Pre #NaNoWriMo Post, AKA Me Just Panicking

Hello again, my beeeauties! #NaNoWriMo is approaching FAST. Too fast? NO SUCH THING. (Just kidding, THERE IS DEFINITELY SUCH A THING). More likely, however, is that I am just lazy. Why, you ask? Well, let me TELL YOU.I KNOW YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO KNOW. SO many knows in that sentence. THREE IS A LOT.


NaNoWriMo can be scary. Last year was my first time, and I went in basically blind. Yes, I was a pantser. Well, I find it worth saying that much has changed since then. I am ALL ABOUT the planning. Without a plan, there is no hope. Even though you may have to throw that plan out the window at some point, due to your characters doing whatever the heck they darn well please (and trust me, they will). BUT STILL. At least you will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. And those are the most important parts.

I am notorious (with myself) for setting unrealistic goals. Or setting realistic goals and then not following through? No I think the former was right. So. How to prep for NaNoWriMo? The obvious answer is: WRITE A WARM UP NOVEL. While it is unlikely that I will be able to write 130,000 words in 8 days, like Cait @ PaperFury (AKA MY WRITING IDOL), I decided that I might as well get an outline set up and punch out an 80,000 word novel in a month. AKA October. I am at 50,000 now!!! (TODAY IS THE 16TH). So you may have deducted that I am roally screwed. BUT MAYBE NOT. If I didn’t spend so much time on social media, taking pictures of my books, and ordering more books even though I am very broke (#BookwormProblems but #NOREGRETS), perhaps I would be more close to meeting that goal. OH WELL.

However you decide to warm up, write, write, write!!


Tell me, how are you prepping for NaNo this year? Is it your first time, or are you a seasoned warrior? TELL ME ALL THE THINGS I AM LONELY!!


4 thoughts on “Pre #NaNoWriMo Post, AKA Me Just Panicking

  1. OMG I’M LAUGHING.? But seriously writing 130K before NaNo = not recommended. hhaha. My hands were DEAD. (Although I know someone who can write like 400K in a month and that’s just insanely impressive. Wooooow.) Anyway. Congrats on you for doing a warmup novel and CONGRATS ON HITTING 50K! WOOO. I hope this gets you totally keyed up for writing your NaNo project too. And GOOD LUCK.?

    1. I DEFINITELY AGREE. My fingers would fall off one after the other and probably just lie there twitching. So I’ll stick with 80k thank you very much, if I can manage. Also. 400k?????? I am dghdfh???? Like what? ?
      I am ALREADY SO IMPATIENT for NaNo. I just want to write ALL THE THINGS #helpmeee

    1. I say that’s perfectly all right!! (Which counts for everything because, UM. I AM QUEEN). After all, the rules only say that you have to write the 50k in 30 days! Go for it!

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