Book Review: Cress

Marissa Meyer
Juvenile Fiction
4th February 2014

Working to overthrow Queen Levana, a fugitive Cinder and her companions search for Rapunzel-like hacker Cress, who has been trapped on a satellite since childhood and who has received orders from Levana to foil Cinder's efforts. By the best-selling author of Scarlet.

OHMYGOODNESS. Where do I even start? During this book, I LITERALLY Y’ALL, laughed, gasped, CRIED (YES, I CRIED REAL TEARS), hoped and cursed. There is so much going on in that book that I just could not read it fast enough. Unfortunately I have other things I have to do besides reading, so it took me six days, but I ¬†FINALLY MADE IT. And I am alive. But only barely, because Thorne, CRESS, Iko, and KISSING WHAAAAT???? SO AWESOME. But also sad because death and war and stuff. BOoo but I actually lovved it. So yeah, I’m messed up and I want more, what of it?

First, the things I liked:

So can I just mention how freakishly adorable Iko is? AM I THE ONLY ONE? Please tell me I’m not, because Iko was the main reason I laughed during this book (there were also other parts, though). Also, when they were in Africa running for their lives, I was like NOOOO THEY CAN’T TAKE THE SHIP! IKOOOOO. So basically Iko counts as human for me. Even when she doesn’t have a real body. I was scared that Cinder was going to lose her chip!

And then there is the star: CRESS. She is adorable and awkward and shy and does not want to admit that she is all of those things and can sing basically like an angel. UM but am I the only one that was surprised (and maybe also a little disappointed) about the hair?? Oh well. I did get over myself eventually, can’t you see??? Also she is badass basically so yeah.

With Cress comes Thorn, obvi. At first I liked him a lot. He was funny, super self absorbed and none of that changes. Then he meets Cress and makes himself sound like a terrible guy, because, well…he’s A TERRIBLE GUY ACTUALLY HE DOES TERRIBLE THINGS AND IS A PLAYA. So I’m like no Cress don’t fall in love with him! AND THEN he rescues her and suffers but still protects her even when he technically shouldn’t be able to?? I loved him, too! But then at the hotel..and the woman…and I was SO MAD. SO ANGRY AND I WAS BURNING WITH INJUSTICE. Because obviously they were meant to be. But not to worry, it turned out all right in the end.

So there were ¬†two abso-freaking-lutely epic kisses. Not saying who, but JUST SAYIN’

Also the plot is just amazing. I never felt lost, I was always wanting more (even if I couldn’t have it because #LIFE) so PRAISES to Marissa Meyer AGAIN for giving me ANOTHER 5 star book to drown in. I am ever so grateful, but can it please not stop? Like….I’m almost done, noooo!

ON to the things I DIDN’T LIKE..


PFFFT are you kidding of course there aren’t any…I LOVED IT ALL.


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