Top Seven Fantasy Recommendations For Hopeless Fantasy Addicts Like Me

Hi There! In an effort to be more regular with my posting, I’ll be linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for Top Ten Tuesdays (and YES. It’s seven because I do what I want!) – because let’s face it, I MISSED YOU ALL DURING MY ABRUPT AND LENGTHY AND ALSO UNANNOUNCED HIATUS back in April/May/June! And I also just kind of slid back in and pretended nothing happened*
IN ANY CASE. I am back and you won’t be rid of me that easily! In case my blog name hasn’t given myself away already: I LOVE FANTASY. So here are my top seven fantasy recommendations from books I read THIS YEAR!**

*Did something happen???? I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about. Someone’s throwing things…
**There may also be books from the end of last year. DON’T JUDGE.


Yes, yes. I am the QUEEN of caps!
NOW. What is so great about Nevernight, you ask? WELL. EVERYTHING. THAT IS ALL.
JUST KIDDING. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that*
Nevernight is delightfully dark and stabby and has PLENTY of blood-filled pools. OH. And there is magic! Awesome shadow magic that is shadowy and mysterious and GAH THE SHADOWS GIVE BIRTH TO A SHADOW NOT-CAT NAMED MISTER KINDLY. And he is The Sass. Like. There is no character sassier than him and his wonderful sassy commentary. I NEED MORE HIM. Not to mention Mia, the main squeeze in this book is the baddest! But also the best! She is tough, and strong, but not one of those female characters who is emotionless because females can’t be strong when they have emotions**
AAAAAND. There are schemes and betrayals and more magic! Not to mention PRETTY COVERS.*** I personally love the US AND the UK editions!!! But I am slightly upset that my copy of Nevernight does NOT have black sprayed pages because I didn’t know there were sprayed copies out there???? RUDE?????? Well, at least I was able to preorder a SIGNED COPY OF GODSGRAVE WITH BLUE SPRAYED EDGES. THAT’S RIGHT. EAT THAT****

*That is probably a lie. I am ruthless like that and leave people hanging all the time. Ask George. He is still hanging wherever I left him.
***We all knew that one was coming. WHAT CAN I SAY I AM SUPERFICIAL

2. A Conjuring of Light

NOW. Obviously if you haven’t read the first two, maybe don’t read this one yet. ALSO. IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST TWO WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE?? Goeth forth and doeth so, I decree it thusly!* Okay besides all the sass and badassery that goes on in this book PLUS the magic, there are also Pirates and evil magic and epic battles and SO MUCH REDEMPTION IT HURTS.

Like. I love the villains. And the antiheroes. And the sort of villains. Just in general I am a fan of grey morals???** There is lots of that in these books so ALL THE WIN!

Also we learn a certain White Londonder’s background story and I am all the tears. WHY IS SCHWAB SUCH A WIZARD. OH. And don’t forget travelling between worlds. In all the books. And did I already mention magic? The only thing that could ever make these books better would be dragons to wreak havoc and destroy things. But alas. We only have Pure Awesomeness.

*Since I am The Queen, I get to decree ALL THE THINGS
**Not really sure what that says about me but WHO CARES

3. Strange The Dreamer

What can I even say about the amazingness that is this fabulous book. I had never read anything by Laini Taylor before that but LWHERIÖWUGGUEUFISJIEI_AFEGRUHIAQJFIO (excuse me while I pound the keyboard for lack of being able to express my feelings in actual words). Not only is this book THE most gorgeousest book that I have EVER seen (all the blue and the gold and the blue sprayed pages WUT), the world building, the dreaming, the sheer impossibleness of Lazlo’s imagination is just…..GAH.
Also, Lazlo himslef is just SO DAMN RELATABLE. He is just an average Jo. Like me.* Like you. He reads while he walks, he has a crooked nose, he is gangly and awkward and socially unfit. WHAT IS THERE NOT TO LIKE. And on top of all that, he has the most vividest imagination of them all and basically we are soul mates thank you! There is magic and adventure and SO MUCH TRAGEDY. Definitely worth having my heart crunched between the pages. Definitely. It’s like I have been waiting for this book my whole life!!


