IT’S ALMOST NANO?!?!?! // Beautiful Books Meme // WUT IS LYFE

So as the title has hinted, I am linking up with Cait @ Paper Fury‘s Beautiful Books meme to introduce you guys to my NaNoWriMo novel Red as the Storm for like the fifth time BAHAHA.

Just kidding it’s only been like two times.

And I never went into much detail because I didn’t know anything about the story. Yet.

(P.S. click on the picture to find the meme as well!)


SIDE NOTE: did you all see that Cait…IS PUBLISHING A BOOK NEXT YEAR?!?!?! It sounds scrumptious and will 100% contain music and cake. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED IN YOUR LIFE.*

*SPOILER: nothing. You need absolutely nothing else in your life as long as you substitute cake with chocolate

1. What inspired you for the novel and how long have you had the idea?

I literally came up with the idea a couple of months ago. SO SHE’S STILL VERY FRESH AND VIVACIOUS. What inspired me was…I’m obsessed with foxes. They are cute. And adorable. And pleasant to stare at. And also I have this weird obsession with red hair?!? DON’T ASK ME WHY. Also now I have red hair because of this book. Literally.

Another thing that inspired me was the changing of the seasons. I absolutely love everything about fall. The changing leaves, the smell of fresh air and earth and the crispness of the wind. I love the rainy afternoons and the excuses to drink copious amounts of hot chocolate with no judgement.


So without further ado, the book I will be working on for NaNo is called Red as the Storm (AKA RATS) but I am currently trying to think of another title, so it’s only temporary!

2. Describe what your novel is about

This is still very hard to do at the stage I am at (I literally have like 5 chapters outlined and am starting to have mild panic attacks daily, FYI).

It starts out with a girl named Lachtna. THEN she finds a strange boy, Euan in the woods near her family home where people normally disappear, not appear. She adopts the boy, and eventually finds out he has a Very Interesting magical power.

She also discovers she has a Very Interesting magical power, but it is a power that causes her and those around her pain, so she suppresses it with everything she’s got.*

OH and she has a great fox sidekick named Edhan (which stands for Little Fire), who her mother is convinced is an Old God reincarnated and is there to protect her. Also: CUTE.

There are also made up holidays, references to Scottish mythology and mythology in general and dragons, faeries, giants, wraiths AND LOTS OF BLOOD.**

It’s gonna be good I just know it.

**You thought I was going to forget that bit, did you???

3. What is your book’s aesthetic

I FEEL LIKE SUCH A SLACKER BECAUSE I HAVEN’T UPDATED MY PINTEREST BOARD VERY MUCH. Even so HERE I’ll link it below anyways so you can behold its beauty. Again.

4. Introduce us to each of your characters!

GURL if I did that we would still be here tomorrow! There are many characters – I think a good amount, but there are 3 main characters + Edhan, The Villain (who is a secret for now AND IT’S A JUICY ONE) also Lachtna has 3 brothers and 2 sisters so?????? LOTS OF CHARACTERS OKAY. Let’s go with one that I haven’t spent much time talking about, which would be Euan!

Euan is the Mysterious Boy that Lachtna found in the forest when she was 7!

He is super cheeky, likes to steal pastries from the kitchen, and sometimes has horns * dies of cute *. He is Lachtna’s best friend and confidant, and she is his. ♥

He has no memory of where he came from or who he was/where he belonged before she found him.

As I mentioned before he has a Super Speshul magic power, but there’s a catch. Every time he uses it, it chips away at his humanity, and he is never sure if he will be able to come back to being himself completely after each use. #TRAGIC.

He is VERY PASSIONATE. I don’t just mean he loves art, which he does (but he sucks at it), but he gets angry very easily, holds a grudge, but he also loves fully and without hesitation. WHY DO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.

I seriously wish Silvertongue was MY dad so he could read Euan alive for me..

5. How do you prepare to write?

It all starts with hastily jotted notes in my bullet jornal. Literally so messy and barely legible and all over the place. I write down plot ideas, character descriptions, world ideas, dieties, pets, names, influences I want to include…THERE IS A LOT.

And then…on to the 10k word outlines hahaha

I’m not even joking right now.

It does take quite a long time. This idea has been stewing for a good 3 months and I’m just starting to get into the part of the outline where I actually outline the chapters!! Up till now it’s been character sketches and world building. It’s a lot of work, but I do love it, or I wouldn’t be here, probably.

