In Which I Review an ARC of Firebolt and Complain About my Bad Luck With ARCs

Firebolt Book Cover Firebolt
Adrienne Woods
19th September 2014

I’m honestly speechless with this book, and not in a good way.

First of all I was tricked by that totally badass cover. Also: IT’S ABOUT DRAGONS 😍

Now, I received this on Netgalley, and I have to say I have been having rotten luck with ARCs lately. The last 3 or 4 have been mediocre at best, so I think I’ll be giving Netgalley a rest for a while, unless there is a book from an author I already know (because Goodreads ratings are SO deceiving in this case)

As my thoughts on this are exactly 0.2% organised I shall revert back to an old favorite….LISTS cue cheering

OKAY so awkward realisation?!??! Apparently this WASN’T an ARC and it was actually published in 2014?? I guess I just saw September and assumed it was this year. OOPS. So it’s not an ARC but it doesn’t make me like it any more haha

  • That cover, yo
  • Magical school IN THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE? I’m in.
  • Concept of dragons and riders sharing a life long bond (I gush)

(brace yourselves)

  • Now, I’m no expert but…This book was not at all flowy. It felt cringey and awkward and I often found myself distinctly WTFing.
  • Also IN WHAT WORLD are 100% of the boys at a school ‘unbelievably hot’ or ‘super sexy’!?!!! But the girls are plain. Only the mean girls were described as hot…
  • THE REPEATED USE OF THE WORD BIATCH. I CRINGE. SPARE ME. If you’re going to swear SWEAR. But get straight what demographic your book is aimed at?!?!?
  • This book is about 16-year-olds. It reads as though it is for 12-year-olds. AND THEY FREAK OUT THAT THE MC IS A VIRGIN?!?!?
  • Blatant Harry Potter rip-offery: we all remember beloved Professor Trelawney in her unbelievably hot tower and her creepy prophesy for Harry. I kid you not: there is a ‘Vida‘ in this book, who is basically a kind of Oracle. She resides in a tower. The tower is stifling hot and funny smelling. AND SHE MAKES A RANDOM SUPER WEIRD PROPHESY WITH A WEIRD VOICE AND CLOUDY EYES. AND she doesn’t know she made the prophesy after. Literally a 1:1 rip off of Trelawney. #SORRYNOTSORRY BUT NO.
  • Also the concept of ‘claiming’ your dragon basically involves beating them into submission. Again: WHO EVEN LET THIS BE A THING?!?!?
  • OH and the magical school IS IN AN OLD CASTLE. CAN YOU SAY HARRY POTTER. And yes I know that this alone doesn’t make it Harry Potter but you can’t deny the (*ahem* mildly put *ahem*) similarities.
  • Also the romance makes no sense. THE END.

I know we all say that ranting is healthy but purely out of respect for the author I will rein myself in. I THINK YOU GET THE GIST.
The story idea had SO MUCH potential, so I am Le Sad to be so disappointed by it!

Have you read this book? What did you think? Have you ever had certain expectations of a book and it just blew up in your face like this one did for me?!?! SHARE MY PAIN.


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