4. Harry Potter

Like. HOW OFTEN DO WE SEE HARRY POTTER ON A BLOG??? I know for a FACT that there are still Stubborn Bunnies out there who haven’t read these. SHAME ON YOU. Just kidding, of course but you are really missing out on something fabulous! I started rereading the series for the FIRST TIME since they came out this year and lkl………………………………ksjdlfsk.dfjs.df……….sdkjfskdjf.ssssssssssssk…… Who would have known it would be just as magical the second time around??????? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME????? Basically there are a freaking PLETHORA of magical creatures like dragons, unicorns, dementors, merpeople, house elves, nifflers, hippogriffs, boggarts, goblins, giants, trolls……THE LIST GOES ON MY FRIENDS. Plus, magic wands, brooms, spells, and awesomely epic school for witches and wizards and MUGGLES which is a great name for non-magic users! Not to mention evil villains and also Professor Umbridge who might actually be worse than Voldemort. Just sayin’. Basically what I am saying is GO READ THESE AND ALSO REREAD THEM.

5. Shadow and Bone

YES. I FINALLY READ THE GRISHA TRILOGY THIS YEAR. I can’t believe it took me so long, to be honest BUT IT WAS AWESOME. There were, of course, Grisha, who are basically people born with powers to manipulate different kinds of matter like, materials, flesh, water, wind, light and so on and it is EPIC. Also the Russian ambiance is WINNING. Not to mention the sassy and Quite Evil Darkling whom I love???? AND a dashing, daring Very Complicated but Easy To Love prince??? I am a sucker for books with royalty AND magic AND badassery. These books have all of them. Also, there are tragedies and sweet justices and UGH WHY DID I NOT READ THESE SOONER.

6. Caraval

Okay, I am the first to admit that Caraval isn’t your average fantasy. BUT I LOVED IT. It was exactly what I was expecting it to be and more and for that, I applaud it.* It is dark and mysterious and the carnival-esque-ness is enchanting! It’s all about a Circus that is a game that the invited guests get to play, but it’s a mean game that makes you think it’s real and eventually you can’t figure out what’s real or not and it’s all delightfully confusing and EXCUSE ME WHILE I GUSH.** I love the ruthlessness and also the sisterly love*** Not to mention the currency at Caraval??? SERIOUSLY TALK ABOUT GENIUS. Every time I thought it couldn’t get any more bizarre or awesome, IT DID. There are betrayals and secret conspiracies and undercover plans and magic and —————– I may have just had a heart attack. GO READ THIS.

*Seriously, this book deserves all the applause!
**All the gushing for this book. Imagine me with heart eyes
***Which I don’t at all relate to because I only have four sisters of my own. PSHAW. SISTERLY LOVE.

7. Heartless

How do I even begin with Heartless??? I loved it and yet I hated it. SO MANY MIXED FEELINGS. Like, the first part of the book was very slow and a bit tedious but I lived for the sass and the little jokes thrown in there and also Jest is probably my soulmate. I literally loved him from the first moment I saw him. Or read him. WHATEVER. And the idea of telling the Red Queen’s backstory is just so ingenious that I can’t NOT give this book props for it! It was good! It kept me interested till the end! There were pumpkin patches, and silly kings, and snobby characters and a sassy cheshire cat and a mad hatter with secrets and ALL THE DESSERTS.

And sooooo many poeple LOVED it. But I found the more I thought about it, the more certain aspects of it bugged me to no end. Like. Why did Jest even love Cath???? WHAT REASONS DID HE HAVE. Obviously Cath loved him, because what was there not to love.
But the end felt abrupt and a little rushed and I have other qualms but I don’t want to put anything spoilery in here so GO READDDDD.

