First of all let me point out that this was originally the #CakeFlavoredBooksTag. And it only had 6 questions (WUT???) and Cait @ Paper Fury added some because WUT R RULES. And of course I, being the devious miscreant that I am, CHANGED IT TO CHOCOLATE. Because 1. I am not a huge fan of cake (SORRY CAIT. LOVE MEEEEE) and 2. Chocolate is basically my life. MORE THAN BREATHING I TELL YOU.

So now I am going to name 10 different kinds of chocolate and compare it to books??? HOW FUN DOES THAT SOUND? To be fair: I’M STILL STEALING CAIT’S QUESTIONS. Just coming up with chocolate flavors instead of cake BECAUSE I CAN. ALSO. I changed the last question because I CAN.
But really awkwardly there are no pictures of chocolate in here because it usually ends up in my tummy before I can even get the camera out.

1. Dark Chocolate (a dark book you absolutely love)

Okay okay so there are a lot of these but in an effort to restrain myself* I am going to go with only ONE.**

I shall have you know that it took me a whole TEN MINUTES to decide on my favorite child. I MAN BOOK. Book.


It’s just so dark and shadowy and there is a Shadow Cat of Sassville and his name is Mister Kindly and I love him. That may or may not be the main reason this book is so amazing. JUST KIDDING IT’S NOT.***

I will admit, this book had its flaws (magical boob job? BLEH. Footnotes? Funny sometimes but sometimes distracting and I may have skimmed over some). BUT ALL IN ALL EVERYONE OF EVER SHOULD READ THIS.

*ha. ha. What does that word even mean??
I cry.
***But it actually is

2. Milk Chocolate (a light read)

I reviewed Mechanica a while back, and though it’s not the Book of the Year, it was a really cute, fun read! I haven’t read any contemporaries, which are usually fluffy and light???*
BUT BIG NEWS: I am looking for a really good contemporary to read that preferably is nicely colored naked. Sooooo if you know of any DO TELL.

*Which is why I haven’t read any…I’m allergic.

3. Peppermint Patty (a book that gave you mixed emotions)

I love chocolate (obviously). I love peppermint. But together they are just…#NO. I apologise if you feel otherwise but THESE THINGS SHOULD JUST NOT EXIST.

Heartless. Oh, Heartless. When I finished it, I was reeling with how much I just love Jest and all those pastries and other delicious things. But the more I thought about the book, the more things bothered me. Like how quickly things went sour, which just didn’t feel realistic??? And how fast a certain someone turned on her only and best friend in the whole world????? #No.

4. Creamy Nougat (a book you would recommend to anyone)


If you love:

  • Pirates
  • Sass
  • Pirates
  • Magic
  • Sass
  • Pirates
  • Strapping painfully obvious love interest

Then this book is DEFINITELY FOR YOU. This book is a fun read, it doesn’t have depth but there were a couple nice plot twists in there, even if the foreshadowing was a little too obvious at times. I still loved this book!!! And I am so excited for the sequel!

5. White Chocolate (a book you started but never finished)

Red Queen.

Love Squares that nobody knew were even happening until there was random kissing. Plot that I didn’t really care about ad now can’t remember. Characters I have zero truffles about. Need I say more?


Flame in the Mist.

The writing was trying way too hard and was therefore cinge-y. Also I was bored to basically death and dreaded picking it up??? #sad

6. Hazelnut Chocolate (a book with great writing)

I have said this before, and I will say it again. ROSEBLOOD MAY HAVE BEEN ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BOOKS I’VE EVER READ.

I am not much of a re-reader. But the second I put this book down, I wanted to pick it up again. And then when I finished, I wanted to read it again!! This has never happened to me either before or after this little incident.

7. Sea Salt Chocolate (a book that left you wanting more)

Disclaimer: I am not saying that sea salt chocolate is not good enough???? THE OPPOSITE ACTUALLY??????? Because I am the first person to combine salt with chocolate. IT’S HONESTLY THE BEST. My favorite dessert is actually creamy chocolate ice cream with crispy fries. YUM. That being said: I honestly just can’t get enough??? THEREFORE GIVE ME MORE.

Schwab is a freaking ANGEL. Either that or she was blessed by angels because her books have all gotten 5 stars from me. A Conjuring of Light was the perfect ending to a wonderful trilogy AND I MISS THE WORLD. When is too soon to reread??? And who cares if I die before I finish my tbr right???? There were just a few things I felt I could have used at the end (or maybe in another book tee hee)

  • clarity on Holland even though I have my suspicions
  • what happened to the favor Lila owes the pirate lady at the black market
  • what about Kell’s family??? I NEED TO KNOW??????

These are my humble requests to Miss Schwab.

8. Chocolate Pralines (a series with 4+ books)

Thanks to my #bookstagrambestie, Kylie @ Frenchie Fiction, I was FORCED to read Throne of Glass!!* And as such, I have. And I kind of love it??? Like. For some reason SJM has become like this author that I feel a lot of people love but never talk about because so many people hate her with a burning passion. Which is fine. Hate her if you want BUT LET ME LOVE THE BOOKS I LOVE IN PEACE OKAY.

