Seven Fabulous Fantasy Gems Everyone Should Read

So I’m linking up with Top Ten Tuesday today, but as always I’m an adult and I do what I want to I will NOT be showing you Hidden Gems from X Genre, but rather ALL THE GEMS FROM FANTASY. Because why not and also fantasy needs to take over the world, like, yesterday.

NOW THAT WE GOT THAT OUT OF THE WAY. I’m going to try* not to mention too many books that I pretty much scream about all the time always.

*Please note that TRY means, MAY NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN

1. Daughter of the Pirate Queen

Do you like:

  • Pirates?
  • Female Pirates?
  • Female pirates who are also badass and are captains??
  • Magic?
  • Pure awesomeness?


Then congratulations! This book is for you!! I felt like this one was SO FUN. It was easy to read, and had a lot of mildly predictable twists* and basically if you just want to read something that won’t frustrate you to no end or stress you out so you get grey hairs before you turn 24, READ THIS.

*let’s get real here they were VERY PREDICTABLE but I still love them!!


2. The Lunar Chronicles


Why? You ask??

Because these books are awesome and they deserve to be screamed about!


Well. I have a Very Small Brain.* And my brain can’t handle remembering books I’ve read unless I actually OWN THE PHYSICAL COPIES**. Plus, it’s so hard to flail about a book when you can’t take wonderful pictures of its beauty?!? #itsahardlife

BUT ANYWAYS I love all the sassy and unique characters in these books, Marissa Meyer is a fairytale retelling BOSS. And she manages to make each book so much better than the last, so none of these books suffer from the Middle Child Syndrome – sad and forgotten.

So if you thrive on fairytale retellings*** and are looking for something new and fabulous, these are for you! And don’t be fooled! They don’t have a very sci-fi or dystopian vibe, so if that’s scaring you off TAKE THE PLUNGE.

*actually it is larger than average but the part of my brain that contains memories is smaller than a pea okay
**I only own the ebooks so CRY FOR ME. Or buy me the boxed set and I’ll be happy forever. Until there is a new book I want.
***You should. WE ALL SHOULD. But why are there so many crappy retellings out there?!?!?!?

3. Heroes of Olympia

The Percy Jackson series is awesome?? I don’t ever talk about these either. AGAIN BECAUSE I DONT’ ACTUALLY OWN THEM. Sad day. I need to reread them because I have forgotten literally everything that happens in them.* I just know that they exploded my brain and were amazing.

These could TECHNICALLY be considered retellings??? MYTHOLOGY RETELLINGS?? And they are so spectacular and original I just can’t.

*Again with the small memory capacity. I don’t even know what I did yesterday, let alone 7 years ago!!

4. Inkheart

No one ever talks about these. Like. WHY NOT. They are amazing?!? I read the Inkheart trilogy when I was like..16. Wow I am so old someone give me a cane.

ANYWAYS. These books are about…books! it’s so cool! Basically there is a girl whose father has a special power – when he reads the story actually comes to life.


Anyways things happen and it’s so amazing and basically I need to reread these too because it has been WAY TOO LONG MAN.

5. The Inheritance Cycle

Yet another set of books I love but remember nothing about. EXCEPT THAT THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE OF DRAGONS. WINNING.

I read these books as they came out so it has been a LONG TIME. But. Saphira is such an awesome dragon, you all need to meet her and love her as I do.

And someone needs to please buy me the books so I can reread them.

Plus there are hidden underground cities, and elvin cities in the trees so talk about #magical.

6. Ranger’s Apprentice

These came out back in 2006 but I always find myself thinking about them again and again! Will is to be appranticed to one of the most well known rangers out there.

BUT rangers are thought to practice dark magic that can make them into shadows and do spectacular things.

Will goes on exciting and magical adventures with his master and learns all the Special Abilities! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT.

7. Nevernight

OKAY I HAD TO. I read this last year and KJWEÖFIEFIEWFÖJIEJEJLEKL IT WAS SO GOOD. And also a plus is that my memory of this is still semi fresh bhahaha

Nevernight is the stabbiest and the bloodiest of the books I can even think of right now. Literally there is a scene where Mia Corvere (main character with pet shadow cat named Mister Kindly. SO MANY KINDS OF AWESOME) is covered in blood from head to toe.


And that, my fiends, concludes our session for today. Have you read any of these?? ARE YOU FEELING SUPER NOSTALGIC LIKE ME??!?! Will you run off and read all of these immediately because I said so?!? 


