Just Out of Reach

Winter is here and with it my vacation is creeping closer day by day. It can’t come fast enough, but at the same time the clock is ticking too fast as deadlines at work approach alongside. I suppose the saying, ‘You can’t have everything’ is all too true. In my city it doesn’t snow at Christmas, which, to be perfectly honest, is a real bummer. I mean, if it’s going to be cold it had better snow, or it’s not worth it, who’s with me!? Luckily I’ll still get my white Christmas this year: on the 25th I’m driving up to Saas Fee in Switzerland with Franz and his dad and grilfriend. So high up in the mountains there is bound to be snow! I plan on taking walks all bundled up, sitting lazily in front of the burning fire, skiing (for the second time in my entire life), snowball fights, sledding perhaps (I’ll have to think about that one… walking back up the hill is always so draining), drinking hot cocoa, cooking with the family and many other things that are most enjoyable when there is snow on the ground.
In the meantime I have all of my Christmas shopping done down to one present, I’ve filled Franz’s stocking and wrapped his gifts and now I am just tapping my foot waiting for the day to come when he can unwrap them! It’s funny to think that a week ago the very thought of Christmas getting nearer made me want to pull my hair out, and now I can hardly wait. Getting older has also really opened my eyes, since I can honestly say that I am more excited about giving
gifts than I am about recieving them. I know that’s what we were all taught when we were kids but seriously, which kid honestly feels that way?? I know I didn’t! I just wanted presents… and I relished the sound of wrapping paper crinkling satisfyingly as I ripped it to shreds.
I don’t want you to get the wrong message, I love presents and I’m always like – keep ’em coming!!
Speaking of gifts, can you remember the wackiest (gotta love wacky!) presents you ever got? Well, mine were from my best friend, on my 16th birthday (yes my sweet sixteen). I got a whole new outfit from her. And it was jazzing. A pair of baby blue boxer shorts speckled with red chili peppers, A dark blue Buzz Lightyear shirt, a pair of bright red knee socks with dots of many shades of orange and to top it all off, a tiara. I looked damn good.
What was the craziest present you ever recieved?


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