Have you read any of these? Which one was your favorite??? Were there any that you didn’t like or don’t even feel interested in reading????


38 thoughts on “Top Seven Fantasy Recommendations For Hopeless Fantasy Addicts Like Me

  1. I think for A Gathering Of Shadows you meant A Conjuring of light. AGOS is book #2 and ACOL is #3? MAYBE YOU MEANT THAT. Who knows.

    MOVING YES. I feel like Harry Potter is squidged into this little corner that says ‘it’s already hyped so much, it doesn’t deserve any more’ BUT IT DESErveS TO BE RECOMMENDED. Stop being a STUBBORN BUNNY PEOPLE and read it!

    Strange the dreamer. I think we all want to adopt Lazlo and protect him. AND yes PURE ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSDFGHJKLKJHGF beauty right here. *flails*

    WHY HAVEN’T I read any of these? AGH yes this is a recommendation post. I get it. i really want to read Nevernight(IT SOUNDS FABULOUS), I have heard a lot of different things about Heartless and I’m not much of a fan of retellings so I don’t know. AND I LOVE six of crows but idk about Grish apparently it’s not as goodd? Caraval sounds amazing but other people have said its not good? SO ALL THE MIXED BAG OF SPRINKELS HERE.

    Can I just say that you fangirl in the best way possible? Like you just get your thoughts across so well and gush amazingly AND I WANT TO FANGIRL LIKE YOU!!!
    Ilsa @ A Whisper Of Ink recently posted…[LET’S WHISPER] Why I’ve Started to Hate Book Genres (#GenreEquality)My Profile

    1. OMG THANK YOU BHAHAHA How embarrassing that I missed that. OH WELLL. I have changed it now so many thanks to you!

      UM. I am #agree. Harry Potter deserves ALL THE HYPE and more??!?!?! WHY WON’T PEOPLE JUST READ IT AND JOIN IN ALL THE REJOICING. Honestly they are just hurting themselves….

      Um. Yes. And we all want to adopt Lazlo BECAUSE WE ARE ALL LAZLO. Like. Who hasn’t had their face almost bashed in by a hardcover book??!?!? Be it while reading in bed and falling asleep accidentally, or just trying to get that damn book off the top shelf? I am #relate.

      I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU HAVEN’T?!?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE, SIR. Nevernight is sooooo seriously perfect and I hwoeufhaleouiuaawiöef. Word.
      Well GOOD THING Godsgrave is coming out NEXT MONTH so you can get right on that!!
      Heartless is a tough one, I agree. I love retellings though so maybe it’s not for you?!?!? It’s not really a retelling though, it’s the backstory of the Queen of Hearts so it’s more of a prequel. I stand by what I said: JEST IS A LEGITIMATE REASON TO READ IT.
      Grisha trilogy is DEF not as strong as SoC but I really wish I had read them first!!
      And yeah I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on Caraval. I enjoyed it, so I obviously hope others will but we are all different AND THATS OKAY.
      Also who doesn’t like sprinkles.

      OMG you are making me blush!! I’m so happy you enjoy my fangirling! My policy is basically just flail around and keyboard mash and it all works out perfectly!

  2. I really need to read Caraval. I don’t know what’s stopping me! I’ve heard great things about it. I love Harry Potter and Shadow and Bone. Some great recommendations!

    1. I know I feel lucky that I read Caraval before all the mixed reviews were out! Mixed reviews really turn me off of a book, and that might be why you haven’t read it?!?!? But if you like whimsy and magic it’s for sure worth a shot!!
      Thank you!! I try 😀

  3. Caraval was a disappointment for me, unfortunately, but I’m happy you enjoyed it so much. Shadow and Bone is one of my favorites, and I cannot wait to read Six of Crows. I want to read Nevernight so bad but I’m going to wait until Godsgrave is out, so I can spare my heart some pain. I also really need to read Strange the Dreamer.

