Mechanica: A Steam Punk and Magic Filled Cinderella Retelling

Mechanica Book Cover Mechanica
Betsy Cornwell
Juvenile Fiction
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
1st August 2015

"A retelling of Cinderella about an indomitable inventor-mechanic who finds her prince but realizes she doesn't want a fairy tale happy ending after all"--

Fairytales. Steam Punky-ness. Cinderella. A pet machine. WHAT MORE COULD A GIRL ASK FOR. PLUS MAGIC??? JACKPOT.


  • Okay so first of all I have to mention that this book has quite a bit of diversity! Not only does it feature colored characters, it has characters of a COMPLETELY MADE UP RACE??? It also very subtly addresses racism in both aspects (the absence of it as well as the presence) SO. That being said, ONWARD BARTHOLEMEW.
  • Okay so this is a Cinderella retelling so of course there is a very rude stepmother and two stupid stepsisters. THEY MAKE ME SO MAD. Like…no matter how often I see or read Cinderella retellings, those Step-relatives never fail to make me red-faced mad. SO RUDE OMG. Like…They made Mechanica (her name for Cinderella because she is a Mechanic) SEW ALL THEIR DRESSES.

  • AAAANNNYYWWAAAYYY Every story needs a good villain amirightoramirightoramiright. Also aweseome is her mother’s hidden workshop which has magic bugs that are her little helpers which was SO CUTE.
  • Also JULES. My heart swells for this little mechanical horse who is the absolute best of ever!!!
  • I am a HUGE FAN of the fact that she didn’t have PERFECT PARENTS. Because seriously, who does????
  • ALSO. The values in this book make me cry D: it’s ALL ABOUT THE FRIENDSHIP. Like…..the faery race have children BY BEING REALLY GOOD FRIENDS AND WANTING TO HAVE KIDS BECAUSE THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH. How sweet is that?? I can’t even. Someone give me an oxygen tank because I can’t breathe.
  • And of course Mechanica finds the best friends of ever who I don’t want to say too much about except THEY ARE AWESOME AND SWEET AND THE ENDING WILL TOTALLY CATCH YOU BY SURPRISE.
  • Also SCORE because I bought this solely because I knew the naked hardback is purple HA.

  • There wasn’t much not to like about this book! The only thing I have to say is that the first few chapters can come off a bit slow. I WAS KIND OF BORED TO BE HONEST. Because we’ve all heard Cinderella’s backstory a thousand times over. I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS: HER MOM DIES. HER DAD DIES. I get it. Her stepfamily is horrid and wretched. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER. Okay rant over!!

So IN SUMMARY: YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT IS ACTUALLY THE CUTEST OF EVER. Even if you don’t like steam punk (which I happen to quite like a steampunky vibe every now and then!!!). So. GO FORTH AND READETH.



8 thoughts on “Mechanica: A Steam Punk and Magic Filled Cinderella Retelling

    1. It’s so cute!!!! I really liked it and I already preordered the second. YOU SHOULD MOST DEFINITELY READ IT AS OF IMMEDIATELY AND HENCE FORTH <-- that's just me saying random words so you'll read it, in case you hadn't figured that out. Also, it's all about the friendships WHICH IS SO RARE AND YET SO PRECIOUS.

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