Daughter of the Pirate King / How Awesome Is That Title / WHY AREN’T THERE MORE PIRATE BOOKS??

Daughter of the Pirate King Book Cover Daughter of the Pirate King
Tricia Levenseller
Young Adult Fiction
28th February 2017

A 17-year-old pirate captain INTENTIONALLY allows herself to get captured by enemy pirates in this thrilling YA adventure from debut author Tricia Levenseller.

OKAY OKAY OKAY. When I saw this ARC popping up on bookstagram I rushed over to Netgalley and was so happy to find it sitting pretty over there. I try not to request too many books at once on Netgalley, because YOU NEVER CAN KNOW HOW MANY WILL GET APPROVED. So I only asked for this one, with my fingers crossed AND I GOT ITTTTT. I screamed with excitement a little when I saw I was approved because PIRATES, GUYS. PIRATES. WHY ARE THERE NOT MORE PIRATES?????????

IN ANY CASE. This book was exactly what I was expecting it to be from what other people had told me. It was a little sappy, and really predictable BUT. I liked it! It was a really light and easy read and I finished it in one sitting! I do have a few things to nitpick though so let’s get started!!!!

DISCLAIMER: I don’t have any pictures for this book because I am the worst at photographing ebooks and I refuse. READ ON!

  • Alosa, who is (as the title states) the daughter of the ever so powerful King of Pirates, is sassy and we all probably know by now that I LOVE ME SOME SASS.
  • She has red hair. AND SHE ACTS LIKE IT. (Trust me I know my stuff one of my 379823 sisters has red hair).
  • She is not only the daughter of the Pirate King, but she is also super skilled an capable and is the captain of her own ship. #badass.
  • Pirates. SO MANY PIRATES. Good. Bad. REALLY BAD. And they all get what’s coming to them. #approve.
  • Riden, who is almost painfully obviously the love interest from the very beginning, is pretty great. He is conflicted and concerned and not very pirate-y at all, but I suppose I can forgive him for that.
  • Evil gets its butt kicked on several occasions. But it also wins on several others. WIN WIN WIN. I like me some darkness.
  • There were some (to me very obvious???) pretty cool PLOT TWISTS. They may have been obvious because I thought…that’s what I would have done?? But also the hints leading up to the reveal were like REALLY BLATANT. Or that’s how I felt, at least. I saw everything coming before it came ha. BUT THAT’S NOT NECESSARILY A BAD THING.
  • There is plenty of stabbing and shooting and killing and blood. SO FEAST.
  • There is a super secret quest involving pirate-y things and mythical sea creatures. ANOTHER WIN.

  • I did have a few qualms with Alosa, and it was the fact that even at the very beginning when her crew members were getting slaughtered and they were negotiating their release, she couldn’t help but notice that Riden is unusually young and handsome for a pirate. Really? REALLY???
  • Therefore the romance often felt a little forced, like the author was saying THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE ROMANCE SO ENJOY IT WHILE I STUFF IT DOWN YOUR THROATS. No hard feelings though! Because Riden is very steamy, I’m not gonna lie. But some of the circumstances were a little iffy to me, especially since he was her captor so…. YEAH.
  • As aforementioned, though the plot twists were clever in themselves, I saw them coming a mile away because the hints were far too blatant!

ALL IN ALL, however, I really enjoyed myself. As I said I READ IT IN ONE SITTING so it can’t have been that bad? I like it enough that I want a hardback copy for myself, and I’m actually looking forward to the sequel!!

Are you planning on getting Daughter of the Pirate King?? BECAUSE YOU SHOULD?? Does your heart open up for pirates as much as mine does??? Have you already had the pleasure of reading this? If so, tell me your thoughts!!


12 thoughts on “Daughter of the Pirate King / How Awesome Is That Title / WHY AREN’T THERE MORE PIRATE BOOKS??

  1. Now I’m even more hyped for this release! I mean, PIRATES. What else could one possibly want. (Aside maybe Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack to set your emotions on even bigger fire while waiting for the release.) But now that you have also mentioned sass and red-haired heroine and a very steamy love interest… Feb 28th can’t come sooner!

  2. I thought pirates were going to catch on maybe five years ago. There were a few titles out. And then they didn’t, kind of like the mermaids didn’t turn into the next big paranormal romance trend. Maybe pirates are coming back?

    1. YAS IT IS SO GOOD. It’s kind of weird because it read like a feel-good book but there is lots of stabbing and blood. Which might be the reason it felt like a feel-good book to me HAHAHA. Same here though!! WE NEED MORE PIRATES. I’m going to write a pirate book this year I HAVE DECLARED. To myself. And now to you!!

    1. YERSS PIRATES ARE THE ACTUAL BEST. Omg I DID NOT KNOW THAT. I shall have to stalk her now hahaha! Thank you, I’m glad you liked it 😀 I hate Netgalley rejections, especially since I’m VEEEERY picky about which books I request D:

  3. Okay okay okay I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE pirates and I’ve been debating whether or not to read this and I think you just convinced me. So thank you. I think I’ll probably have a bit of an issue with the painfully obvious romance, too, but PIRATES.

    1. Yay for convincing people to buy books! Literally that makes me feel so honored ? you will love it!! The romance is hard but in the end I shipped it SO no harm done ? ALLLLLL THE PIRATES. Literally nothing BUY pirates!!!

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