Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic / WUUUUT???

A Darker Shade of Magic
Juvenile Fiction
Shades of Magic

Well hello there, my beauties. I have just had my feels assaulted. Again. Why do I keep coming back? you ask? WELL I THINK YOU KNOW THE ANSWER IF YOU HAVE EVER READ A BOOK. It’s an addiction, I tell you. And I’m not about to stop. I just finished A Darker Shade of Magic, and IT IS PURE GENIOUS. Um I was reccomended this book by Cait @Paper Fury‘s blog (in case you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed. She takes FREAKISHLY AMAZING PICTURES and also um she’s a blogging genius obviously. Nuff said.

Well, that said, I WAS DISAPPOINTED WHEN I STARTED READING THIS BOOK. Don’t staahhhp reading here thou unfaithful bookworm! It was only for, like, the first 20%. It WASN’T BAD. It was NOT BORING. But it wasn’t MIND BLOWING. And I had been expecting the latter. But, wise being that I am, I KEPT ON READING. And then, after the first 20%, I finished in literally 2 days. (mind you, I had school for most of today, so I can shorten that to one day. It’s legit.)


So here goes 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


  • ~settles into seat and rubs hands~ So what did I like about this book? First of all, there is MAGIC. Need I say more? YES? Okay. So Kell is magical. There are several worlds to varying magical degrees, and there are magical fights and lots of darkness and stabbing and it’s just #STRESSFUL.
  • KELL. He is. Um. Amazing. So moral, though. But I can deal, because he has one weakness. Trading trinkets from the different worlds, which is technically forbidden, but he does it anyways. #lifegoals.
  • Lila Bard is a thieving, mischievous girl who dresses like a man. I heart her. She IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. She loves guns and knives and is basically a collector, and she’s really cheeky and rude. Basically #soulmate.
  • OH YES. Different worlds. Also not in our centruy, so I can deal with the fact that London technically isn’t a fantasy world. Each London is so very different, and Schwab does an AMAZING job of describing them so vividly. Especially White London. And Red London. Who am I kidding? ALL THE LONDONS. Except for black, because we don’t get to see that. MAYBE IN BOOK 2 HOPEFULLY MAYBE??? What am I saying? That would mean them being trapped there forever and that is just #no but I am intrigueddd
  • Rhy. Rhy is the prince of Red London and Kell’s not brother. He’s adorable though. We don’t see much of him in this, but I’m hoping for more in the next because UM LOVE.



  • I would love to say that there was NOTHING I DIDN’T LIKE, but I already said that the beginning was a bit slow going. Other than that, EVERYONE SHOULD BE READING THIS IMMEDIATELY. I am officially a Schwabian, as Cait so lovingly puts it. I HAVE BEEN CONVERTED.


Have you read this series?? What did you think of it? Who is your favorite magical character (mine is a spoiler (I think) so I CAN’T SAY)??


2 thoughts on “Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic / WUUUUT???

  1. Hey, it looks like you don’t take bad pictures yourself. *tips hat* I’ve been seeing this everywhere on the bookish blogs, but I had no idea it took place in London! I adore the color scheme of the covers and I kind of want them based on that alone (not that I ever judge books by their covers EVER).

    1. WHY THANK YOU! *curtseys* YES it takes place in 3 different Londons lying on top of each other to be precise. WHICH IS WHY ITS AMAZING. I have absolutely no judgement for buying a book for its cover. I DON’T DO THAT EVER EITHER. But you should totally read them, THEY ARE EVERYTHING!

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