Review Policy

I am currently not accepting book review requests.

I will not charge anything in return for a review – and my reviews will always be HONEST. I will not change a review because you did not like it. If you are afraid I won’t like your book, don’t send it to me. I will review using the 5 star system, and I will post reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. If there are other platforms you would like me to consider, please mention these in your review request. Please note that in order to retain credibility, I will post all reviews, no matter how many stars. I will notify you once your review is up, and send you the link to the review on my blog.

Please be polite, and address your request to me. There is nothing less flattering than receiving a form email to ‘Blogger’. I do not like reading books with lots of profanity. I can only read about the ‘F’ word so many times. I will also accept ARC’s if they are in the last stages of editing. I absolutely loathe bad grammar. If your request is full of typos, I will not read further. If your first chapter has several typos, I will not read further (and I will notify you).

Genres I LOVE:

  • Fantasy Fiction (most sub-genres)

Genres I am willing to CONSIDER:

  • YA (not too young)
  • Science Fiction (rarely)
  • Romance (prefer non-contemporary, and please NO EROTICA. I tend to really like fairy tale retellings. Think Robin McKinley!)

Genres I WILL NOT read:

  • Non-Fiction (all sub-genres)
  • Erotica
  • Historical and Religious Fiction
  • Children’s Books (sorry)
  • Horror and most Thriller genres
  • Pedofile/Abuse/SM

Review Guidelines (please follow these carefully!):

  • E-mail me by using my contact form
  • Subject: Book Review Request – Book Name – Genre
  • Include: Author name, Goodreads link,  short bio, short synopsis
  • Format: I accept print books and MOBI files.  I always prefer to read print books, just keep in mind that I live in Germany. If you would like to send me one, mention this in your email, and I will send you a shipping address if I agree to review your book.
  • Cover image
  • Retail links (if they are up)
  • Side note: I have gotten several review requests where NONE of these guidelines were followed. In fact, I am sad to say that MOST of them didn’t follow it! If I can’t see the genre in the first glance, I probably won’t look at the email, because if you can’t take the time to read my guidelines, why should I give you my precious time?

Tip: As I do receive a number of book review requests, it gets tiring reading through long and wordy emails to fish out the information I need to consider your request. Please keep that in mind when sending your requests. Bullet lists for a book overview are great! If you aren’t sure whether your book fits into any of these categories, feel free to contact me with a short description and any questions you might have.

That being said, please do not contact me over and over again if you do not hear from me. I work full time and go to school, and am writing my own series as well. I cannot guarantee when I will review a book, but if I accept, I will try to read it and post the review within 8 weeks. Please bear with me, however, if it does take longer! Usually I will get to it pretty fast, depending on how many books I’ve got coming in. I will send you an email if I ACCEPT your review request. I also promise that books sent to me will be for MY EYES ONLY.

I reserve the right to decline to review any book submitted, and by sending a review request you agree to allow me to use your name, and all information and media connected with your book for the purpose of posting my review and any promotional material.

Thank you for considering me!