Obsessed With Books? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE / Update on my bookish fetishes

So I haven’t ever done a weekly wrap up sort of thing (AND THIS IS NOT THAT) or a monthly wrap up. But I just thought you guys might want to know about my latest bookish fetishes!! queue trumpets SO OBVIOUSLY I MADE A GLORIOUS LIST BY MEEEE

  • So…ummm first thing’s first. #BOOKSTAGRAM. Ohmygoodness bookstagram is going to kill me seriously. I started out with my sad little pathetic pictures and now I’m doing full on photo shoots and BUYING USELESS THINGS PURELY BECAUSE #aesthetic (feel free to check out my account 😉 link is in the sidebar!). FOR INSTANCE: my entire Saturday involved me setting up my ‘set’, taking wonderful pictures of wonder, editing said pictures, watermarking said pictures and then admiring them (and obviously NOT cleaning up…). THE LAST ONE IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL MY BEAUTIES.
  • NEXTLY (it’s a word, I promise. I also promise I ALWAYS tell the truth), we have BOOISH BOXES OHMYGOSH. I can’t even. Being on bookstagram makes you so envious of everyone who gets bookish boxes (being in Germany my selection is somewhat more limited, BUT THERE ARE BOXES). My personal favorites (although I haven’t actually GOTTEN ONE YET (whyyyyyy)) are Fairy Loot and My Bookish Crate! Fairy Loot specializes specifically in fantasy (and SOME scifi, which I can deal with) WHICH IS PERFECT FOR MEEEE and My Bookish Crate is YA but they have had some amazing boxes in the past. SOOOO I should be getting one from each of them sometime this month (FASTER PLEASE???) and then I will have to TAKE TONS OF BOOKISH PICTURES (duh) and then restrain myself from shouting about it in everyone’s face.


  • This one goes along with the bookstagram one (sort of???) BUT I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED WITH HARDBACKS OMG. I want all the hardbacks. They are SO PRETTY and I almost never take pictures of them with the dust jacket on. MY PERSONAL FAVORITES are the Splintered series (so magically beautiful slkjföwoijeshuflijslefjwoahi) WHICH I AM READING THIS MONTH FYI.
  • And THEN there is this beautifully amazing book blogger SECRET SANTA (WUUUUT???) Hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. I know, right. AWESOME. I am soooo excited to send my package out and then to see what’s in mine! I LOVE CHRISTMAS. IT IS MY FAVORITE. I love the smells, the sounds, the music, the aesthetics (I BOUGHT A TINY LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE AND IT IS SO CUUUUUUUTE. And YES I KNOW IT’S ONLY NOVEMBER. Leave me alone)


  • Lastly (BUT NOT LEAST) I think SOMEONE has to mention my obsession with fairy tales?? I mean, this year I read the Lunar Chronicles, RoseBlood (IT COUNTS), Splintered, will be reading Heartless once I get my hands on it AND I WROTE 2 RETELLINGS OF MY OWN. One is ‘Feathers Black’, which is a dark gender swapped retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and then ‘No Such Thing as Never’, which is my NaNoWriMo project this year! You can read all about that (and look at my fabulous pinterest board) HERE!


SO. UM. Basically this post was created to yell at you about how much I love books. BUT THAT’S OKAY, RIGHT??? Of course it is!! THAT’S WHY WE’RE HERE. Because we all like getting books shoved in our faces by yours truly of course.




4 thoughts on “Obsessed With Books? YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE / Update on my bookish fetishes

  1. AGH I LOVE HARDCOVERS SO MUCH THEY ARE THE LITERAL DEATH OF ME BECAUSE I JUST WANT THEM ALL AND THEN I END UP BROKE. *howls* Also ??? to your instagram account! I have followed and shall stalk you immediately. Like the kind soul I am. The only thing I can’t get onboard with is bookish boxes haha. ? I am actually the WORST at surprises?! I can’t handle them! Someone tell me all the things immediately!! But I do love all the things I see people unboxing, so that’s exciting.
    And right now (well, who am I kidding?? always??) I’m completely obsessed with arranging books in rainbows. Particularly rainbow hardcovers. Like dude I did not just consider buying a book that I know has a yellow spine because I need it for my rainbow hardcover obsessions. Pfft. No. I would not do that.
    *dashes away to do just that*

    1. I SHARE YOUR PAIN! I could afford way more books if I just would get paperbacks but #NO.
      Also ALL STALKING IS WELCOME. I’m a frequent flyer myself ? in fact I’m a pro! I’m so glad you approve of my pictures *flails hopelessly on floor* ??
      I’m always so jealous of the unbox ins and I thought I NEED TO TRY THIS OUT SUSANNA but my biggest fear is that I’ll hate the book ? I missed the Wonderland themed one which I’m legit mad about because I’m 99% positive it’s Heartless and I WANTED IT. #Ohwell
      And YOUR RAINBOWS ARE THE EPITOME OF MAJESTICNESS. I am #fail because I have no books ? SOME DAY. I am also NOT guilty of basing book buys on covers……*clearn throat non suspiciously*

  2. Love this blogpost!
    I am obsessed with hardbacks as well!! But most of the time I end up buying the paperback version, cause hardbacks are so expensive unfortunately 🙁 🙁
    Never heard of the Secret Santa thing before, but it sounds amazing! Too bad I live in the Netherlands, cause I’m afraid I’ll have to ship to China then or something and I can’t afford that…
    My latest bookish fetish is the Illuminae book which I just received! AND IT’S HARDCOVERRR 😀
    Omg it’s so beautiful <3
    And your bookstagram is so beautiful as well! 😀

    1. Hardcover ARE EXPENSIVE. So rude to my wallet. But worth it because literally everything about them!
      You don’t have to worry too much about shipping with Secret Santa, they do try to pair you with someone not too far away! I live in Germany and got someone in Italy so it’s bearabLe! If you’re willing to spare that little extra bit for shipping it’s TOTALLY worth it! I’m already so excited to send mine I have everything bought and wrapped and packaged ? I’m ridiculous basically!
      Illuminae is also on my TBR!! Don’t know when I’ll get my hands on it though… also you could probably knock out an attacker with that thing! It’s massive ?

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