    Great list!
    Rekha @ Million Book Mill

    1. Yesss I have heard so many mixed reviews, it seems to be either a hit or a miss with that one haha BUT THAT’S OKAY WE CAN ALL STILL BE FRIENDS HERE.
      Ohhh yay good thing you read the Grisha trilogy first, I’m really sad I didn’t! You’ll love SoC!!
      OOOOH Well Godsgrave comes out next month so YOU ARE IN LUCK YOU CAN GET RIGHT ON THAT.
      Strange the Dreamer is utter perfection!!

  4. Almost all of these are on my TBR…. 😀

    Except Caravel which I had MUCH DISLIKE for. I KNOW I’M A MONSTER I GET IT I’M SORRY! D:

    I always love it when I see people shout out Harry Potter, and it amazes me there are still people who haven’t read the books or at least seen the films. I sort of want to hit them over the head with a book. Preferably a hardcover copy of Order of the Phoenix… I think that’s the biggest one!
    Amber @ The Literary Phoenix recently posted…The Monstrous, Half-Blood, Ruby Princess – #IMWAYRMy Profile

    1. HAHAH That’s okay you can hate the book?!?! I do that sometimes too BUT I SWEAR WE ARE ALL NICE PEOPLE I WON’T BITE YOUR HEAD OFF.

      I feel like it’s almost considered taboo to shout about HP?!?! But why shouldn’t I because it basically shaped my misshapen childhood??!?!?
      Some people who haven’t read or watched them are just being contrary because of ALL THE HYPE. Not cool.
      Oh yeah Order of the Phoenix is a good choice!!

    1. ERMEGERDDDD YASSS. YOU HAVE GODSGRAVE ALREADY???? I am anxiously awaiting September so I can finally continue to bask in Jay Kristoff’s gloriousness!!
      Heartless was (as I mentioned) a bit problematic for me, but I really just never will get over Jest because PERFECTION. I much prefer the Lunar Chronicles to Heartless though, that’s for sure!!

  5. Out of these I’ve only read Harry Potter and the Grisha trilogy (though I haven’t read the third one yet) and it made me realise how behind I am on all the fantasy books? I FEEL LIKE A FAKE FANTASY FAN. All of these are on my tbr though, so one day I’ll get to all of them. I am a bit weary when it comes to Heartless though. I’ve heard such mixed things about it??

      Is Fan.
      Moving on.
      You need to read all of these because HUWTKCDYJIEHOTSINVDEU <-- legitimate reason. Heartless was mixed for me too like I said bur I loved Jest so I shall never regret reading it 😆

    1. OWNING THEM IS THE FIRST STEP LINDSEY. Ugh I know right? Cath is so wimpy and just not special??? Like maybe if she would actually stand up for herself and be assertive but no and she doesn’t deserve precious Jest 😭 WHY THANK YOU. I thought the gif was just too perfect to pass up 😆

  6. AHHH I love ALL of your recommendations! A Conjuring of Light (and the other two books, obviously) is SO AMAZING and of course, Harry Potter!! I reaaaaally need to read Strange the Dreamer and Nevernight and Caraval thoughhhh, everyone has been fawning over them and I can’t believe I haven’t read them yet!! *hides* I did read the Grisha trilogy and Heartless though!! I loooooved the Grisha trilogy, but I have to admit I like the Six of Crows books more??? BUT THEY’RE BOTH GOOD. Heartless made me soooooo hungry ahhh!! I didn’t like Cath very much, but Jest was the BEST. <3 Great post!

