Mini Reviews: Splintered and Unhinged

Okay GUYS. I am SUCH A SLACKER. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?? WHO CAN KNOWWW? In other news I am actually done WITH THE WHOLE SERIES. I know I’m terrible. And I’ve waited so long to write a review that I NOW KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ANYMORE SO I CANNOT GUARANTEE EVEN A TINY BIT OF ACCURACY HERE (for a second my brain forgot how to spell accuracy, and I spelled brain as BRANE. ALSO this is why I am writing mini reviews for the first two). I cannot today because I has the dumb. Don’t mind me. ACTUALLY DO MIND ME BECAUSE I NEED ATTENTION GUYS.

ALSO can we please acknowledge the pleasing fact that I have been reading ONLY GOOD BOOKS this year???? I mean, I have had a few duds, but I am overall very PLEASED MY LOYAL SUBJECTS.

3 guesses as to what comes next. YOU GUESSED IT: A (mini) LIST!!!!!! (YAY)


  1. The wierdness. There was so much of it. Everything was as bizarre as it SHOULD be in Wonderland, but Howard took it to another level and meticulously tweaked everything so it was weird and CREEPY and therefore AWESOME.
  2. This may sound strange, but I actually didn’t mind the love triangle. YES THERE IS A LOVE TRIANGLE IN THIS SERIES. But don’t worry. It’s not cheesy and lame OR obvious who it will be in the end. ALSO TALK ABOUT STEAMY. OMG I think I almost fainted a few times during Splintered, and I’m not even joking. Howard definitely knows how to sweep me off my feet (IS SHE SINGLE???) as I learned in RoseBlood…and Splinterd did not disappoint! Unhinged focuses much less on the romance aspect, in case your worried it’s all romance all the time. IT’S NOT.
  3. Twists. Howard is an expert at strange twists that no one saw coming. At least for me!! You for sure have to have an open mind reading this AND THEN YOUR MIND WILL BE BLOWN TO PIECES. Like, I was pretty sure a storm hit me. SO. MUCH. AWESOMENESS.
  4. Wonderland, obvi. I know I already mentioned Wonderland in the wierdness one, but come on. This IS an Alice in Wonderland retelling, so I had to mention it again.
  5. BOTH LOVE INTERESTS. I JUST COULDN’T DECIDE WHO I WANTED TO WIN. I love them both. I am IN LOVE with them both. Even though Jeb is the little mister perfect damaged guy, and Morpheus has done, does and will most certainly do some VERY DISDAINFUL THINGS I still loved both of them. UNDYING LOVE HERE GUYS. Also Morpheus is the master of making the things he does seem OK. Which is probably bad. He is a magical moth guy after all though.



  1. TBH it kind of threw me that Alyssa had like this Gothic chic thing going on and it really bothered me during the first two books, but around the end of Unhinged, I actually didn’t care that much!
  2. A. G. Howard writes in the first person. RoseBlood is also in first, which I suppose helped me to prepare for these books. I won’t say I hated it, but I am always more likely to get into a book faster in the third person I think. But bouncing around throws me off anyways XD
  3. I honestly CAN’T THINK OF A THIRD. Omg I am at a loss for words. JUST KIDDING THAT’LL NEVER HAPPEN!!


Have you read these glorious books of freakish gloriousness??? FLAIL WITH ME I BEG THEE. Also if you haven’t THEN GO DO SO NOW I IMPLORE YOU.


4 thoughts on “Mini Reviews: Splintered and Unhinged

  1. Your photos are STUNNING Esther! I loved this series so, so much! But must admit I was 100% Tea Morpheus on this one. I’m such a massive fan of Alice in Wonderland and the author did such a wonderful job retelling the Wonderland world so darkly and deliciously. I’m absolutely thrilled you loved these too Esther, wonderful reviews! <3 <3
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    1. *flailing* thank you I’m so glad you like them!
      Also A.G. Howard is a GODSEND. All of her books are amazing (I read RoseBlood and it almost killed me hkicetjhifr).
      She captured the wackiness and weirdness in the most breathtaking way and I am honestly scared to read anymore retellings because I’m afraid of being disappointed ?

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