THEN once I have my outline and have eaten my weight in chocolate* I finally start writing. AND thanks to my outline it all flows PERFECTLY.


I still get writers block EVEN WITH MY OUTLINES but hey, that’s the #writerslife, yo. Mostly it happens when characters decide they want to be something I didn’t want them to be?!?!? #RUDE.

*NOT an exaggeration.

6. What are you most looking forward to about this novel

HAHA funny you should ask, because what I’m most looking forward to is what I am simultaneously most dreading. I really wanted to build up a romance in this book, but I admit romance isn’t my strong suit, even though I do love to read about romances in books. I want it to be really slow burning, based on friendship but I’m not sure whether I’ll include it.

Honestly it will simply depend on the characters’ dynamic while I’m writing and whether or not it feels right.

7. List 3 things about your novel’s setting

The beginning takes place in a huge old family manor, Scotland style.*

The manor is inhabited by one of the land’s oldest families, the Senoch family, and it is situated on the grounds of one of the oldest forests. No one knows what’s on the other end of the forest, because once you wander too far, you are usually never seen again.

The part of the world the house is located is in a very cold region. That means that it is usually in a perpetual state of autumn/winter with a very short spring interval.

*In case you couldn’t tell yet my book is heavily influenced by Scotland. OH and SCOTLAND. #obsessed BASICALLY IT’S A CASTLE OKAY.

8. What’s your character’s goal and who (or what) stands in their way?

WELL it turns out that that thing making people disappear in the forest is some sort of magical entity?!?? SORT OF??? And Lachtna lost her dad to it so she kind of hates it, and Euan apparently came out of it so he’s really curious about it. At the same time it’s obviously WAY too dangerous to just go in and check out what is over there, so they just leave it alone.

I can’t say who the villain is because it’s a gargantuan spoiler?!? It’s sort of a secret for the first part of the book but I CAN tell you it is a mythical creature from The Other Side*

*TITLE IDEA?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

9. How does your protagonist change by the end of the novel?

I really want Lachtna’s relationship with Euan to develop even more. They’ve grown up together as kids, but now they are young adults, and that is when a person changes most in life. I want them to go through tough things and come out with a stronger friendship for it, a stronger bond. I want Lachtna to realize that she can learn to control her power without hurting others, and Euan to realize that sometimes being selfless can also be selfish*


10. What are your books themes? How do you want the reader to feel when the novel is over?

There are some pretty heavy topics in here. It deals a lot with loss, love and very emotionally trying situations. The ending is definitely bittersweet, I feel sad just thinking about it, but I do feel that it is necessary, and realistic*

Basically I want all my readers to be crying their eyes out and to love me for it.

*if you can call a full on high fantasy novel realistic BAHAHAH

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?!?! Does it sound like a book you would want to read?? Are there aspects you think you wouldn’t be that into? DO YOU WANT ME TO POST AN UPDATE WITH SNIPPETS?? * hides *


21 thoughts on “IT’S ALMOST NANO?!?!?! // Beautiful Books Meme // WUT IS LYFE

  1. *bangs on kettle* GIVE ME A SLOW BURN ROMANCE
    SHUT UP ABOUT THE BITTERSWEET ENDING *puts fingers in ears and chants LALALALA*

  2. Oh my god this definitely sounds like a novel I want to read Esther. It sounds INCREDIBLE, so yes definitely post snippets. In fact if you could post the whole story so I can read it all that’d be perfect! 😀
    I already love Euan’s character just from what you’ve wrote about him, and I’ll wish you luck with the slow-burn romance as well. I can’t believe NaNo is nearly here. I’ve done more planning than I have any other year but I’m still freaking out that there’s loads left to plan!
    Good luck for November, and this sounds like a incredible story so I hope it’s as fun to write as it was to read about in this post. 😀 ❤️
    Beth @ Reading Every Night recently posted…Clockwork PrincessMy Profile

    1. wiejöafofjwoölijf that makes me sooo happy to hear * cries * I have a slot open for the middle of November so I will be posting snippets then I think XD HAHA I won’t be posting the whole thing of course because of the cringe that is first drafts bahahaha
      I really love Euan??? Like. And unreasonable amount of love over here haha. THANK YOU I will need all the love I can get!! UGH I KNOW NaNo is all of a sudden here and I feel like all the time just rushed by! I am not even halfway through my outline so I hear you.
      I wish you good luck too! We will rock this ;D You are so sweet!