    1. ERMEGERD yesss the entire trilogy is just such sweet perfection, how does Schwan do it?? 😱😱 you must read them you are missing out!!
      I have to agree the SoC books are definitely stronger but people should be reading the trilogy first 😅 WOULD THAT I HAD KNOWN AT THE TIME.
      Heartless was literally saved by Jest for me 😭

  7. Oh these are all AMAZING recs! ACOL was so so amazing, and I think I’m still damaged by it omg. Agh, Nevernight! I tried to read it last month but ending up DNF’ing because it was just REALLY hard for me to get into. But a lot of my friends on GR read it and then ended up really liking it, so I guess I’ll have to give it another chance. XD The writing was dry but the dialogue/footnotes were so hilarious??? I still need to read Heartless and Caraval (I have Caraval checked out right now), but Strange the Dreamer was so good! AGH I’VE READ SIX OF CROWS BUT NOT THE GRISHA TRILOGY AND I’M SCARED THAT I’LL BE DISAPPOINTED. *cries*
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…The Pros and Cons Viewing Posts on the Site vs. the WordPress Reader + My (Very Biased!!!) OpinionMy Profile

    1. EEP thank you! Ahhh I just can’t stop thinking about poor tragic Holland. I feel like I need to reread???? (Because as bookworms we like suffering obviously)
      😱 I hope you do give it another chance! The beginning is a bit weird but once I got into it I couldn’t stop!! Obviously it can’t be for everyone though *sobs internally*
      Ahhh I think it was totally worth it to read the Grisha Trilogy for the sole purpose of Nikolai and the Darkling and skewed morals and magic 😍😍

  8. OMG YESS HURRAY FOR STRANGE THE DREAMER. Reading this post actually made me want to reread it because it was that awesome!

    From V.E. Schwab I’ve read Vicious, and many other people have recommended this other series too so I will give it a try soon since I enjoyed Vicious IMMENSELY. Another book I feel guilty about not having read yet is Nevernight, which I do own. It just seems like it’s never the right time!
    Pamela recently posted…Things I’d like to see in YA books with latinx repMy Profile

    1. It really was perfection?!?! 😍😍

      GAH I have not read Vicious yet but I want tooooooo. All I can say is that I’ve loved every Schwab book I’ve picked up so far so GO READ THEM ALL 😍
      Take your time! You’ll feel ready eventually!

  9. These are great recommendations Esther, and the fact that I’ve read and loved them all means I’m a fantasy addict like you are! 😀
    Between A Conjuring of Light and Strange the Dreamer I’m not sure what my favourite read of the year actually is, both books were incredible so many I could say they were joint favourites. Also Nevernight is amazing (I’m so excited for Godsgrave), Harry Potter is a must read in my opinion, and Caraval is set in a circus/carnival type world which is a weakness of mine in fantasy books!
    Great picks for this post. 😀 <3

  10. OMG I’VE READ ALL OF THESE EXCEPT CARAVAL, SOMEONE AWARD ME. (Preferably with like one of Cath’s lemon pies?? I would like.) I will read Caraval soon though. SOON.😂 I seriously need to stop procrastinating all my books omg. Aaand I totally agree about the mixed-feelings with Heartless. Like Cath’s also pendulum-swing personality? I mean I get she had to become the Red Queen of Hearts but she had NO build up for turning into what she did. She should’ve just been crying, tbh, the whole time…to fit with her previous personality. *sigh* But I did like the food. 😀

    And afjdksafldjakdl to Strange the Dreamer and ACOL and I’m reading Nevernight for the 2nd time currently so that probably indicates how much I love it. 😍😍 STAB.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…#MostLikelyTo Character Book Tag || So We Can Judge Characters And Their Life ChoicesMy Profile

    1. *hands you award in the shape of edible lemon tart* OMG NOW I DESERVE AN AWARD FOR COMBINING THE AWARD AND THE PIE. SO CLEVER.
      As you PROBABLY know by now, I can’t give any advice for not procrastinating. It will probably come out something like : you go girl! Procrastinate the crap out of those books!
      At least I’m good for an inspirational pep talk?!!
      UGH I can’t even with how flat Cath was. She felt like the most random character. I feel like Meyer wanted her to develop into a bitter crone throughout the book but it just wasn’t happening.

      WIHFEWJÖKFSDJKFD I NEED TO REREAD NEVERNIGHT TOOOOOO I can’t believe we are only a couple weeks away from the release of Godsgrave!!! I might actually die of EXCITE.

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