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Hello my BEAUTIES (FYI, I just tried to spell ‘Hello’ as ‘Hellow’. WIN WIN WIN)! retellings-reading-challenge-2016_zpsqxk3w0hqI have decided to participate in Once Upon a Bookcase‘s Fairy Tale Retelling Reading Challenge (what a mouthful!). I am excited about this because I LOVE RETELLINGS.

Unfortunately due to budget reasons (it’s a hard life), I will only be reading two for this month! This means that my level will be Easy (1-4 Retellings). If I had more I would certainly do more!

Anyone is welcome to join, so if you have a hankering HOP ON OVER and let them know you are participating! Now, this challenge is just for fun (AKA no giveaways or other such nonsense 😉 ) but what can be more fun than reading retellings? I mean, honestly PLEASE TELL ME HONESTLY WHAT COULD BE BETTER??? Nothing. That is correct. Gold star to you, my dear sir!

All right people. Now you get to see my EPIC LIST OF TWO BOOKS THAT I WILL BE READING. (Mind you this is NOT SET IN STONE. I am very indecisive at times so I might add some books if I can get my hands on them!)

1. RoseBlood

I was lucky enough to be graciously granted an eARC of RoseBlood by A.G. Howard, which is a gender bent retelling roseblood-ag-howardof Phantom of the Opera. I AM IN LOVE WITH PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Ask anyone*. So I am very excited to read this!

*By ‘anyone’ I mean mostly just my boyfriend, because he is sick of the songs as I am singing them ALL THE TIME. I can’t help myself though, because they’re JUST SO DARN BEAUTIFUL. Also, I was always secretly rooting for the Phantom….I was like Raul go away you are in the way of this pure love of music between these two JEEZ.






2. Splintered

I know, I know. What a coincidence that both books I’m reading are bysplintered-ag-howard A.G. Howard! But I’ve had my eye on Splintered for, like, EVER now, and I AM DONE WAITING. Of course, I really want to read the other two in the series, because I HATE WAITING AFTER STARTING A SERIES. Buuuut those books are on my wishlist for the Broke and Bookish Secret Santa, and I have been instructed to try and restrain from buying the books on my wishlist in case my Secret Santa gives them to me! (If you are interested in joining the Secret Santa, sign ups are open until November 12th! The button is in my footer!)

Oh oh, and for those of you who DON’T know (I don’t discriminate!), Splintered is a fairy tale retelling of Alice in Wonderland, and I HAVE HEARD WONDERFUL WONDERFUL things about the whole series, so I’ve been itching to get my hands on it!


AAAAAND that’s it pretty much for today! I would love for you all to join in the challenge, and you don’t have to have a blog to join! All you have to do is to share with Once Upon a Bookcase that you are joining, and link up to your review (be it on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever else!).


So tell me, are YOU joining? What retellings are you reading?? Tell me all!


4 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Retelling Challenge

  1. I may just do this personally for myself (and not actually sign up). Splintered is AMAZING. I’ve read all of the books in the series except for the novella collection one. A. G. Howard is amazing. Roseblood is on my list to read when it comes out. I hope you love Splintered!

    1. I AM AGREE. Reading retellings is fun whether it’s a challenge or not. I BASICALLY LIVE OFF OF THEM. Also, I have started 2 of my own this year already. I THINK IT’S SAFE TO SAY I’M OBSESSED. And when I heard of RoseBlood…WELL I couldn’t resist! I really can’t wait for Splintered and I’M GLAD YOU ARE ENCOURAGING MEEE!!

  2. SO AG HOWARD IS ACTUALLY THE BEST OF EVER AND THIS MEANS YOUR TBR IS ACTUALLY THE BEST OF EVER. *flails for you* Splintered is like the only Wonderland retelling I’ve loved so far. ? And isn’t it gorgeous?!? afjdskalfd And I have Roseblood too which calls for more entirely eloquent AJFAKLDSADJ FLAILING TIMES. I’m hoping to read it in December?? Unless I can’t wait any longer and I just read it now.?

    1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      ACK I am so excited!!! ALL the wonderland retellings have SUCH CONFLICTED REVIEWS and I am therefore conflicted but this one seems to be PURE GOLD and YES ITS BEAUTIFUL. AND PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. YES YES YES. I AM IN. YOU ARE THE EPITOME OF ME CAIT. I am trying SO HARD to finish Three Dark Crowns faster so I can finally get started (but NaNoWriMo got me like **BRAIN DEAD**) I am also debating on splurging to buy the next book because I hate waiting…. UM. You should totally read it in November tooo!! (come on, I know it only takes you like A DAY to read a book ? ) EH EH??
      (In case you can’t tell, I’m excited…)

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