16 thoughts on “Seven Fabulous Fantasy Gems Everyone Should Read

    1. Ahhh those books are so amazing! I feel like I need to reread them because I miss the magical feeling I had while reading them! Hahaha yasss I have to mention Nevernight everywhere because I love it and I’m just way too excited for Godsgrave!

  1. OMG YESSS DAUGHTER OF THE PIRATE KING. I read it when I was on vacation last week and it was. so. good. Alosa is such a freaking badass pirate omgjfhrhsdh I’m so excited for the next book to come out and see where it takes her!!! <3

  2. Oh these are amazing hidden gems Esther. 😀 I have Daughter of the Pirate King on my to-read list, I’ve already seen a couple of fantastic reviews for it and after what you’ve just said in this post I know I need to get around to it sooner rather than later. Also I never thought about The Lunar Chronicles and The Heroes of Olympus as hidden gems but you’re right, it’s very rare I see people talk about these books on WordPress. They definitely deserve all the recognition though because they’re amazing series!
    Again great picks. 🙂 <3

    1. Ah thank you! Ohhh yas Daughter of the Pirate King is definitely worthy of being pushed up on the priority list!
      No one ever talks about them, and I think it’s such a shame because I sooo loved them when I read them!! And I want to reread all the books of ever but timeeee

  3. Ooh, DOTPK! I love that one! I can’t wait for the sequel. I haven’t read Inkheart, but I really want to! Magical stories are my aesthetic. I haven’t read the Inheritance cycle, and I can’t decide if I want to. I know a ton of people love it, but I’m not a fan of dragons (gasp!) so I can’t decide.
    Great list!!

    1. Yas February needs to get here faster! It feels like it’s been forever since I read DOTPK! UM. Magic is a MUST when I’m reading. Otherwise – WHAT’S THE POINT BARTHOLOMEW.
      Ohhh how can you not love dragons I cry D: but maybe then those books aren’t for you because they are like all about dragons bahahah

  4. Ah, I absolutely love the Lunar Chronicles and Heroes of Olympus series! Confession: I actually still haven’t read the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series. I KNOW, THE HORROR. I really need to catch up on ALL THE RICK RIORDAN books, to be honest; it’s been ages since I’ve read one of his!

    I’ve seen so many amazing things about Nevernight; I really must read it! I love me some dark fantasy with assassins and I loved Illuminae, so I think I’m just stalling even though I know I’ll love it. XD

    1. Honestly the Heroes of Olympus series are the only books that I’ve read by him but everyone loves all his books?!?! So I don’t know what’s going on there haha but omg you really need to read that last book!

      YAS I can see how the hype around Nevernight is scary but ughhhh it’s all justified I swear Jay Kristoff is a wizard. And if you loved Illuminae then Nevernight will definitely be perfect for you! The writing is just as spectacular!

  5. Yesss I love Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus and The Lunar Chronicles <3 Daughter of the Pirate King and Never Night are on my tbr – they sound awesome 😀 I have such mixed feelings about whether or not I should give the Inheritance Cycle a go – on one hand DRAGONS but on the other hand they're HUGE
    Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff recently posted…The Monthly Hufflepuff | Looking Back on August While Freaking Out About SchoolMy Profile

    1. EEP they are so good!! And DOTPK is perfect but if it was a contest Nevernight would probably (literally) chop its head off. SO READ NEVERNIGHT YESTERDAY and you can read DOTPK tomorrow! XD
      ERMEGERD if you love dragons the size of the Inheritance Cycle won’t even bother you!! I read them when I was wee and should have been scared of big books!

  6. I am SO HAPPY that you talked about Inkheart here. I think I read this series around the time I was 16 just as well and, oh, boy, I LOVED IT so, so much! It was such a great idea overall, the characters, Mo is such a fabulous dad, everything… I loved it. I actually want to re-read it, now.
    The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series just as well and YOU SHOULD scream more about it all ahah and yes, each book gets better, which is awesome! 🙂
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Review: The Delirium series, Lauren OliverMy Profile

    1. I know right??!?!? Inkheart was AMAZING and I also really want to reread it! I feel like bookworms should get extra time in life just so we can reread our favortie books because honestly WHO HAS THE TIME. D:
      TLC is also such perfection!! I need to talk about them more but I don’t have them and I always feel a tendency to talk about new books I get!

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