Hello all! It’s time for Top [Random Number] Tuesday! I simply don’t have enough books on my shelf or capacity in my brain for Top Ten Tuesday. Alliterations confuse me!

ALSO: Shoutout to my little sister whose birthday it is on this fine day!

As you may (or may not) know, I barely read any books from the time I moved to Germany till about a year ago. TALK ABOUT A SLUMP. That’s like 4 years people. FOUR YEARS. I didn’t actually OWN any books. BUT I DO NOW. So my Top Ten Tuesdays will be random numbers because TEN IS A LOT AND I DON’T HAVE TEN OF ANYTHING.*
So moving on, I shall now share with you five fabulous fantasy books that have schools in them! And I have left out Harry Potter because if you don’t know what that awesomeness is by now, I can’t help you.

*Except for fingers and toes, for which I am grateful!

1. RoseBlood

WHY DOES NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS BOOK. I read this as an ARC a while back (you can check out my incoherent review here) AND IT WAS SO GOOD I WANTED TO REREAD IT IMMEDIATELY. It has all the music (in FACT, it takes place at a music school, which was once an opera house IN FRANCE) and mysterious PHANTOM FIGURES. This is because it is a Phantom of the Opera inspired retelling and HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT.

It has the Phantom vibe, the feel and UGH IT IS SO GORGEOUS WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ IT YET. Also, there is obviously magic because I am allergic to books without magic. The end was quite a surprise which is good but I’m still not sure how to feel about it!! And also that is another reason you need to read it – so we can chat about it!

2. The Raven Boys

Ah, The Raven Boys. Now, this quartet has a school in it, but the school isn’t the main focus. BUT Blue’s boy’s are all from the same school, so I say it counts?!*

Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah are all precious in their own ways. Noah is so sweet and endearing and you simply can’t NOT love him. Then there is Gansey. Shoutout to all you overachievers with big goals! I wish I had some of your motivation! Adam, who is relatable on SO MANY LEVELS UGH WHY. If you know me, you know I save the best for last. My precious sassy Ronan!! He is snarky and clever and also relateable but on a whole different level??? Why is he so perfect? PLUS. He has a pet raven called Chainsaw. Can’t get much better than that.

Ah. And then there is Blue. Pint sized sass in a cup! Also she has a very special family who are pure perfection!

*Which, obviously, it does. Because what I say goes.

3. Shadow and Bone

Ah, what can I say about the Grisha Trilogy that I haven’t already babbled on about??? I put off reading these books for so long because I was scared of the hype.* Not to mention I was afraid they couldn’t be nearly as good as Six of Crows??? Because they were written before?????**

You can’t help but feel for every one of the characters in these books, even the side characters and, much like Maggie Stiefvater, Bardugo has a way of making magic so deeply a part of the world that it would seem absurd without it!


*I KNOW. Shame on me.
**Subtle reminder that no one should ever listen to my logic. Except for always.
***Now. Right now is when my logic is logical.


4. Nevernight

While it has been over two months since I read this book, and I therefore can remember exactly two words of it, I STILL KNOW IT GAVE ME THE FEELS.

Plus, there is a shadow cat!* His name is Mister Kindly and he basically invented sass and is constantly dropping sassy remarks on his owner Mia. So, naturally, I adore him.

On top of that, there is a school for assassins, which is delightfully cutthroat and there is PLENTY of blood and stabbiness and stabbing.**

Oh, and did I mention characters with wonderfully troubled childhoods? Troubled childhoods #FORTHEWIN. There is much tragedy and betrayals and TEARS WERE SHED PEOPLE. TEARS. Read this book.***

*Do not confuse with real cat
**If you are a vulture like me, this is a REQUIREMENT for any book
***OR, you could be sensible and wait until Godsgrave is out to reduce your suffering. But not-suffering is overrated!

5. Splintered

I actually mischievously don’t have a photo of Splintered???? WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY. SHAME ON ME. Moving on.

Splintered is an AMAZING retelling of Alice in Wonderland, split up into three books, the last one is more of a Through the Looking Glass retelling. In other words: #awesome.

