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Dreading Christmas?

So, the title of this post may seem a bit unorthadox to most of you. But for me it is definitely true. Ever since I moved out of my Mom’s house 2 1/2 years ago, and even a couple years before that, when Christmas time came around I would tell myself that NEXT year I was going to start Christmas shopping at LEAST 6 months early. First of all, there is the stress factor that would be eliminated through that practice, second there is more time to figure out what to get everyone, third there is the crowiding factor. Yes, it seems like every person on earth is in the city at once at this time of year, since they made the same promises to themselves and forgot. Again. Every year I fail to keep that promise to myself. For me the hardest thing is figuring out what to get people. There are some people (thank goodness for kids) who are so easy to get gifts for. They will be happy with pretty much anything that lands in their hands. Yes, it’s the adults that wreak havoc on your minds during this crisp season. So many questions: What do you get the person who has everything? What do you get the person you essentially just met? What do you get the person who you share your living quarters with but for some reason when this time of year comes around everything you ever knew about them seems to have disappeared from your mind? What do you get a co-worker who isn’t just a co-worker but isn’t much more?

This year, I am struggling with the same old issues (you’d think I would have learned by now!). So, since I figured everyone feels this way, I decided to be merciful and make my boyfriend (by the way his name is Franz) a list, like my mom always used to ask us for. This year we are stuffing stockings as well for the first time. German tradition does not include stuffing stockings, but I decided that I really do miss it, so we have added it to our routine.  Here is the list I made (modified a bit to fit the general public). I hope it helps!


Stocking Stuffers for your Girlfriend

Hand/Body Lotion

(maybe subtly figure out what her favorites are!)

Bath Products

Back scrubber, bath bombs, bubble bath, bath oils, etc.

Don’t forget to pay attention to her preferences!

Sweets and Snacks

Be mindful of her diet (if any) and of allergies!


This does not mean stuff a $1,000 watch in her stocking, but

maybe some nice studs, or a bracelet, necklace or ring

Self-Made Coupons

Who doesn’t love a sweet, sentimental coupon for a romantic relaxing

massage, a date, chore duty or whatever else you can come up with?

Fruits and Nuts

The classics are mandarins and walnuts


We all know that socks are constantly unexplicably disappearing…

Girly Stuff

Nail polish, eye makeup, things like that (if you trust yourself

not to screw this one up royally!)

Guitar Picks

Maybe your gal is musical. Not just guitar picks are handy, any

accessories to the instrument she plays, or new music

Bobby Pins

See sock story.

Nail Kit

The whole package (tweezers, file, clippers) is available at most

drug stores

Cell Phone Case

Is your loved one prone to dropping their phone?

Christmas Gifts for your Girlfriend


Now you can reach for the nicer things!

Gift Cards

A girl (most likely) loves to shop. An alternative would

be cold hard cash. In German there is a saying that, directly translated,

means cash is true! (Bares ist Wahres). I can dig that.


Some people frown upon Groupon. Honestly, all the e-mails can get

annoying, but they have got some jammin’ deals on there

sometimes! It doesn’t hurt to at least check it out.


If you trust yourself to know her style, then why not save her the

shopping trip? – Careful, some might want the shopping



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