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Since I am a good little book blogger as of RIGHT NOW and a little challenge is good for me*, I decided that I’m actually going to do a little (very short because I DIDN’T REALLY DO ANYTHING HAHAHA) recap for the month of JULY, which also coincidentally happens to be my birthday month!**

*That’s what my mom told me???? I’ve yet to find out if it’s actually true.
**Just casually throwing that in there. I’m now 23. The dinosaur of the internet, people!

Considering it was my birthday month* you would assume that I have a massive haul, RIGHT???.



It’s complicated.**

So I DID get some wonderful dragon coins for my birthday. And yes I spent them all on books. The tragedy is, they are still all on their way to me.

And because I have to suffer and wait, I shall make you wait until August’s recap to see what all I bought. AND IT’S A LOT.

But! ONE book did get here rather quickly, and that is this precious gem:

I have also actually started reading it and I AM IN LOVE SOMEONE HELP. I have heard that much heartache awaits me at the end. PRAY FOR MY SOUL.

**When are things NOT complicated I ask you??***
***WUT IS LYFE****

Considering the fact that the latest of SJM’s books are 7896987 pages or less, I had a pretty good reading month, IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. Here is just a quick overview of what I read, and my rating!

This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab 

Full disclosure. I did NOT expect to love this so much??? Urban fantasy is not really my thing. BUT MAYBE IT IS AND I JUST DIDN’T KNOW IT??? If you have ever loved a Schwab book READ THIS AND LOVE IT.

Empire of Storms by S. J. Maas 

I know I don’t talk too much about Maas books….mostly because I have too much to say and then I get all befuddled and I just. I can’t. There is too much. BUT. Even though I HAVE had my issues with this series…I loved every book! That’s more than I can say for the ACOTAR series…..

BU ALSO. This book is almost 700 pages??? SO IT SHOULD ACTUALLY BE COUNTED AS TWO. TWO BOOKS. Because WHY DO ALL THE BOOKS HAVE TO BE 600 PAGES OR MORE. WHY BARTHOLEMEW. Also. This book’s pages are SO THIN. I fear to rip them every time I turn the pages. Not to mention I is #confused. I READ 200 PAGES AND BARELY MADE A DENT. I felt like I was reading nothing haha. So discouraging I CRY.

Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo 

I read Bardugo’s books backwards because I’m a rebel and I do what I want. I have since been told I am a fool. So I FINALLY read the Grisha trilogy! And now I have to reread Six of Crows so I can get all the references to these books. That aside, I loved the books, but there was just a little something missing for me!

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo 

Whatever I found lacking in the first two books, Leigh MORE THAN MADE UP FOR IN THIS. This is such a flabbergasting perfect finale to this trilogy!! I miss my precious Darkling and my precious Nikolai already. AND NO DON’T ASK ME WHO I LOVE MORE. #RUDE.

I have reached almost 2k followers on Instagram! Honestly I never thought this could ever be possible???* Not that I am complaining!! I am so flattered that so many people have been compelled, for whatever reason, to press that follow button! And I also really hope they stay haha. I’m just gonna casually add a tidbit of my feed down below. Tee hee.

*Seriously where do all these people come from?!?!
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I will have you know that I have (NOT) accomplished so much in July!!

  • I turned 23
  • I spent ALL OF MY BIRTHDAY MONEY on books!*
  • I had a birthday
  • The Bf got bored so we went out and got some new pretty shelves to add to my wall! This just happened to be perfect timing because all the books I ordered with said birthday money would not have fit on my current shelves!**
  • I started actually blogging again! YAY. I know you all missed me. You don’t have to say it. BUT YOU CAN SAY IT. I WON’T PIN YOU DOWN UNTIL YOU SAY IT DON’T WORRY.
  • I realized I have a total of way too much bookish merch***
  • I have been chosen on #bookstagram to rep for bookish merch companies! I never thought this would happen TBH. BUT IT HAS AND I AM OVER THE MOON. I AM JUMPING RIGHT AFTER THAT COW.
  • I set myself a totally unrealistic goal for #CampNaNoWriMo. And didn’t meet it.
  • Shame on me.
  • Excuse me while I go cry.
  • I am #smart so I am going to set myself the SAME goal for August, which is to finish editing my book, Feathers Black, a gender reversed dark retelling of Sleeping Beauty! Pinterest aesthetics to be beheld below:

[pin_board url=”https://www.pinterest.de/estherqoff/wip-feathers-black/”]

  • I also actually spent an entire day watching the latest season of Doctor Who because I’m an adult and that’s what adults do???
  • Did I mention I GOT NEW SHELVES???
  • I went to a wedding and it was socially nerve wracking BUT I’M ALIVE. Barely. BUT ALIVE.
  • OH. OH.  You may have noticed that my blog looks a tiny bit different! That’s because I’ve been tweaking it. I hope you like the changes!!
**Living on the edge here people!
*** HA. We all know there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH

I haven’t made all that many blogger friends, because I have been on hiatus for my entire life. But I’m here and I’m (hopefully??) on fire!

