Game of Thrones and Why I am so Against It

OOOOOHHHHHH I bet I made some of you gawk there!!

But yes. IT’S TRUE. I DESPISE GAME OF THRONES. It’s sad really. Because fighting. Killing. Blood. NOT TO MENTION DRAGONS???? It’s exactly the sort of thing I like! LOVE!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about why I don’t like the series on places like Bookstagram, so I decided to write this post so I can direct people here instead of typing out all the MAJOR THINGS I hate about it! Just one thing (and maybe a lot of other things)…..what is the freaking POINT of all the rape and nakedness? It seriously offends me!

So…who saw it coming?? LIST TIME. Here are some reasons I think that the content of these books is wildly inappropriate.

1. RAPE. So. Much. Rape.

Or almost rape. Or morally grey (though not really grey, just BLACK BLACK BLACK) areas. I’ll be honest. I DNFd THE FIRST BOOK WHEN I WASN’T EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH. WHY?? You ask? Well. If any of you have been following me for quite some time, you know that sexual abuse is something that is really close to me. I was sexually abused as a child. Some of my family was as well. My mother was. And so, when I read that Daenarys starts to ENJOY the sex that Drogo is forcing on her every night??? SO MANY ALARM BELLS. Just so many. I could have ripped the book to shreds right there, screamed into the night and strangled about five people. THESE THINGS GET ME ALL WORKED UP AND I COULDN’T DEAL. It makes me feel wrong, like crying screaming and being violent all at once. And I DO NOT LIKE FEELING LIKE THAT.

I think it is DANGEROUS for something to be so popular that normalizes rape!! AND YES IT IS STILL RAPE IF THEY ARE MARRIED. What are we trying to teach our young girls here? Our young boys??

2. Remember those morally grey (*ahem* BLACK *ahem*) areas?? INCEST.

Yes. You heard me. Incest, which strikes me as incredibly sick because I suffered sexual abuse at the hands of MY OWN FATHER. How can anyone support a series that so promotes it?? I don’t care how many excuses you make. It is sick and wrong, and even if it WAS what often happened back then, I DON’T CARE. I don’t want to read about it. It makes me ill to my stomach and I don’t need that.


I don’t mind nudity. I really don’t. But when it feels like it happens every two chapters for NO REAL REASON, and they are hanging out at brothels all the time, IT GETS TIRING. I start to feel bad about myself, I start to feel dirty, I start to feel gross. So again. I DON’T NEED THAT.

These books, and the show, promote sexual abuse and violence on a whole nother level that I JUST CAN’T SUPPORT no matter how much I like the characters, or how cool the plot is!

If I’ve offended any of you, I’M NOT SORRY. Because I have a right to my opinion. I have simply been through different things than you, and I react differently and extremely strongly to situations like this. Why should sexual abuse be normalized by things like this? Do you really want your daughters to learn that they should just sit there and take it? Do you want to teach your men that it’s okay to do these kinds of things? Because I certainly don’t!

Please know that I AM NOT JUDGING YOU IF YOU LIKE/LOVE THIS SERIES. I get the appeal! But those are things that I personally cannot look past.

Feel free to discuss with me. Share your thoughts! I do want to know! Know, again, that I AM NOT JUDGING YOU IF YOU ENJOY THESE SERIES. So I ask, please no rude or violent comments as these will be deleted. Discuss away!!




10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones and Why I am so Against It

  1. *applauds thunderously* THANK YOU! I’m glad there are more people that think this way about the series!! Your points are definitely valid, and I agree with all of them. (Even though I haven’t actually read the series.) Also, it takes courage to share a controversial opinion like this, so good job!!

    1. I also feel like it’s important to share, because all you hear is how great it is and it was a nasty shock for me. I also want to give others courage to share their opinion! I’ve always only said I don’t like it till now; no reasons given. But that is over ☺

  2. Never read the books but seen some of the episodes in the first season of the tv series. I hate the tv series. So never try reading the books.

    1. I think that the books are a lot less harsh than the tv show to be honest. The tv show was much more triggering and many people have told me that they added much more rape/nudity etc. for shock effect. I can’t say though as I didn’t even finish the first book haha

  3. I totally respect your opinion on this! I hate the rape in it, it makes me feel ill, and there was a scene in later books where I nearly just quit entirely because the rape was just so gratuitous and unnecessary. Ugh. However I don’t think the book normalises it. I think the series is MAKING a horrible/dark world that we’re supposed to be horrified at? Just my take though. And I don’t think this series is aimed at YOUNG readers. Omg. My 18yo sister asked if she should watch the show and I was like “mAYBE WHEN YOU’RE 42 BUT NOT NOW AT ALL”.???

    Anyway *hugs* I’m sorry for the things you’ve suffered and I definitely don’t blame you for hating and DNF’ing this series.
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    1. Haha nooooo I would never recommend this to younger readers! But as you know I am very biased XD. It was just far too triggering for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to work past it one day because I am actually THE SAD that I couldn’t keep going! I didn’t even get to the dragons D: D: #priorities

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