Let It All Out

I couldn’t help myself… I had to post this!! First, let me introduce you to the rest of my family. You already know that I grew up with just my mother. My oldest sister, Ann (25), is a curly haired, hazel eyed brunette, married and has 5 kids (3 girls 2 boys, the youngest two (boy and a girl) are twins). The rest of us are light haired and blue eyed. My second oldest sister, Marie is the red head of the family. She is 23 and married in December of last year. The third one, Beatrice is dirty blond, 21, shy and a very talented artist, currently studying. Then there’s me. I’m blond, 20, and, as we all know, I live in Germany. Then theres the littlest one. Lynnéa. She was always the cutest. We love her, but (due to the ever-present sibling rivalry) had trouble showing it when we were younger. She was the sweetest, most generous child I have ever met. She also has a special place in her heart for animals (my heart leans mostly toward cats! No..not mostly. Pretty much all the way). Whenever we got treats, or candy or a snack of any kind, we would eat it. Immediately. Then we would realize we wanted more (like every sane kid). Lynnéa was talented at saving her treats for a bit later, so we would ask her to share with us. Naturally, she refused, so we pulled out the big guns. All you had to do was make any sort of animal noise, be it a cat (it was usually a cat) or whatever else came to mind, and she would say, “Oh, kitty, are you hungry?” and poof we were one treat richer. We would also play games where one of us died and she would always cry if you were dead for longer than 5 seconds, because she thought you were actually dead. Another thing she used to do was BAWL her eyes out during any sad scene of a movie. I just remember telling her so many times “it’s not real!”, but she didn’t care. She was FEELING those FEELINGS. And I don’t mean quiet simpering in the corner. I mean FULL-ON sob-gasping. It was the cutest thing. Ever.

This little girl reminded me of her, although her crying is a bit more muted than Lynnéa’s always was.
It’s so cute, you can’t help but laugh out loud.


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