Fit or Skinny?

Let’s get real here. I mean up close and personal.
Let’s talk about fitness.
The new year is inevitable, and the majority of New Year’s resolutions are to be better at visiting the gym and eating healthy. Most of which last about 2-3 months, if that. I have made the former committment at least a dozen times this year. And it always lasts about 3-5 gym visits before I decide ONE EVENING to stay at home and cuddle with Franz in front of the television, and the next thing I know it’s been 3 weeks since my last work out. It’s painful admitting this, especially as a former ‘athlete’ I ran track for about 1 year and after that cross country, before I stopped because of my weight and my knees. (Who am I kidding here, let’s just be honest and say I stopped because I was lazy!) Well, now that I haven’t been running for about 3 years, I don’t really enjoy it any more. Plus the aspect of having a number of screws in both knees like my runner father isn’t very appetizing. So I joined the gym around the corner so that I would be more motivated to work out. And it worked, for a while.
Some people tell me (or they used to) that I don’t even need to work out, I’m not overweight, and I don’t have any serious health problems that could cause me to become over weight, in fact my allergies (a blessing in disguise) have helped me to eat more healthy than anyone I know except my mother. But there are benefits of working out regularly. I mean who wants to have flabby arms, cellulite or (my worst nightmare) a mom butt as they get older? I am terrified of having a mom butt. A friend once wisely told me ‘Esther, people don’t just die of mom butts’. How true. But if there is something you can do do fight it, why not? I’ll tell you – Laziness and excuses. And that goes for me, too! I am a lazy potato sack, and I know it. I would rather pig out on chips than go to the gym. But if you think about it, “Man do I regret going to the gym so many times this week” – Said no one ever. So get up and go. I know, and I’ve experienced first hand, how much harder this is done than said, but once you get up that first time, it will get easier!
I mean, I follow tons of fitness Instagram pages, and I’m like holy cow, how do these people have so much time and energy and will to go to the gym?? Because they motivated themselves. Obviously, my fear of getting a mom but is not enough to motivate me to go to the gym (or even just work out at home). What I recommend is getting a work-out partner who will drag yo ass to the gym at all costs. That’s definitely what I need.
So tell me,
What motivates you?


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