Comprehensive Guide: How to #Bookstagram

Since in a shocking turn of events I am become a Bookstagram Expert*! I am here to make all your dreams come true and share my plethora of wisdom that I have gathered over the last almost-year since joining bookstagram!

FIRST RULE: you do NOT need any special equipment or props to join!

Do you have books??

Do you have a smartphone with a camera, a digital camera or any other sort of device you can take photos with??


Then you can join bookstagram!

*LIES. I just like to pretend I am one?!?!



The best thing to do if you are just starting out is to look for things you might have laying around the house!

My favorite props are flowers. Some people go and get fake flowers, they do last longer of course. But I like to use fresh flowers!* If you ever get some as decoration for your home – use them! Use the whole flower, just the bud, or even just the petals!

It’s also a handy trick to hang them upside down for a couple of weeks until they are dry, and then you can use them forever**!

Other good things to look for are: pretty candle sticks, scarves, art supplies, even your pets if you have any!

What I’m trying to say is you don’t have to be a millionaire when starting out***

*Plus the fact that I have to get new flowers if I want them fresh keeps my photos fresh as well!
**Or until they fall apart from lack of finesse while handling :,)
***but beware booksagram will likely trick you into becoming obsessed with bookish merch you have to have and spend all your money on so you’ll be even more broke than usual! It’s great.

Joining The Community

WE ARE ALL BOOKWORMS. We don’t bite*! Follow your favorite book bloggers‘ accounts to start… * nudge nudge * and eventually you will find other bookstagrammers who share your interests!

Be active in commenting, and replying to any comments. Be interactive by asking questions in your captions and just overall gush about the books you love, talk about what you’re reading and you’ll fit right in!

*Usually?? I bite occasionally but I can’t help it if my dragon side comes out

Don’t Be Rude

It is TOTALLY FINE to get inspiration from your fellow bookstagrammers – we all do it. I do it. You neighbor does it, and we all know Bartholomew does it.

It is, however, important to give credit where it’s due. If you are flat out copying a picture from another bookstagrammer, it won’t sit well with others, even if you mention them. If you do a similar setup, be sure to tag the person who inspired you!

Bookish Merch

OBVIOUSLY you don’t have to buy bookish merch haha* BUT THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS OUT THERE. There are bookmarks, candles, bookish boxes with new releases, mugs, pillow cases, prints** and so many more things! If you do acquire bookish merch be sure to tag the shops you purchased from!

Make sure to use hashtags for the shops you love, as others may find you that way, and who knows??!? You could form a lasting friendship based on merch!

*tho it will probably suck you in anyways

Be Yourself

BRING ON THE CHEESE. I always feel like I need to bring this point up?!?!

There are all kinds of people on bookstagram, but the easiest way to make real friendships is to talk about books you ACTUALLY love (we have all been there, rating a book higher than we actually thought it should be…), even ranting about books you disliked (I have formed several friendships based on ranting* actually bahahaha)

*Is it healthy?!?!? WHO CAN KNOW

Bookstagram Challenges

Lots of accounts both big and small host hashtag challenges every month! Basically an account puts together a hashtag (mine is with my bookstagram bestie Kylie @frenchiefiction!) for example #FrenchieFantasyOctober – and there will be daily prompts listed!

This is especially helpful if you need inspiration! 90% of my inspiration comes from challenges! You take a photo you think corresponds with that day’s prompt, and use the hashtag under the photo when you post it.

There are so many choices when it comes to bookstagram challenges, plus you have the chance of getting featured on the hosts’ accounts every week #bonus.

Do you feel like a bookstagram pro now??!? Do you have a bookstagram already? Are you interested in creating a bookstagram? Do you think that I actually made helpful tips or am I spewing nonsense as usual??


13 thoughts on “Comprehensive Guide: How to #Bookstagram

    1. EEKS I’m so happy you find it helpful! (MOVING IS THE WORST) Yay for joining bookstagram though!! Don’t be too intimidated, everyone is SOOO nice!! Can’t wait to see you on there!!
      BOOKISH MERCH IS MY ACTUAL DOWNFALL hahaha and yasss chocolate <3

  1. This is such a great guide for newbies and Oldies. I am an Oldie–like a classic rock song only less in tune and more coffee addicted. But even I’m like, sitting here, nodding my head to a lot of these things. ESPECIALLY THE FLOWERS THING. I mean, the hanging them upside thing. How many times do I get to say ‘thing’ before sounding like a total dumbo? ANYWAYS, that’s a great tip. This whole thing is a great guide and I love it 10/10 would read again. QUESTION THOUGH: does PAINTING a bookstagram post count as a picture? That’s a joke. Of course it does and of course I won’t be doing that since I, an actual Dunce in Art 101, cannot paint to save my life.

    (I once drew a stick figure elephant in the place of a math problem and since I doubted anyone could figure out what it was I just had an arrow point to it saying, “ELEPHANT.” because apparently that’s the logical approach to things in my life.)

    Seriously though this is a good guide and I am rambling bye

  2. Lovely post!! And very helpful πŸ™‚
    I really want to join a bookstagram challenge soon, sounds like so much fun!

    Oh, and I loveeee your bookstagram pictures! <33

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun. I am going to jump on the bookstagram bandwagon. I am a lover of books and I am always looking for suggestions. Thanks!!

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