Confessions of a Book Blogger

Before I started blogging, bloggers seemed like mystery gods to me. How did they have their lives so together? How did they make everything look pretty?? How how how? Also they were pretty intimidating. TBH they kind of still are (except for me, I’m just a squishy bug)!

So, to take a little (but not too much!) of the mystery out of it, here are five confessions of a book blogger SPOILER: It’s me!

1. My life is not as exciting as you might think

I have a boring day job, that I’m not all that into. In fact, I just went on vacation for a couple weeks and it’s almost time for me to go back and I’m just like noooooo don’t make me! But hey, the dough’s gotta come rolling in somehow. (That’s funny because I’m just an apprentice and my paycheck would make all of you out there cry really sad tears for me). Aaaanyways. So during the day I work. After work, I lead a second life. JUST KIDDING. I usually come home and plop on the couch to read my book(s), watch my series, write, or just pig out (I deserve it after all that hard work!).

2. I’m marvelous, and I do marvelous things

My hobbies are: drinking tons of tea and water (note to self: get cool mugs so that they can be featured coolly in my blog pictures in the future. Apparently everyone is doing it), eating tons of chocolate (note to self: buy more chocolate), watching my cats poop (don’t judge me. I just like to know that they have healthy poops. I love them. They love me.), and reading all and any books I can get my hands on that promise to whisk me worlds away.

3. That perfect picture that looks so effortless?

Yeah. That probably took at least an hour to get perfect. Just a couple days ago I took 30 pictures of my (beautiful and gorgeous) kitty with my current read, “Reckless” to get one that had her looking at the camera, looking fabulous and cute, and showcased the book nicely. Basically, I have no life. Friends? What friends?

4. I spend too much time stalking other bloggers

Today, for instance, I spent more time stalking other bloggers than I did reading or blogging. Sometimes I spend more time blogging about a book than I do actually reading it. Sometimes I actually read. Sometimes I just sleep. And then I eat some chocolate. Or make some muddy buddies.

5. We all want to be famous

It’s not what it sounds like, I swear! What I mean is: we write. We write because we love it. But, sometimes, it’s nice to know that our words aren’t being swallowed up by the void that is the internet. IS ANYONE OUT THERE? NO. Because the internet is full of billions of users, but to one lonely little me, it might as well be as empty as the moon, or Jupiter (obviously I can’t say Mars because of the, you know, Martians (duh)). Sure, you might say I write for me. I do. But I also want everyone else to taste my fabulousness and bask in the joy of reading and share their thoughts with little old me! So maybe famous isn’t the right word, but who cares?

Now that you know my darkest secrets I have to go kill myself because my kitty (so pretty and lovely) decided to go into heat and she’s cat calling. I can already hear all the neighborhood tabby cats a’comin’!




4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Blogger

  1. Oh this was hilarious!!? I totally spend more time reading blogs than actually reading books or even working on my own blog sometimes. BUT WE DO WHAT WE GOTTA DO, RIGHT?!? hehe And my life is sooo boring. Omg. And that perfect instagram photo? SO TRUE. I spent 2hrs doing a photoshoot last weekend and only liked 3 photos at the end of it. So much fail.?

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I DEF agree! Our lives are HARD and people need to just acknowledge it and PRAISE us for it. Like srsly. SRSLY. So much fail but just so much WIN because we are awesome. I’m glad that you enjoyed the post! (I’m positively GLOWING).

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