Beautiful People #27

So as you may know by now, Cait @ Paper Fury co-hosts an AWESOME writing meme every month, so if you are interested in what my current WIPs are, KEEP READING.

Also. I will be doing TWO of these this month. THAT’S RIGHT. You get to learn all about two of my awesome characters this month and there’s nothing you girls can do about it!!* **

SO since I am a responsible adult and I am Very Organised, I have been brainstorming a NEW novel (not Feathers Black, but I AM still working on that one!!). This one is called Red as the Storm (working title people, and YES the acronym is RATS. I cry)! It’s about a red-haired heiress with a fox sidekick***, Euan, who is obviously endearing and the best part of the story. ANYWHO. She finds a boy in the woods near her family’s keep where people have been disappearing for years. They grow up together and THINGS HAPPEN.

I shall be posting the pinterest board below as well. It’s probably my favorite board yet, TBH.

** Also you could technically just leave…but I’ll start crying if you do that and that makes things uncomfortable so it might be best if you just stayed and learned about my awesome characters.
***I said FOX not FOXY. Though he is a very foxy fox.

SO my main character’s name is Lachtna Sonach(the area she lives in is slightly influenced by the old gaelic language because WHY NOT and it’s cool)
Lachtna obviously can’t live without Edan(feisty fox, his name means little fire) but other than that she is hopelessly addicted to chocolate. Stereotypical, you say? Well I DON’T CARE. I love chocolate, and I thought it would be appropriate okay.


  1. She is very gentile and caring, loves to take care of others and is NOT quick to anger (HA didn’t see that coming did you??? A CALM REDHEAD WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT)
  2. She is super good with animals and they are all drawn to her and its awesome okay
  3. She can eat for like, 4 people. ONCE AGAIN CHANNELING MYSELF HERE. And yes, this is a positive. FOOD IS THE BEST.


  1. She has a Super Secret magic power that manifests itself when she feels strongly, but it is (mostly) useless, and causes her a lot of pain, so she will often suppress her emotions.
  2. She never wants to let other people help her, always wants to do things on her own, which is obviously fine but WHAT ARE LOYAL FRIENDS FOR WOMAN
  3. She will bite your head off if you try to share her food*. I FEEL LIKE THESE BAD THINGS AREN’T BAD ENOUGH???? So here have a fourth:
  4. She holds a grudge, man. Like. Once you get on her (really) bad side, there’s no turning back.
*I can’t seem to stop channeling myself in her….

Hm. THAT IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION BARTHOLEMEW. Suffice it to say that Lachtna can be very good at holding a grudge if the deed is bad enough!

And she may or may not have irreversibly injured her older brother when she was younger and feels like a terrible person for it. Of course he doesn’t blame her, but when did that ever matter??

OMG. She is so freaking messy. SO MESSY I TELL YOU. She forgets to put things away after she uses them, has piles of laundry on all the flat areas of her bedroom, and is constantly losing them. SO I think it is safe to say that she is a 10 on this scale of doom.


I’m glad you asked.

There is a forest near where she lives that leads to…somewhere. Well, no one really knows where, because everyone that has wandered into the misty part of the forest that is several miles into its midst, they disappear and are never heard from again.

Stupidly, her father wandered a bit too far when she was eight and was never seen or heard from again. As is what happens to those who wander too far. I’m pretty sure that bothers her. Because there is no explanation as to WHY people wander in there.

This question is hard to answer because it’s set in a medievaly time?? I guess to go out she would probably wear a deep green or red dress to either accent her copper hair or green eyes. And for a night in she would just wear breeches and a tunic. She’s a rebel and doesn’t care about what a girl “should” wear. Then again there is also a lot less prejudice against girls in my world so most people just don’t blink an eye!

Lachtna owns a lot of shoes but that is mostly because her family is super rich?? I mean, they are one of the four wealthiest families in the country. But most of her shoes are soft leather boots, because she does a lot of trekking slash hunting slash just walking around. But she has a few pretty slippers. She still enjoys dressing up!


It just so happens she has a rather large fox sidekick named Edan (it’s a gaelic name that means little fire. SO PRESHUS). He is feisty and loyal and it’s so great!

Their friendship is the friendship of the ages.

She found him as a pup almost dead near The Cusp (the part of the forest that swallows people up) and she brought him home and they’ve been inseparable ever since!

OOOOH YES. There is a certain someone who she loathes down to her last fiber but I can’t say who because there have to be some secrets, YA KNOW??

Well if it was up to her, it would be filled to the brim with chocolate all the time always.

BUT unfortunately it’s not up to her. But there’s still a stockpile of jerkies and chocolates just for her. Mostly because she steals it from the main stocks and hides it herself. Because life is hard with three brothers and a sister. A GIRL’S GOTTA DO WHAT A GIRL’S GOTTA DO.

And last but not least, here is my lovely pinterest WIP board to stare at in case you were interested! 😀

So what did you think about Lachtna?? And did you do a writing meme this month to?? Let me know!



4 thoughts on “Beautiful People #27

  1. MULAN REFERENCE!! IT WAS A MULAN REFERENCE!! *awards self cake*

    Also I LOVE foxes and also your Lachtna sounds amazing and interesting and feisty about the no-sharing-food-thing (relatable) which is like a fabulous combination. Also we need more fantasy books with chocolate appreciation tbh. I have a queen who only survives ruling (she’s pretty young) because she’s got chocolate. Like, relatable. Chocolate makes the world go round.

    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…8 Types of Schools in YA Books (It’s Ok Calm Down Only Most Of Them Will Kill You) + QuizMy Profile

    1. YAYYY YOU GOT IT!! *Awards with more cake*

      Foxes are the actual best!?!? Like. If I had to choose between a fox and a dragon I’d definitely choose dragons but like IT’S A CLOSE CALL OKAY.
      OMG if someone tries to take some of my food they are probably already dead when they think it.
      I think all the fantasy books should have chocolate actually?!?! Why is there such a lack of chocolate.
      THAT SOUNDS LIKE MY KIND OF QUEEN. So freaking relatable!!

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