Some of my favorite posts have been:

How was your July?? Do you have any achievements that you are proud of? Did you have a good reading month??? What books did you read?


20 thoughts on “July Recap Slash Freakout Slash What I am I Doing With My Life


    I'm so so so happy to hear that you enjoyed the Grisha trilogy ASHFJGDGJS NIKOLAI IS MY SWEET PRECIOUS BABY. AND THE DARKLING *cries* HE DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER. It's such a fun and fast-paced trilogy, I literally binge-read the entire thing in a week! The only thing I didn't like was who Alina ended up with UGHHHH what a #waste of a perfect trilogy.


    1. ERMEGERDDD thank youuu!

      THE GRISHA TRILOGY. Seriously whyyyyy did I wait so long to read it?? I guess a part of me was fearful that since it was one of Leigh Bardugo’s earlier books I wouldn’t like it as much as SoC. #alltheregrets. EEP I binge-read the whole thing too! To be fair, that’s usually the olny way I read trilogies, I don’t like to leave gaps in between books unless it’s REALLY intense haha. I actually came to terms with who she ended up with surprisingly! Although I did feel very sorry for the other party. And also did I mention how much I love the Darkling and how much he broke my heart

  2. Happy birthday!!!!! Your books better hurry up and get here.
    You changed your blog design!! It’s so pretty!
    I LOVE your pinterest board. It’s so, so pretty!! You need to hurry up and finish the book so I can read it 😉 Also, Feathers Black is the best title ever. I still can’t think of a title for my WIP, and it’s really frustrating! Normally I come up with a perfect title before I even start writing the actual book. Right now it’s called “Twelve Swans Retelling” which is stupid because the book no longer has anything to do with the 12 swans fairytale xD.
    Lenna @ Sugar Dusted Pages recently posted…July Wrap – Up // Laser Tag, hot angel warriors, and ancient Norway.My Profile

    1. Thank you! And yes I wish they would be faster 😣

      EEP I’m so happy you like the new look I’m actually kind of proud of it! Haha and yay I’m getting the hang of pinter estate boards 😂
      I really need to cracking down on editing so I can finish the second draft by the end of August! I’m so flattered you’re actually interested in it and OMG thank you I love my title too actually??? 😆
      Don’t worry!! You’ll come up with a perfect title I just know it!

  3. LOVE THE NEW DESIGN ADFLA;KSJDGALSDKF. And happy late birthday! New shelves are always great. 😉 I’m so glad you got ODD! I’m excited to see your thoughts on it because I’ve heard that the ending is heartbreaking and I’m not sure if I’m ready. D:

    ALSO WHAT THE HECK YOUR WIP SOUNDS SO COOOOOOOOL. Gender-reversed Sleeping Beauty retelling with PRETTY AESTHETICS??? Yes pleeeeeeeeease. <3 Good luck on editing! (Ha… hahahhhaaaaha.) Oh, and thank you so much for linking my post! <3
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust the Bookworm Creature #trustissues #againMy Profile

    1. EEEEP THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! And thank you haha! I’m almost halfway through ODD and ugh it’s sooooo good and I’m so scared of the ending D:

      AGHEIJFOWEHFEWLÖEH thank you!! I’m so glad people are liking the idea of it haha because otherwise no one would ever want to read it obviously! But also it feels good 😀
      Oh goodness thank you. Editing is probably my least favorite part of the process :,)

  4. IF YOU LOVED THIS SAVAGE SONG, THEN YOU’LL LOVE OUR DARK DUET! I really liked This Savage Song but Our Dark Duet was even BETTER! (oh yeah and have tissues… that one had tears…)
    I’m thinking about going back and finishing the Grisha trilogy bc I really loved Six of Crows. I remember thinking The Grisha trilogy was fine (I only read the first 2 books) but I don’t remember thinking it was anything special… Idk my friend is reading the series right now so, if she likes it, I’ll probably go back and finish the trilogy.
    Your WIP board looks super cool! I wish you the best with that project! 🙂
    Elise @ Roaming Reader recently posted…THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS YOU LOVELY PEOPLE (Also Ko-fi and Patreon)My Profile

    1. WELL I LOVED THIS SAVAGE SONG AND I AM LOVING OUR DARK DUET *heart eyes* They are both so dark and beautiful and I just can’t why is Schwab so amazing….

      Ohhhhhhh you should have read the last book! So many feels!!! I mean, it may not be the BEST trilogy I’ve ever read, but it’s good! And I DID give the last book 5 stars haha so that’s gotta count for something XD. Also I’ve been told there are a lot of references to the trilogy (characters, places, etc.) in the SoC duology so now I need to reread those haha

      Thank you!! I just need to bite down and get through editing haha.

  5. I’m feeling you on the NaNo goals! But mine have shifted to August as well, which is still mostly cranking out words on my current WIP. I keep getting distracted by world building though, which is frustratingly important when writing fantasy. >_<

    I love the tweaks to your website!

