Eight Books That Stare At Me And Make Me Feel Guilty

WUT how is it even Tuesday again?!? How time flies. I HOPE YOU ALL ARE HAVING A SPECTACULAR TIME.*

WELL (surprise, surprise) I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday as per the ushe**, and this week’s prompt is for our Fall TBR. NOW. I don’t believe in TBRs. Mostly because I can never keep to them when I set myself one :,) SO instead of my fall TBR I giveth unto thou*** ten books that are sitting on my shelf begging to be read while I avoid them awkwardly for no real reason.

*I like to shout compliments at people. I find it boosts morale
**This is supposed to be short for usual?!? I cannot for the life of me think of a spelling that makes sense. HALP.

Red Rising

I KID YOU NOT, DEMONS. This book has been on my shelf for literally a year now, along with its two sad companions. It wants to be read. I want to read it. And yet, for no reason fathomable to man, I cannot bring myself to pick them up.

IT WASN’T MEANT TO BE OKAY. So instead I just cover them with all my bookish candles so I don’t have to feel so bad. Also I sing a song about some of my favorite things.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

It’s story time kids, make yourselves comfortable.

Like many, many souls out there, I, too grew up in the world of our beloved Harry Potter*, and I was pretty young when they were coming out. Thusly, I knew nothing like our dear friend Jon Snooooo, and I understood like 2% of what went on in the last three books.

This year, I decided to reread them FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I got through book four, and when it came time for Order of the Phoenix I panicked and hid it in a dark corner because WHY IS IT SO DANG HUGE BARTHOLOMEW.

**ALSO fun trivia fact: Apparently this book was the second one ever to be added to the Goodreads database?!?! It’s index number is 2, and I’m assuming that each book that gets added is a number higher…

City of Glass

I finally own the entire The Mortal Instruments series!! cue cheering AAAAND I was a responsible bean and read the first two books THIS MONTH. And then someone informed me that one should most definitely read The Infernal Devices before reading the last book and now I have anxiety awkward laugh

FUN FACT ABOUT ESTHER: She has to own all of a series before reading because not having the next book on hand is scary. Excuse me while I hide.

SO NOW before I continue with TMI I have to buy TID and I am broketh. Cry for me. PITY MEEEEE. Also for some reason I had to search for a really long time to find them in hardcover!?!?! What is this black magic Germany?!? WHY IS IT SO HARD TO GET HARDCOVER BOOKS HERE.


Literally there is no reason I am avoiding this book.

None at all.

And yet look at me hiding expertly from it by putting it in my will probably maybe perhaps read one day when all the other books in the world are read pile.

Avoidance level: BOSS


THIS ONE IS A CHEAT OKAY. I’m not actually avoiding it, it’s avoiding me.

I swear.


There was some sort of issue and I’ll just have to wait, and then the shipping will probably take forever AND SOMEONE PITY MEEEEE


Again. No real reason.

OKAY I LIE. I have heard through the vine of scrumptiously firm grapes that Blackhearts is a retelling of Blackbeard, our favorite pirate. AND WE ALL KNOW I LOVE PIRATES. BUUUUUT i have also heard that Blackhearts reads more like an historical fiction romance (???) and has not so much pirate-ing as Blacksouls, which is making me put it off.


Song of the Current


These river pirates are calling to my soul. That’s all I know about this book.

That, and THE COVER IS STUNNING OKAY. And the hardcover jacket has actual glitter on the title <3*

The reason for putting it off is none other than other books keep somehow getting priority?!?!? Don’t ask me how that happens. I don’t make the decisions around here.**

*Glitter wins me over every time
**Also don’t ask me who does make the decisions because I don’t know that either

The Girl of Fire and Thorns

I know absolutely nothing about this book.


That’s a lie.

I know it’s about a girl. Who just happens to not be made from flesh and blood, but fire and thorns. AND THAT SOUNDS PAINFUL.

I like painful. And bloody.

