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Once again I welcome you to my wondrous ring of insanity! May you leave far less sane than you arrived. Also, YES YOU READ RIGHT. I am clumping together my reviews of The Raven Boys. But mini reviews are only for BAD reviews??? You ask??? I BEG TO DIFFER. Yes, usually I do let my less positive reviews pile up until I have at least two to lump together because that makes it less unpleasant. BUT the reason I am doing mini reviews for The Raven Cycle is BECAUSE I READ EACH BOOK WITHIN 2 OR 3 DAYS. And I refuse to write a review that often Bartholemew I SIMPLY REFUSE. So. That is how we got here. In case you were wondering. OKAY OKAY I’M DONE STALLING JEEZ.

The Raven Boys

I want to start this review by saying I REALLY, REALLY WANTED TO LIKE THIS SO MUCH. My bae Kylie (@frenchiefiction on Bookstagram) and Cait @ Paper Fury are actually obsessed with these books and I WANTED TO JOIN IN THE RAVING AND FLAILING AND FROTHING AT THE MOUTH.* Then I started READING the first one. AND I GOT SO SPOOKED OMGEEEE I did NOT know this was about ghosts because I hadn’t actually read a review and I NEVER read the blurbs.** I get lastingly creeped out if I watch anything or read anything about ghosts sooooo yeah. BUT that didn’t put me off. HERE IS MY LIST YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR

*because that is obviously what you do if you love a book. Obviously.

  • Blue’s Family. They are acutally the literal best family ever. TOTALLY BATTY but awesome. They are all clairvoyants (which, if I am being honest, I NEVER ACTUALLY CARED TO FIND OUT THAT THAT MEANT PSYCHIC UNTIL I READ THESE BOOKS. Also, who else never knows how to spell psychic until your computer tells you how its spelled??)
  • Ronan. From the very first time I met Ronan I FELL IN LOVE WITH HIM. He is brooding and mysterious (ARE WE SENSING A PATTERN YET) and obviously has anger management issues. He comes off as a little standoffish but you can tell he loves his crew and would do anything for him AND IT’S THE CUTEST THING OF EVER. Even though I’m probably the only person who would ever use the word CUTE to describe him.
  • The Group. THEY ARE SO DIVERSELY MESSED UP. Except for Gansey. He is perfect basically but also somehow manages to not really know who he is?? HE HAS MANY FACES which Blue likes to point out.
  • BLUE. Blue is snarky and snarky is THA BEST. Snarky and snappy and also maybe a little self righteous but hey who isn’t amirightoramiright.

  • WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS BOOK THAT I FOUND SO UNDERWHELMING?? I thought that there was just not enough action. We don’t find out enough about the characters for me to REALLY get attached. All we know is that Blue will kill her True Love if she kisses him, and Stiefvater (tries to) makes us think that its one person when we actually all know Who It Is. COME ON. I can’t say there was any one particular thing that bugged me, I just couldn’t get into it AND I DON’T REALLY KNOW WHAIIII I AM SORRY I HAVE FAILED YOU. In any case I gave this book 3 stars because I did like it, it just wasn’t my favorite.

The Dream Thieves

Straight to the point here okay.

  • RONAN OMG SO MUCH RONAN.* This book is mostly from Ronan’s point of view. Also Ronan drops a huge bomb at the end of The Raven Boys which DID make me glad I had this one on hand. I LIKE ME A LOT OF RONAN. We get to find out how messed up he is from his childhood and how he can do what he can do (hint: THE BOOK TITLE IS A BIG HINT OF WHAT HE CAN DO)
  • Bear with me here, since I read all the books at once I am not totally clear on exactly what happened in which book. BUT basically they are searching for this supposedly asleep Long Lost Centuries Old King called Glendower. Also did I mention that one of the characters is a ghost?? AND WE DON’T EVEN KNOW IT FOR MOST OF THE FIRST BOOK (but I totally did see it coming because he was kind of creeping me out TBH. I was like either he is a BAD PERSON because he keeps scaring everyone or…….??)
  • There is a lot more action in this book. ME LIKE.
  • We get a deeper look into Adam’s life, which breaks my heart because I was doing SO MUCH RELATING and GO MAGGIE STIEVFATER FOR BRINGING AWARENESS to how easy it is to hide the fact that you are being abused frome everyone but your closest friends. Thank you for making it clear just how difficult it is to emotionally separate yourself from the situation and actually get out. Many thanks.
  • Also I can’t forget to mention Ronan’s adorable little sidekick CHAINSAW who is actually a baby raven 😀
*Yes, Caps AND boldface

  • I liked this book a lot. It is my second favorite book in the series!! But I did feel like there was not as much LOOKING for Glendower as there should have been. It got put off a lot. BUT OH WELL BECAUSE THE REST WAS AWESOME.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue

  • Mr. Gray. He is a nice mysterious hit man who has forgotten where he placed his humanity. Thankfully Ronan and Blue’s mom Maura (who actually disappears for most of this) help him find it again (granted, this happens at the end of Dream thieves, but we see a lot more of him in this!!)!
  • We meet the Bad Guy (Mr. Greenmantle, though we will later learn that it is acutally his wife that we need to watch out for)
  • Also, there just happens to be a super secret cave hidden in his backyard housing someone who ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE WOKEN
  • Of course the bad guys find the cave. But so does Blue, therewith finding her mom and bringing her home!

The Raven King

  • UM THERE IS A DEMON. And this is in my likes because my heart is basically made out of coal and I like it when things go wrong. IT STRESSES ME OUT BUT I LIKE IT. DEAL WITH IT.
  • THEY GO ON MORE CREEPY UNDERGROUND ADVENTURES. These bits really do creep me out. A lot. I get really nervous because the supernatural makes me nervous.
  • They find the Raven King (OBVIOUSLY DUH) but it isn’t what you think it’s going to be!
  • We find out something awesome about Ronan’s connection to Cabeswater (the magical dream forest they all go to to hang out) and I AM APPROVE. I always loved Ronan my bae.

  • SORRY SORRY SORRY but I found a few things a little anticlimactic. Now, I can’t say which few things, but there were definitely a couple.
  • UM. The other mysterious character (who I won’t tell you who it is because spoilers) that comes into their lives is the exact opposite of what you would expect. HE IS A TOTAL WUSS even though he has this awesome power and he knows the answers to everything??? WAIIIII

I know these were short but my brain seriously cannot differentiate between them anymore!! AND I HAVE MEMORY PROBLEMS DON’T JUDGE. Did you read The Raven Cycle??? DID YOU LOVE IT?? Did you find it confusing and a bit anticlimactic at times like me?? TELL ME ALL.


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