Oasis in the Clouds will be available on July 19th!

Oasis in the Clouds (When Worlds Collide #1)

Follow Princess Niri on her adventure, where she discovers her own powers, that her best friend has betrayed her, and that she can never be what she was born to be.


Fire Like Silver (When Worlds Collide #2)

Niri has undergone a drastic change to save herself and all those around her. Now she must enter a world she never knew existed, only to find that she will have to face much larger obstacles.



Ilsevel is an elven princess who happens upon a Man lost in the woods after her first ball. She resists falling in love with him, asHer father has a 200 year old grudge against a Human. If he were to find out that she had fallen in love with one, he would never forgive her.


Sleeping Handsome

A prince’s world is turned upside down when he realizes that everything he knew to be true was not what he thought it was.


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