And yet this book has also been on my shelf for like A YEAR NOW.*


SO it turns out I don’t actually have THAT many unread books on my shelf?!?!? YAY ME*

That is not to say that there aren’t many books on my wish list and want to read lists. But I’m far too traumatized to speak about THOSE at the moment…

*but also I’m crying because I need more books and I’m literally broke and I keep spending my money on frivolous things so there is nothing left for books SOMEONE STOP MEEEE

What are some books that have been on your shelf the longest? Do you avoid books for no good reason?? OR ARE YOU AN ACTUAL SANE PERSON?!? Have you read any of these and wish to yell at me to read them? YELL AWAY, BARTHOLOMEW.


22 thoughts on “Eight Books That Stare At Me And Make Me Feel Guilty

  1. I’m here to ease your mind Esther! Red Rising (the first books) starts slow and weird, but then it gets all sorts of awesome and the series is incredible. Read City of Glass, I read the Infernal Devices years after I read the first trilogy. Song of the Current is amazing and Girl of Fire and Thorns is one of my favorite fantasy series AND Elisa one of my all time examples of character growth.

    I do avoid books for no good reason, I’m a mood reader, so take my advice as you will 🙂
    Liza @ Quite the Novel Idea recently posted…{Top Ten Tuesday} Top Ten Books On Liza’s Fall TBR ListMy Profile

    1. Haha I have pretty much only heard good things about Red Rising I really don’t know what’s holding me back haha. Yassss I will definitely read City of Glass but there are a couple new releases I will read before that!
      And I will eventually get that girl of fire and thorns 😅

  2. You have to finish rereading Harry Potter! I actually just started the fifth book again for the dozenth time on audiobook. Angsty Harry can be a bit annoying, but [as you know] awesome stuff happens. If nothing else, read it just so you can get on to 6 and 7. DON’T BE AFRAID.

    Do you tend to avoid books in favor of old ones that you want to reread, or new ones that keep coming out? I tend to get caught up on rereading old series that I loved and claim that because it’s been at least 6 months since I read them, of course they’re due for a reread.

  3. Oh this list! I so understand books laughing at your from your shelf, as my collection makes quite the choir… and I am very slowly making my way through TMI… I mean very slowly… it’s not that I don’t like it, There are just so many books I want to read.

  4. Oh my god I really hope your copy of Godsgrave is shipped soon Esther. Something like that would hurt my soul as well but it’ll definitely 100% be worth it when you finally have it in your hands, which will hopefully be soon.
    I also hope you manage to make it around to Red Rising one day (then again I’m one to talk because I’ve had Morning Star on my shelves, starting at me, unread, for over a year now). It’s a favourite series of mine and I’m sure you’ll love it as well.
    Great picks for this week. 😀 ❤️
    Beth @ Reading Every Night recently posted…ARC Review: The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous MagicMy Profile

  5. I’m avoiding Golden Son like no one in the world. I liked and not liked Red Rising and I’m mildly angry at the sequel? I don’t know. Can I be angry at a book that I didn’t even opened 😂
    But I’m avoiding Godsgrave too, meaning that I still have to buy it. I’ve been spoiler but that was fine because it actually confirm some suspicions, so it wasn’t really a surprise… but I want to wait before reading it? Like I loved the firt book but I’m afraid?
    So many questions 😂

  6. We’re not going to talk about the horrid name JK Rowling came up with. IT’S A CRIME. I mean, there is not one good name there. NO WONDER THE KID GETS PICKED ON. I’m sorry about your TMI struggles. But I agree with what they said. Her books are definitely meant to be read in the order of publication. So yeah…time to buy new books no one can afford 😅
    Lindsey @ Word Me Write recently posted…Top Ten Books on My Fall TBR: Pumpkin, Spice, and All the ExpectationsMy Profile

  7. I absolutely love Red Rising, Order of the Phoenix, Nemesis (I think we’re talking about the same one??? 😂), and City of Glass! City of Glass and Order of the Phoenix are my favorites of the series! ❤️ I still need to read Nevernight; I’ve only heard good things! 🙈

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