I have loved every book in the series so far and I am gonna keep reading, haters gonna hate**

*Just kidding. No one can force the Queen to do anything.
** I know I’m so gangster

9. Orange Chocolate (a book that wasn’t what you anticipated)

Good Surprise: Illuminae! I was SO HESITANT TO READ THIS. Everybody was hyping all over it* and I was just holding up my holy eggo for the demigorgons to protect me.* But then I read it AND IT WAS AMAZING.

Bad Surprise: The Night Circus. I am THE SAD about this one. I read the premise of an epic competition between two unknown magic wielders and my blood ran hot. I was so excited!! And then it turned out to be a fluffy love story. BLEH.

*Sniggering because this sounds dirty. But in a way it is??? HYPED BOOKS ARE SCARY OKAY.

10. Coconut Surprise (a book that was diverse)

This Savage Song

Okay it may not be the MOST diverse. But Kate is deaf in one ear and is still totally badass??? Hell yas!


  • Cyborg who everyone hates/doesn’t trust
  • Wolf-hybrid-thing
  • Moon person
  • Princess Winter, who is black, AND crazy and therefore totally awesome.

And with that all things have been said that need to be said. Just kidding. READ THESE BOOKS.
Also, I lament that I read these as ebooks and I don’t own any physical copies and therefore have no pretty pictures of them. I CRY.

Can you relate to any of these? What are some books that surprised you in either a good or bad way?? What is your favorite book of ever???? (BWAHAHAHA). Also, if you are reading this, CONSIDER YOURSELF TAGGED.


22 thoughts on “#ChocolateFlavoredBooksTag

  1. I totally agree on Nevernight, even if the magica boob job really didn’t “bleh” me. I mean, changng body and face had a pratical reason for assassination, even if concerning and digusting XD Oh, and yes, sometimes I read the footnotes super fast. I think that many of them very a bit uncessary. It’s not like the world was confusing without them.

    And I agree on Heartless too! The end gave me a lot of mixed feeling. I read it in one day, basically, and in the end I was like: okay, and so?

    I get on Flame in the Mist and Red Queen. I finished the second and I’m going to read the sequels out of curiosity, but for many life reasons – exams above everything – I had to put on rest the read of the first one. And I don’t even feel to pick it up but I’m going to do it soon

    1. It’s true. I have come to terms with that aspect, I just think it’s sad because come on. Men have different tastes as well, not just a big ass and big boobs haha. If that were the case I’d be doomed hahahaha.

      YES Heartless. So many problems. But I couldn’t stop gushing about it anyways because I am so in love with Jest????? WHY IS HE SO PERFECT?!?!?!

      Yeah so many people told me that Red Queen has a surprise ending but I just couldn’t bring myself to care haha. I hope you do end up liking all of them!

      1. Men writing about women… I’m nearly going to give up XD They always focus on certain body aspects like they’re the most important in the world >->
        What really irked me about the whole body changing and related, was the Mask class or how are they called. In some parts is almost clearly stated that they did actual “practice” . That was truly disgusting for me. If you get what I mean.

        1. YUP haha you said it! But aside from that I did find that everything was fairly realistic. Or at least as realistic as it should be for a fantasy! But yeah I do feel you with that. I WOULD RATHER JUST NOT THINK ABOUT IT hahaha

    1. Oh hell yes I will love Heartless purely because of all the pastries + Jest???? Perfection!!!
      And WOW that was quick hahaha I actually am surprised at how long I pushed through??? So many people were telling me how awesome the ending was and eventually I was just like UGH I DON’T CARE. haha.
      Thank you!

  2. So many good books mentioned that I still need to read… ACOL was SO GOOD tho! I agree that there’s a lot I’d still like to know. I kinda forgot that we don’t really know anything about Kell’s family… that would’ve been nice to know… But overall 11/10 stars! XD
    I’ve been thinking about reading Heartless… I put it off bc I thought it had something to do with The Lunar Chronicles (which I still need to finish…) but now I know it doesn’t and I need to get reading that!
    YAY THAT I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESN’T LIKE PEPPERMINT AND CHOCOLATE! *whispers* I’m not actually a huge chocolate fan in general…

    1. KELL HAD THE ANSWER RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM AND HE WALKED THE OTHER WAY. That drove me NUTS hahaha. Oh Well, hopefully we will find out more?? Apparently she is going to write some books in the same world?????? Ugh I wish she would just keep writing about Lila and Kell honestly I can’t get enough of them XD

      Oh yeah hahaha Heartless is like the OPPOSITE of The Lunar Chronicles. But You should definitely finish those, Winter was my favorite book out of all of them!! I hope you do read Heartless, I would love to hear what you think of it!

