Me Randomly Reviewing The Last Book in The Grisha Trilogy But Also The Whole Trilogy

Ruin and Rising Book Cover Ruin and Rising
Leigh Bardugo
Juvenile Fiction
17th June 2014

A conclusion to the trilogy that includes Siege and Storm finds Alina forging new alliances as she and Mal search for Morozova's last amplifier only to discover a past that transforms her understanding of their bond and her powers.

All the tears for that ending guys 😭
I know I didn’t review the first two but DAMN IF THIS DIDN’T BLOW ME AWAY. I was slightly underwhelmed by the first one but I liked it (four stars!!), so I read the second, which was better (also four stars!).
But this.
Leigh Bardugo is a sorceress of the feels.


I hated Mal. I loved Mal. Despised him. LOVED HIM.

Loathed the Darlkling. Fell slightly in love with him.

And Alina Starkov. Though she wasn’t my favorite in the first couple books, she took the cake in this one. THIS, my friends, is how a series should end!!! (And by that I mean with an excess of tears)

Genya – So easy to love and such a strong character. May we all have a bit of her strength and also sass. My feels for her were ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Nikolai – always saying the right thing and always making me swoon (how SOME PEOPLE could resist, I DON’T KNOW). The Prince of every woman’s dreams! Well – almost every woman πŸ˜‰

The Darkling (again). So mysterious and addictive despite his evilness. Or perhaps because of it?? I am a sucker for the tortured villain slash anti hero. BUT CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE HIM SOME LOVE THE POOR DEAR. All the tears were shed for my darling Darkling.

AND AND AND. Talk about Diversity??? I thought that Six of Crows was diverse (YES I read these out of order don’t maul me). But these booksΒ had Fjerdans, Shu Han, Ravkans, Novyi Zem(enis???), Kerch(ians???). Granted, these are all fake nations BUT STILL. DIVERSE.

And plus GENDER EQUALITY. I love gender equality. It’s just as normal for girls to be fighting in the war as boys all train the same, and Grisha girls and boys all train the same, which I LOVED.

Also there may or may not have been a little LGBTQ action! And to my great relief it felt NATURAL. I sometimes feel like LGBTQ relationships are a bit forced in books, but not here!!

There were pirates and adventures and lots of fleeing and fighting and magic and princes and usurpers and also stupid people. Not to mention magical creatures such as stags, water dragons and birds that are on fire???? NEED I SAY MORE??

And last but FAR FROM least can we applaud Ms. Bardugo on her insane world building please??? This woman knows how to make you feel like you KNOW Ravka from the inside out. At first I didn’t think I could fall so deeply in love with a Russia – inspired world because it’s just not something I’ve ever been interested in but RAVKA. ALL THE HEART EYES.

What about you? Have you read these books?? What did you think? Or are you a potato like me and read them out of order??? Do you love Leigh Bardugo’s books, or is there something holding you back?


4 thoughts on “Me Randomly Reviewing The Last Book in The Grisha Trilogy But Also The Whole Trilogy

  1. I am a potato too, but oh well! I loved them just as much reading them out of order….and when I get the chance to reread allll the Grisha books, I can look forward to reading them in chronological order and have a brand new experience!

    I loved this series too. I know so many readers had complaints about the ending, but I sure didn’t! I adored it as much as you! Leigh Bardugo certainly does know how to wrap up a plot and kill you with feels. Gah! This is making me want to reread this series right now!

    Great post. πŸ™‚

    1. Long may the potato reign! The only issue I have with having read them out of order is that my friends yell at me. Haha. Also apparently there are references that TOTALLY went over Mt head. But yasss I loved them! Seriously Leigh Bardugo is a queen!

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