5 Things Your Girlfriend is Always Thinking About

I have been in a relationship with my Franz for almost 4 years now. To be exact, our four year anniversary is on January 21st. I have come into the habit of asking him what he is thinking almost every time his quiet for more than a few minutes. I know, I know, the poor guy. But I am just the kind of person that likes to talk. And talk. And talk some more. And I like to know what people are thinking, all of the time.

Franz is not the brooding type, per se, but he definitely doesn’t like talking as much as I do. And I know that the question gets on his nerves sometimes, which I can completely understand. And as I got to thinking, I wondered what I might answer if he were to ask me the same question so often. Most of the time I get answers about sports, or food, or sex or just absolutely nothing.

Here are blank things your girlfriend is always thinking about.

1. Does he still find me desirable?

After being in a relationship for so long, a girl starts to wonder if her man is with her out of habit, or because he really loves her and wants to be with her. It doesn’t take much for a couple to get into a dull rhythm and get bored. So remind your girl with the little things of how much she really means to you. Doing the dishes, maybe, making the bed or cleaning your crusted toothpaste out of the sink.

2. To-Do Lists

No matter what, your girl is probably constantly making to-do lists in her head and mentally checking them off and wondering if she is going to be able to get everything done in time. My to-do lists usually consist of cooking, cleaning and the like.

3. Our Jobs

I am constantly wondering if I am good enough at my job, if I am showing enough motivation and readiness to learn. It’s a hard market these days, and only the best get the best jobs. I want to be able to help support a family some day and have a nice life without having to worry about money.

4. Is he happy?

I am well aware that my Franz is constantly worried about my wellbeing and happiness. But does this constant focus on me interfere with his own happiness and wellbeing? Can he relax on a night out with his boys without constantly wondering if I am too bored an lonely watching my chick flicks on the couch while pigging out on my gluten, sugar and dairy free snacks?

5. A Family

I may not be speaking for all girls in a relationship now, but as for myself, I am always making mental notes of how I want to raise my family, what I want my family to be like and in what conditions I want to raise my kids. I know exactly what I want family-wise. Make sure you know what your girl’s plans are for a family, and that she knows yours. Make sure this conversation takes place early enough that you are both on the same page years down the road.

Communication is a crucial part of a relationship. When it comes to communication be sure to speak to each other with respect, and don’t raise your voice, no matter how annoyed or angry you might be. What is probably more important is to acknowledge your partner’s successes and to remind them often of how much they mean to you. Don’t let the good things in life slip through your fingers because of neglect.


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