      BUT NOOOOOOOO HOW COULD YOU. Chocolate is literally the only sweet I ever eat hahahaha

  3. I cry because WHAT WAS ACOL I’M STILL A MESS. And asdfghjkl I DNF’ed Nevernight earlier this month because it was SOOOOO DRYYYYY. (The footnotes were 10/10 tho.) I plan to go back to it ONE day… And Illuminae! I had a suspicion it would be good but I didn’t think it would be THAT good. LIKE WHOA. (I read that this month as well lol.)

    Oh, and I don’t like cake that much either??? *hides from everyone but you* I mean it’s good!!! But most of the time it’s too sweet for me because my mom makes lots of NON-sweet stuff and I’ve grown used to it. 😛 CHOCOLATE FTW!
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust the Bookworm Creature #trustissues #againMy Profile

      MY HEART *clutches devastatedly at pearls* How far did you get into Nevernight??? I am so sad you DNF’d but I suppose it’s not for everyone. Only people without souls and who like lots of blood. Which is basically the definition of me. (we’ll just pretend that the sight of blood in real life makes my very queasy)
      AND OMG YASSSS ugh Illuminae was SUCH a surprise for me. But I don’t know why???? It was so hyped haha I probably thought THERE IS NO WAY IT CAN BE THAT GOOD.

      YAY FOR NOT LIKING CAKE TOGETHER. Finally I have found someone who gets me D:
      OMG. STOP TALKING I MIGHT HAVE A HEART ATTACK. My family loves things to be more on the tart/bitter side. ARE WE SOUL MATES.
      Chocolate is literally everything to me.

    1. EEP. I feel like so many people love The Lunar Chronicles… BUT NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT THEM??? WHY IS THAT. WHAT IS LIFE. WHO CAN KNOW.
      Illumiae literally squashed me with how amazing it was. I read that tome in ONE SITTING. Mind you, my eyeballs were blodshot and felt like they would pop out, BUT I DID IT.
      Thank you!!

  4. OMG THAT GIF YOU USED FOR RED QUEEN OF EVERYONE THROWING UP IS SO HILARIOUS I LAUGHED FOR A GOOD MINUTE. I haven’t read Red Queen yet but I have a feeling I won’t like it all that much! AND ILLUMINAE. YAASSSSS. I recently buddy read it with May and it was such a surprise because it was so freaking good???? And the sequel was even better?????? AND I NEED THE THIRD BOOK NOW?????????????

    1. HAHAHA Every time something dumb popped out at me in Red Queen that’s what I felt. It just seemed fitting to use that gif. Awe! I hope I haven’t deterred you from it (hahaha not that I’ve been giving it gold stars or anything…). I know a lot of people who absolutely love it!! You never know!
      LJÖOWEUHFÖOEIWUHEFÖGEIFH I HAVE NO WORDS FOR HOW PERFECT ILLUMINAE IS. ALso I MIGHT have seen on Jay Kristoff’s Twitter that we will be getting to see the Obsidio cover reveal this next week. :,) THE ANTICIPATION, MAN.

  5. Eek! The CHOCOLATE post! Anything with the word chocolate is a post that I will click on!
    I loved all your choices, they were on pointe!
    I also loved every single gif. I love the posts where you sit and stare at the gifs for 10 minutes straight.
    BTW, your bookstagram game is STRONG girl! I love all your aesthetically pleasing photos! 🙂
    I wish I had a bookstagram lol. I also wish books were made out of chocolate.
    ~Sam https://redheadwithabook.wordpress.com/

    1. WELL THEN. I shall just have to put chocolate in all my titles!!!
      Hehehe thank you! And omg yes gifs are so fun! I love picking them out hahaha
      Make one if you want!!! It’s so much fun!
      Oh. My. God. If books were made out of chocolate…I think I would probably die from overdose BUT WHO CARES THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

  6. So I was GOING to be offended that you hated cake but…LIKE THIS IS SO COOL???? I LOVE CHOCOLATE AND I LOVE HOW YOU DID THIS!!😍 Also you’re lik ethe only person I’ve met who likes Roseblood too so *HI FIVES* we must have so much love for it, squeee. THORN THE ADORABLE CUPCAKE. And yes yes I loved Illuminae and I can’t wait to read Daughter of the Pirate King!! PIRATES. My career.

    Also why is Schwab so perfect. Her books are so good and hurt and I love them. ❤️💔
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Unrealistic Happenings In YA Books (Pt. 2) That Make Me Dissolve Into Earth’s Fiery Core And Ne’er ReturnMy Profile

    1. NOOOOO no being offended!! You know my love for chocolate. Plus: MORE CAKE FOR YOUUUUU. And yay I am so glad you like it <3 I cry with happiness!!
      YAY FOR THE ROSEBLOOD SISTERHOOD. We shall have to make a blood pact for being the awesomest people of ever. THORN IS PERFECT D:
      Yayyy I can't wait to see what you think of DotPK!!

      I honestly don't know. She slays me every time. EVERY TIME I TELL YOU!

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