Alyssa is actually the original Alice’s descendant, and she has to go to Wonderland to take care of some Very Risky Business. In the process she meets many outlandishly wonderful people, including but not limited to Morpheus, the blue caterpillar, who is actual life. Jeb is great too. But Morpheus. He is cunning and sneaky and deliciously dark. WHO ELSE DID YOU THINK I WOULD FALL FOR. There is also the evil Red Queen, who we learn to actually feel bad for?? Somehow????

But I diverge! There is a high school in this! Because Alyssa is in high school (of course) and Jeb is in her high school and also a lot of the disastrous happenings happen to happen* at school!


What are some of your favorite bookish schools? Or books that take place in schools?? Or perhaps just books that mention a school once or twice?!?


14 thoughts on “Five Books….THAT HAVE SCHOOLS IN THEM

    1. Yes! Alice is supposed to be clinically insane, and it runs in the family, so Alyssa’s mother is in a mental facility as well! When she starts seeing strange things herself she thinks her genetics have caught up to her!

  1. I love this post, and I can also say that I have read all of these books as well! 😀
    I really enjoyed A.G. Howard’s Splintered series but I wasn’t a massive fan of RoseBlood I’m sad to say, still I’m glad you loved it. Also I am a huge fan of Shadow and Bone, The Raven Boys and Nevernight, god they’re just the start of some amazing series (I haven’t read Godsgrave yet but I already know it’s going to be incredible.)
    Great picks for this topic. 🙂 <3

    1. EEP thank you! And yayyy I love A.G. Howards books just in general and I’m sad you didn’t enjoy RoseBlood D: But you know how it goes, it can’t all be for everyone!
      I love all of these books so much I am overwhelmed by the love I can’t even. *breaks down sobing*

  2. Yay for The Raven Boys! I only just started reading the series this year and I’m already hooked on it (especially Gansey, since he’s my favourite) 😍

    I still haven’t read Splintered, even though I’ve had a copy for years, and I want to read RoseBlood so badly, that cover is just beautiful ♥️
    Louise ✨🦇 recently posted…10 Books I Loved at School 📝My Profile

    1. Ahh I really liked the Raven Boys! They aren’t my FAVORITE per se, but everyone seems to be going bananas over them, which is fun to watch haha. Gansey is amazing but Ronan will forever be my little pumpkin <3

      Ooooh if you have it you must read it!! I really love A.G. Howard's books!

  3. I NEED TO READ NEVERNIGHT OMGGGGGG. I’ve told you about my DNF’ing experience with it last month so I’m not going to say it again, but AGH I NEED TO GET BACK TO IT. Omggg YES the boarding school in The Raven Boys was so great! I really loved that setting. And ugh, YES! The #1 reason I’m afraid of reading Shadow and Bone is because I think it won’t live up to the BEAUTY that is Six of Crows… fja;lsjfl;asdkjfa. Love this post!
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…Exactly How I Manage to Be A Supremely Amazing Blogger™ (The Revealing of All of My Secrets???)My Profile

    1. GODSGRAVE IS OUT SOON WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR. I really hope you give it another try because it GIVES ME LIFE despite my two or three issues with it!! Honestly the Raven Cycle was just gold in general UGH.
      Shadow and bone is still worth reading I promise!!! I gave Ruin and Rising 5 stars and it was spectacular!! <3

  4. Ohh great post! I LOVE The Raven Boys so, so much, all of the characters are just so precious, I want to hug them all, especially Noah. But Adam as well and JUST EVERYONE. <3
    Also, I have read just the first book in the Splintered series and had a hard time getting into it…which makes me so sad because it sounded like such a BRILLIANT BOOK. Do you think I should give the series another try- does the other books get better? 🙂
    ONly book coming to mind right now set in a school is the brilliant Sanctuary Bay, by Laura J. Burns. It was SO COOL.
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…On traveling, writing, reading and my time without blogging…I’m BACK!My Profile

    1. Awe thank you! And yas The Raven Cycle is soo good! I feel like Noah is wildly unappreciated! He is so squishy and special <3
      Yeah I have heard that from a couple of people! A.G. Howard has a very unique writing style that definitely isn't for everyone but I really loved the story! I can only say that I loved the books - but my sister stopped reading after the first as well!

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