Book Review: Ensnared

Ensnared Book Cover Ensnared
A. G. Howard
Juvenile Fiction
Harry N. Abrams
6th January 2015

"Alyssa travels to Wonderland once again to free both her mother and Jeb, and to set right all that's gone wrong"--

This book IS EVERYTHING. GAH. It’s so dark and twisty and emotionally wrecking and confusing which we all know are all VERY GOOD THINGS FOR A BOOK TO BE. * nods sagely *

I love all the characters and love that the villain is so hard to hate in this one. Love me a villain who is damaged beyond repair, despicable and yet utterly mushy on the inside! WHO ARE YOU IF YOU DON’T THINK THOSE ARE THE BEST KIND. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

okay okay I’ll tell you everything that was fabulous about this book! You don’t have to ask ME twice!*

*I know you didn’t ask BUT I’M TELLING YOU ANYWAYS




  • The Looking Glass World. Like for real people it’s LITERALLY OPPOSITE DAY COME TO LIFE. All the animals that would normally be harmful are not and vice versa. THANK YOU.
  • Jeb’s heartwrenchingness* afjgguijddrhkofio. My heart broke in two people. SERIOUSLY I COULD HAVE DIED AND THE BOOK WAS ZERO CONSOLATION. Nothing prepared for Jeb’s reaction to Alyssa coming to find him and rescue him. LITERALLY NOTHING.


  • Morpheus obviously. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I am team Morpheus (BUT LIKE MAYBE??? HE’S JUST SO INSANE AND GENIUS AND ALWAYS HAS A RIDICULOUS PLAN) but can we all just admit how ridiculously fabulous and seductive he is?? NOT TO MENTION DANGEROUS SO SOLD TO THE GIRL IN THE SWEATPANTS**
  • SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS MY BEAUTIES ERMERGERD. Fights and making up and wacky plans plus Alyssa’s dad is along for the ride and also there are living paintings! (And it’s on a whole different level than Harry Potter paintings let me tell you)img_20161112_121427
*It’s a word I swear

I’m making this pleasantly short (because I’m writing it on my phone and also it’s been more than 2 days since I finished so logically I remember literally nothing)


  • The romance resolution. I’M SORRY BUT NO.
  • NO
  • So I won’t give away much but that was way too easy!! I mean obviously not EASY but still. It was the easy solution for both reader and Author and No. I need it to be heart tearing and soul rendingly difficult  anything else us not acceptable. So I guess I just don’t like how it was the easy way out.
  • THE TWIST OF DEATH. I just saw it coming a mile away and it made me sad because if I hadn’t seen it coming IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC. So I hope you are not as clever as I am when you are reading this so your heart may be sufficiently ripped to shreds and put back together.


  • I thought the beginning was a bit slow going TBH. We spent too much time in the train and also too much time with Alyssa’s extended family. I mean it’s great her dad got to reconnect and all BUT I NEED THE JUICY STUFF PLEASE AND THANK YOU IMMEDIATELY.

Now shoo. Go read these books and love them and flail over them.


Here we are! The end of this glorious series that I heard about shamefully late. TELL ME ALL YOUR FEELS. Are you team Jeb or team Morpheus (don’t hate me for that question hehe or do and I’ll revel in it!)


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Ensnared

  1. What a beautiful book – even the pages look amazing! Although sad to hear about the romance – I hate when things just don’t work out. Still I think I will give this one a go 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    1. THEY ARE THE PRETTIEST BOOKS OF EVER LITERALLY AND YOU NEED THEM ASAP. Keep both eyes out for them is my recommendation. I may or may not come to throw them at you subtly otherwise.

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