Fairyloot Book Box Review: November Box

HELLO LOVELIES. I finally recieved my first FAIRY LOOT SUBSCRIPTION BOOK BOX. I almost died waiting for this thing. It’s so excruciating to know you have to wait and then there are like PEOPLE on SOCIAL MEDIA such as BOOKSTAGRAM that post spoilers D:D:D: and I am a super fabulously curious and it takes SO MUCH SELF CONTROL (of which I lack much) not to look. BUT. I did. Not. Look. I am SO PROUD of ME.


So without further ado LETS GET CRACKIN’. First off I just want to say that I have watched previous unboxings and literally sat there drooling. They have had such amazing items including awesome candles and bookmarks and things like that get me EXCITED. A note that does need to be made is that I AM ALLERGIC TO LIKE EVERYTHING AND/OR MY BODY REACTS BADLY TO CERTAIN THINGS. #lifeishard. And because of this there WERE a couple items that kind of disappointed me D: ALL RIGHT. And now for the UNBOXING PHOTO:


Let’s start in the back, and I’ll make a LOVELY SUPERIOR LIST of what was in the box!

  • First off, we have a glorious tote bag with a quote, “That I will bow before nothing and no one but my Crown,” from A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (WHICH I HAVEN’T READ so I can’t fully appreciate it).
  • Then the lovely Fairyloot pouch which all books come in and is great for transporting books!
  • Next we have a beautiful art print from Red Queen (WHICH I ALSO HAVEN’T READ HAHA SHAME ON ME) by Bookotter. On the back is beautiful lettering by LovelyOwlsBooks also from Red Queen!
  • Fairyloot included a mug for the first time ever this month WHICH I AM TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH I am of the opinion that they can keep doing this forever! The Mug is from ReadAtMidnight has a golden crown with QUEEN OF BOOKS on it which basically is me!
  • And now for the first disappointment (other than not having read ACOMAF and Red Queen haha): it’s a SUPES cool idea to add loose leaf tea to the mix. I live off of tea! The only thing is that I can’t have caffeine. That means no coffee and no black or green tea soooo yeah. But the tea is from the Tea Leaf Company and it is Earl Grey specially made for Royals and Rogues! AAAND they added natural unbleached teabags with drawstrings which I actually LOVE because I have other loose leaf teas 🙂
  • Underneath the mug we have scented spectorium soap crystals by CraftyRagamuffin. They have something to do with the book of the month so that’ll be interesting, but this is one of the other disappointments! I can’t use a lot of soaps and shampoos and so on because of how sensitive my skin is to fragrances and the ingredients but it was definitely a cool idea!
  • There is also a Queen of Terrasen notepad by Alexis Lampley, inspired by the Throne of Glass series (HAVE NOT READ HAHA CRYYYY) but it’s definitely pretty!
  • One of my other favorite items is this Calipha pocket mirror, which is inspired by The Wrath and the Dawn that says “My queen is without limitations, boundless in all that she does.” I have not read this either (WHAT IS LIFE??? WHO CAN KNOW?) but it is a pretty mirror!!



  • AND LAST GUYS BUT NOT LEAST!!!! The BOTM (HAHA BOTTOM jk jk jk) That stands for Book of the Month of course. Now I can’t think of anything other than bottom. AAAANYWAYS. This month we got a hardcover copy of Nemesis by Anna Banks. I hadn’t heard of it, but after reading the blurb about royalty and betrayals I am stoked! It’s set in a mythical kingdom with mythical creatures and MAGIC. WHAT MORE CAN A GIRL ASK FOR??? Of course there was also a signed bookplate from the author so EXCITING THINGS PEOPLE.


All in all I really liked this box! I have some books  I’m going to have to read to appreciate the merch (ACOTAR/ACOMAF, which I have asked my boyfriend for for Christmas!, Red Queen and The Wrath and The Dawn), and I was disappointed by the tea and the soap but everything was so thoughtful and so perfectly fit the theme that I can’t wait for the next box, which is SciFi adventure (I know, not my thing really BUT I did love The Lunar Chronicles and I really wanted to read Red Rising so I’ve got high hopes for this!)


Have you gotten any book subscription boxes? Which ones? Did you love them? Are they not your thing? DO YOU HATE OR LOVE SURPRISES???? TELL MEEEEE


4 thoughts on “Fairyloot Book Box Review: November Box

  1. OH MY GOSH. I have not read any of these books either, but I own two of them and feel that my shame should be all the more for it. UGH! Damn school. I adore this idea and now I want a loot crate! I’ve actually looked into subscribing to the Tea Company and Earl Grey is one of my favorites! I am so jealous in so many ways right now.
    Elisabeth recently posted…Things I hate about booksMy Profile

    1. Totally no shame! I have like 6 books on my bookshelf YELLING AT ME TO READ THEM but TIME. Seriously. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. And the Tea Leaf Co is seriously amazing! Even if I won’t drink the tea, the FILTERS ARE ENOUGH TO CONVINCE ME OF THEIR AWESOMENESS. I’m in love with them tbh.

  2. THIS LOOKS FAB! You’re making me so so jealous right now, shipping is just way too expensive to where I live! Honestly, we’re kind of in the same boat. I haven’t read so many of the books that those bookish things are related to. I mean I have ACOTAR/ACOMAF, but I’ve leant it to a friend who seems to be taking her time with getting started on them. Ugh 🙁 Nemesis looks utterly amazing, although the main character’s name does kind of remind me of “Sephora” – as in the makeup brand. Your photography is killing it right now! Ooh, it’s kind of making me hungry haha 😀
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    1. I totally know how you feel!! It took me forever to find a good box that ships to Germany for less than $20, it’s so ridiculous XD
      Thank you so much I’m so flattered! Being hungry is good. WHEN I’M HUNGRY EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER OMG.

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