How to: Take FOREVER to Read a Book

So. BASICALLY, I have been reading Winter for over a week (I know, don’t JUDGE), and it is absolutely killing me I’m dying please help. It just keeps getting better and better but then I look at the clock and I’m like NOOOOO it’s way past my time to go to bed and I have to be an #adult and go to work. Then I think, who needs work anyways? And then I remember my bank account so I put that book down sadly and go to sleep like a good little girl.

Also, you know when you’ve been doing the same thing every day for SO LONG that you start to dream about it? YES. THAT IS HAPPENING TO ME. I have been dreaming about reading Winter. It’s torture. Anyways there are so many things I want to do after work. I usually try to paint at least ONE THING a day, because it, like, makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I haven’t in THREE DAYS. Also, there is the writing of my own books. Current project(s): Fire Like Silver, the sequel to my Oasis in the Clouds. It’s all about dragons. Also there are two without names (shame on me). One is an epic fantasy that currently has 55k words and is not even close to being done (the first draft), and then one that I…like just started a week ago and has 30k. This one is marvelous and I’m obsessed my BEAUTIES because it is a gender reversed DARK FANTASY of Sleeping Beauty. WUT.


Oh and don’t forget not blogging and also stalking other blogs and twitter and facebook and goodreads and instagram (which I am currently NOT good at, but I’m working on it!) and literally every social media platform in existence. This life thing is HARD. Also please excuse the absence of pictures on my blog. I am still getting the hang of that.

OOH! And I sometimes like to eat. That sometimes gets in the way. Depending on what I’m eating, I can read at the same time. But only sometimes. Another thing I like to do is feed my cats and clean their litter boxes. Also showering. Maybe doing some laundry now and then. So as you can see my life has MUCH CRAZY and WHY 98 CHAPTERS, Marissa Meyer, WHY. I also just binge bought a bunch of paperbacks (sooo beautiful) because I have like literally no hard copy books and it makes me sad. Because when I moved to Germany I left all my books with my mom and now I have one sad bookshelf that is half filled with books. And some (like the Reckless series) are very disappointing books :(. Someone resuscitate me PLEASE.  Life is hard, people. So that is how I am an expert at taking forever to read a book. (Also I have never been able to get into listening to books on tape so that is probably, like, my downfall.)


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