Beautiful People #27.5 All About That Sass

I KNOW I KNOW. I just posted a Beautiful people meme, but WHAT CAN I SAY I LOVE MY CHARACTERS. Plus, I don’t talk about my writing enough! Or maybe I do it too much?!? WHO CAN KNOW.* Anywho. I wrote my last post about a new character, so I thought I’d introduce you to a character who is already in the middle of her second draft! She’s the ‘Prince Charming’ of my gender reversed Very Dark Sleeping Beauty retelling! Her name is Phillia for the moment because apparently I lack imagination and the prince’s name is Phillip SO THERE YOU GO.

BUT BUT. Make sure to go check out Cait @ Paper Fury‘s page if you haven’t already because she is the lovely being who co-hosts this meme, providing us all with our writing fix!

*Who am I kidding, we all know I avoid talking about it like the plague.

Phillia is totally conventional in that she is addicted to thrills. She basically likes to take on the most dangerous jobs that will most likely get her and her friends killed. Not to be mistaken with wanting to be killed, which she does not, and she takes staying alive very seriously.

The good:

  1. She is very protective of her friends. Almost like a feisty mother hen
  2. Short but sassy and very quick on her feet!
  3. A very quick thinker, she can come up with elaborate plans on the spot

The bad:

  1. She is very hot tempered
  2. She holds a VERY LONG grudge and probably won’t even try to see your side of things = very stubborn
  3. Very greedy. She’ll do any job if it pays well enough*

*not entirely sure this is a bad thing?!?


This is quite the loaded question for Phillia. She’s an orphan. She has been since she was a little baby. And orphans don’t fare well in the kingdom of Eldon. They disappear mysteriously, and Phillia is one of the only people that knows exactly what happens to them. It haunts her, and it can get debilitating.

Oh, Phillia is pretty much the DEFINITION of organized. While she doesn’t have any permanent living quarters, she has to know where all of her weapons are at all times, or she might bite your head off

OH and her packs are always neatly stuffed to the brim.

I think it’s safe to say that she wants to stop the orphans disappearing/being abducted. She also gets really riled up about stupid people, though. Like. We all know that feeling of burning frustration when someone does something so incredibly stupid HOW COULD THEY NOT REALIZE HOW STUPID OMG.

Um. I’m fairly sure that Phillia doesn’t know the meaning of night out or night in. Basically there’s jobs, money and killing people who get in her way.


She probably owns one pair of shoes at a time.

Soft leather shoes that are impossibly silent when she walks so she can sneak up on people to slit their throats*


Phillia has one pet/companion. His name is Laz. He’s an albino Elk, and the last of his kind.

Albino Elks have a lot of lore surrouding them and there are many rumors as to what special powers different body parts might have.

But it’s all just that. Lore.*


She hates the person responsible for the disappearing orphans. Which just happens to be a crazy witch lady named Marif. In other words, the villain of the story. Only thing is, she doesn’t know who she is. * gasp *

She doesn’t really have a pantry or a fridge?!?* Mostly she has dried meats on hand and some fruit. Wine, because clean water is hard to find. But when she can get her hands on them she is all about those pastries!

*I know. THE SAD. But unfortunately being an orphan means no house and nowhere to put delicious foods.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed learning just a little bit about Phillia and her sass! I’m halfway through editing the firs draft of Feathers black, so HERE have a nice aesthetic while you wait another 273842 years to read it!


7 thoughts on “Beautiful People #27.5 All About That Sass

    1. AWE THANK YOU I’m glad you like it! Also Phillia is literally my goals. I want to be a feisty mother hen too. And Laz is the actual best?!?! I’m I allowed to say that about my character’s pet?!?!? WHY ISN’T HE REAL. It’s probably safer for you to be at least a tiny bit scared of her. She is merciless when it comes down to it.

  1. Ahh this was so fun to read! I loved learning more about Phillia; she sounds amazingly cool and and totally badass! I basically want to read your book RIGHT NOW after reading this! I can’t wait to read more about your other characters, Esther!

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