Of Art and Cat Loaves

As the title might have hinted: This post is about my latest endeavors at watercolor painting (it’s been like 10 years so NO JUDGING. Unless its good judging, then go ahead), and it will feature cat loaves. SO GET READY FOR SOME AWESOMENESS. Mostly from the cat loaves.

I go about my days as usual.

  • Wake up
  • Cry a little
  • Get up
  • Go to work
  • Spend all my spare time at work writing and/or stalking other blogs (mostly the latter probably)
  • Being fabulous
  • Also, cat loaf:



And one day I got home, and said to myself, I’m TOTALLY jealous of artsy fartsy people. So what is the logical thing to do? BECOME ARTSY FARTSY OBVIOUSLY. I went home and made a fab watercolor drawing with my (not so fab) watercolor pencils. See here:


FRUSTRATING: my watercolor pencils suck to the billionth degree (they were an emergency cheapo purchase). So also completely rationally, I went online and researched brushes and paint and pencils and paper and stuff and BOUGHT IT ALL MUAHAHAHA. Just kidding. I’m pretty broke so I ONLY BOUGHT SALE THINGS. Of which I found many, and I am very proud of my haul.

Here is a cat loaf for you:



So here are some reasons why DOING ART AND THINGS YOU LOVE is a smart thing (because lists are highly superior)

  • Bragging rights Some people will look at you sympathetically or even be straight up rude when you tell them you are in the arts. But screw them (I mean, who else can say that they can paint, or blog, or have written a freaking book???? Also who can say that they can read like four books in a day? We are awesome).


  • Stupendous happiness. You are never happier than when you are doing what you love. LIKE PETTING SOFT KITTIES WHO DON’T REALLY WANT TO BE PET. Cat loaf:


  • Making friends and acquaintances has never been easier – or harder? Let’s leave the details to hash out later. Fact is: It is so much fun connecting with people who have the same interests! It is also kinda scary (it def feels like everyone is more awesome than me all the time always. But that’s okay because I know I’m fab).
  • Random fact: Two years ago I was passing a bright sunshine yellow old bug on the freeway. It’s license plate read: MR FAB. I thought ooh how presh, and then I saw the driver. It was like a seventy-year-old man. I PRAISED THAT OLD MAN AND STILL AM. GO MISTER FAB! It’s always more fun to BE YOURSELF!

I have to say that sometimes I feel that I only have talents that will make me no money. And in a doggy dog world (please tell me you get the reference), that is all that matters to most people! BUT NOT FOR ME! If I am on the streets in my underwear, I WON’T CARE (probably would but slk felskjeksj). I like the feeling I get when I finish a masterpiece, Or when I write TOTALLY AWESOME FIGHT SCENE, or just take cute pictures of my cats.

So, with that, cat loaf:



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