5 Reasons You Should Set A Goal For Reading Books

In the course of a busy life, its easy to forget to read books, especially if you are surrounded with people who don’t read them. To make it easier, try setting a goal of, say, at least 2 or 3 books a month, if you are just starting out. Make a point to read at least a little bit every day, even if it is just one chapter. A great time to do this is before you go to bed, to calm down and distance yourself from technology, or on the train ride to work. If you have a little spare time, bundle yourself up on the sofa with a  mug of tea, or visit a cozy coffee shop. The longer you do it, the more books you can add to your list!

Here are 5 reasons why you should read every day, and therefore set a book-reading goal:

  1. Reduction of Stress:
    • Reading books that sweep you away into another realm is a sure way of forgetting your worries for a little while, helping to make you relax so that you can go at your to-do list with significantly less stress. Make sure to pick books in genres that you enjoy, otherwise reading can turn into a bit of a chore. But don’t think that means that you should never read books from other genres! Reading books from genres that aren’t much your speed can be just as beneficial. For now, you can stick to whatever floats your boat.
  2. Mental Stimulation
    • A brain needs exercise to stay fit, like anything else, and keeping an active brain keeps it healthy and prevents it from losing its power in the memory and vocabulary departments (among others). Take it from me: after moving to Germany, I slacked off on reading books for over 3 years (yikes…). I am now known by my boyfriend as the most forgetful person he knows. Since I started reading regularly again, that has changed drastically! Other than that, you will learn new words and phrases, increasing your understanding of a wide range of things. Aside from that, reading regularly helps stimulate a more creative side of you, helping your imagination and making it possible for you to think of things that no one has ever thought of before (qeue writers)!
  3. Improved Writing
    • For you writers that are reading this, reading books from various genres can greatly help your writing skills (not that I’m saying you need the help, although I do say that there is always room for improvement 🙂 ). It has been proven many times that reading improves writing, but why take anybody’s word for it? Try it out yourself by picking up a book today! Mentally, you take notes of the tools and styles that other writers implement, which lets you use a mixture of them, or even a similar form from a writer you especially admire. There is no shame in this! After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
  4. Better Focus
    • In our modern world, we are used to spending unbelievable amounts of time on the internet, where we spent most of that time endlessly multitasking (making breakfast, walking, talking, eating, you name it). Reading gives you the opportunity to focus on just one thing for a longer period of time, helping to improve your concentration.
  5. Bragging Rights!
    • You will get to sound smart in front of your friends when you tell them that you have read two, three, five, or even ten books that month! If your friends are the reading type, a bonus is extra conversation topics. Don’t worry about the books running out – there are plenty of places to find new books. To mention a few: Amazon, Goodreads, Channillo and many others, so don’t you fret.

Don’t waste another day! Pick up a book, and start reading.


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