  6. I’m a bit late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you had a great one – and yay for new shelves. Can you really ever have enough shelves?? I wonder…I don’t think so. Shelves filled with books are my life goals, really, ahah. 🙂
    What IS that pinterest and that WIP? I am SO fascinated by it already – please tell us more or share snippets or something? Best of luck for editing your book, you can do this! <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…5 most anticipated book-to movie adaptationsMy Profile

    1. Yay thank you!! It was awesome, I still have bookmail trickling in so it’s like an extended birthday hahahaha
      NEVER ENOUGH SHELVES. NEVER. I have a sinking feeling the new ones are going to fill too quickly haha and then I’ll be right where I started XD
      Ooh I will be posting an update on the book soon! I’m so happy you are interested in it I cry D: And maaaaybe I will post snippets. WHO CAN KNOW *sidles away into the night*
      Thank you so much for your kind words Marie!!

  7. HI DID YOUR BLOG HEADER JUST CHANGE RECENTLY BECAUSE IT IS FREAKING GORGEOUS. 😍😍 Excuse me while I just stare at the pretttttty.

    Also YAY for birthday months!! (Happy belated birthday!😜) Now we are the same age and like have half the same name, so IDK, I think we might be twins tbh. OH. And all the Schwab books are perfection so I agreeeee there. And also I want a million books from her because SUCH PERFECT. SUCH BEAUTIFUL. Also so glad you’re loving the Grisha books!! Siege And Storm is my favourite because Nikolai, the sassy little cupcake. <3


    And congrats on the instagram followers too!! Your feed is gorgeous. (And I'm joining in your challenge again this month. *happy flails*)
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…#DoubleReview: Vicarious and Ferocious By Paula Stokes // Thriller With Epic Sisters And Many KnivesMy Profile

    1. WHY YES IT DID GET A LITTLE MAKEOVER. I’m glad you like it! I decided to be super artsy and paint it myself hahaha. Since I am SUPER humble I am going to say that I actually really love it!! So yay for that!

      LSDFE Thank you! Yas we get to be the same age half the time and half the same name. IT MUST BE FATE IT MUST BE.
      Also Schwab is a freaking goddess I swear HOW DOES SHE DO IT. Like. I don’t even like urban fantasy that much??? AND YET THESE MONSTER BOOKS ARE GIVING ME LIFE.
      I shall have to post some shelfies soon because I’m quite enraptured by the new shelves. My bf should be bored and buy me new ones more often. Also he should buy me books when. Just sayin’

      Thank you so much! I am just a smol bean but I’m so excited I actually can’t believe there are so many people out there!! (yes I know the population of the world is 7 billion BUT STILL OKAY). Also Yayyyy for bookstagram challenges! 😀 😀

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Am I late or what? But, let’s be real the only reason Birthdays are happy because money=books. books = happy.

    I read the series in reverse too! We’re such rebels. Well…I exactly haven’t read The Grisha Trilogy JUUUST yet but Soc and CK were AMAZING. And I’ve heard the trilogy isn’t AS good so I’m scared. But I’m also scared of how daunting Maas’s books are. LIKE HELP HERE. Books can be so frightening?

    I WENT TO A WEDDING LAST MONTH TOO, so nerve wracking and did I mention boring. Since I am smol, I secretly read A Gathering of Shadows and missed the whole things OOPS. WHICH reminds me, I so need to get on to This Savage Song.

    YES for new shelves. I have 2 shelves filled with books and I call it a ‘bookshelf’ what is this life??? AND Um, hello is this fair? HOW IS YOUR BLOG SO PREEETTYYY.
    Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink recently posted…July Whispers // Book Devouring, Summer Outings & ICE CREAM + Book HaulMy Profile

    1. Haha that’s okay BETTER LATE THAN NEVER! And thank you!! I didn’t really annouce it ON my birthday so I can’t be mad haha. AND YES. I AGREE WITH THAT EQUATION.

      Yay for being rebel twins! I love SoC OBVIOUSLY. And yes, it’s true, the Grisha Trilogy isn’t as strong as the duology BUT IT’S STILL GOOD AND LEIGH BARDUGO IS AMAZING. And omg. Maas’s books are like tomes. But if you DO want to read them START WITH THE THRONE OF GLASS SERIES. The A Court of Thorns and Roses series has disappointed me a lot so my hype has died a lot after the third book. But every book in the ToG series has blown me away!! It will just take you 473827 years to read it! hahahaha

      I wouldn’t say the wedding I went to was boring, but I definitely felt like crying when I got home because #stress. I don’t like large social gatherings D: AHAHAH omg you are winning! I wish I could have done that but it would have been too conspicuous D: YOU DO NEED TO GET THIS SAVAGE SONG *heart eyes*

      That was my life before I got bookshelves for Christmas last year. I also used to have like literally no books because when I moved to Germany I couldn’t buy any and also I had a 4 year reading slump HAHAH

      OMG THANK YOU. I cry :,) I am so happy you like the new look!!

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