in using one if you don’t have something pretty to look at!
      I think 5 is all right! It’s mainly just that I know that if I dedicated more time to reading insdatead of doing literally nothing or doing unproductive things, I would read SO MANY MORE.
      BUT THANK YOU OMG I’m glad one of us thinks I’m winning at life haha!
      Thank you! I am going to start sending out applications soon and its so scary haha!

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