      1. Yeah I get the whole cringe-y-ness of first drafts, but they only get better from there right? Just takes a lot more time and a lot more drafts. I’ll be looking forwards to seeing your snippets, and I feel loving a character so so much can only help with writing their story.
        I could have sworn we had more time until the start of November, seriously where has it all gone?
        Thanks Esther. 😀 <3

    I NEED THIS BOOK LIKE YESTERDAY OKAY (same with Cait’s book) GOOD LUCK ON NANO. This is my first EVER time doing it SO LIKE DEAD. And can I add you on NaNo?

    IT JUST SOUNDS SO GOOD. foxes and magic and disappearing and heartbreaking ending and beautiful character growth and AGAGHA I KNOW YOU WILL WRITE THIS BOOK FABULOUSLY!

    1. LKJFÖOWEIHFEOJ THANKYOUUUU. I am so excited for you??? NaNo is simultaneously wonderful and the most stressful thing of EVER hahaha sooo
      My username is c-esther!

      I’m literally so excited to write this book. I mean, my outline isn’t even close to done BUT I’M ALREADY LOVING ITTTT

  4. Ooooohhh, SCOTLAND! I just finished writing two uni assignments on Scottish literature so I’m still in the Scottish mood, haha. I live about three hours away from Scotland so hopping over the border is easy enough for me 🙂

    I would DEFINITELY read this book! I have a thing for magical forests where people disappear so it’s definitely right up my street. Good luck with NaNo!
    Louise ✨🦇 recently posted…My Favourite Spooky, Scary, and Thrilling Movies 🌕📽️My Profile

  5. Welcome to the dark side of heavy cast books *laughs like a maniac villain*

    Is normal that I want to read so bad all the books of my fellowe bloggers because their ideas are amazing and I love almost every single one? Of course not. It’s not even healty for my bookish sanity but that is.

    I should have already add you as a writer buddy… I think. Not so sure but I’m going to check it immediatly.
    Btw, RATS is precious ❤️

    1. Hahaha Why thank you Camilla XD

      IT’S SO NORMAL. I want to read everyone’s books too!! There are so many talented people here in the blogosphere!

      I don’t think we are writing buddies but you can find me on there as c-esther!!

      Thank you love <3

  6. Okay, I just have one question now: WHEN can we actually read this beauty?! I absolutely LOVE your idea, it sounds so cool and I’m quite obsessed with Scotland and castle settings, and people disappearing… somehow, I don’t know why, but I love it when people disappear in books?! I think I’m weird ahah. Anyway, I’m so here for this book, it sounds fantastic. Best of luck for NaNoWriMo, what’s left of planning and the actual writing! <3 <3
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Review: Just Listen, Sarah DessenMy Profile

    1. UM. I DON’T KNOW??? Ask all those publishers out there that have no idea who I am hahaha. ONE DAY I PROMISE.
      There is just something incredibly magical about Scotland and Scottish lore
      Thank you!! I have part of my outline done so I can at least start tomorrow hahaha

  7. OMG YOUR NOVEL SOUNDS SO COOL AL;JSDFLAKSDJF. And dude you have to keep RATS as the acronym, it’s amazing. And duuuude the forest is a magical entity??? I ADORE that idea and my own WIP has a magical entity (the land) too!! #twins And omg yes yes yes slowburn friendship romance MY FAVORITE KIND. And A HUGE MANOR IN SCOTLAND WITH A BIG FAMILY yes pleeeeeease. I’m so ready to read snippets omg. Good luck with NaNo!!
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…9 Things “Regular People” (If They Exist?) Should Never Say to Writers or Authors Because We Get Hurt EasilyMy Profile

    1. LJEIOJE THANK YOU SO MUCH. HAHAhA well I haven’t had the time or brain power to come up with anything better as a name so for now we are stuck with RATS so you get your wish XD
      Slowburn friendship romances are SO HARD but in my outline it seems to be working out okay???? I LIKE???!!?!?!
      I’m literally so terrified I won’t do this novel justice!
      Thank you so much May!

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