Ten Books I Wanted to Throw Into the Abyss

IT’S ALREADY TUESDAY AGAIN GUYS. HOW. I need it to be the same day for several years so I can catch up on literally everything.

Today I’m linking up once again with Top Ten Tuesday! The prompt was 10 books we DNF’d or had a hard time finishing but I didn’t have that many (thankfully) so here is a list of some I didn’t finish, and some that just fell very short for me. Okay okay hate is a strong word. Some of these were okay. BUT STILL.

1. Red Queen (DNF)

This one. THIS ONE. So many headaches. WHAT WAS EVEN GOING ON IN THIS PLEASE. If you loved it PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.

Everything felt so detached in this one for me, and I didn’t care for the characters, whose names I don’t remember. I quit reading after the (totally random and suddenly existent?!?!?) love SQUARE became apparent. This was about 100 pages before the end.


2. Flame in the Mist (DNF)

I’ll be the first to admit that I DNF’d this one preeeetty quickly.

First of all, I was really excited to read a Mulan retelling!! And then I started reading and I don’t know what it was, but the writing made me actually feel aggressive. Like. WTF WRITING.

It felt like the writing was trying so hard to be dramatic, like someone who is a very off-key singer but is convinced that they are going to be the next Freddie Mercury (not possible, okay. Get over yourself.*)


IN ANY CASE I DNF’d about 80 pages in, and those 80 pages TOOK ME FOREVER TO READ (‘m talking like a week and every time I went to pick up the book I just dreaded it. And that’s not what the reading experience is all about, yo.

*YES I realize this person is fictional and I made them up. BUT STILL

3. Gilded Cage

This. Book.

I recieved this book as an ARC on Netgalley, and I was so excited to read it. A dystopian world with magic and people fighting ‘voluntary’ slavery??

But alas, it was not so. You can see my full review here, because I remember exactly nothing. It was just good enough to keep me going, but fell so, so short in the end.

4. The Name of the Wind (DNF)

Somehow everyone of ever loves this?!?!?! I shall go hide in my hermit hole now so as not to be pelted with rotten tomatoes. Though if you decide to throw chocolate bars I just might stick around!

Maybe it’s because I’m not mature enough yet. This IS an adult fantasy, after all. It’s also extremely character driven, and I felt like we were standing still the entire time.

Since I knew this would be a daunting read for me, I decided to give the audiobook a try, and listened to it at like 6x the regular speed. It still took forever. And I was still so bored some of my teeth probably fell out and I didn’t even notice*

I listened to 50% but I just couldn’t go on.

*Update: I just checked. All of my teeth are still here.

5. The Night Circus

For some reason I keep feeling the need to defend myself bahahaha because once again this is a book I know a ton of people loved. BUT HOW. How can you love a book that promises you an epic battle/competition between to magical peoples, and instead you get a VERY SLOW PACED LOVE STORY.


I wanted to rip my hair out.

Sure, the writing was nice.

Very. Nice.

BUT I NEED BLOOD. I need action, and characters dying never hurt a book’s cause in my eyes.*

I was sorely disappointed.

*I promise I am not twisted and messed up inside**
**SPOILER: I probably am

6. Three Dark Crowns

This was like the sequel to The Night Circus. Promised an epic showdown between triplets separated at birth who are destined to have to kill each other because only one can live and take the throne.


AAAAAAND then nothing happened

Until, like, THE LAST 30 PAGES. Which were then very good and I wanted the next book immediately. Now One Dark Throne is out and I can’t be bothered to order it.

7. The Invisible Library (DNF)

Okay I am seeing a sort of pattern here. I don’t always read the synopses of books, but when I do, I expect to get what I was promised (that should be made into a meme. Someone make a meme of that)

No but seriously. I actually almost never read the synopses of books, because there are sometimes actual spoilers in it (I’M LOOKING AT YOU, MECHANICA)

Soooo a book about a librarian spy that travels to different worlds?
Sounds epic.

I thought it was bla. I wanted lots of action because this book they are stealing is Oh So Dangerous, but it just dragged on for me and after half I was just done.

Don’t hate me please.

8. Reckless

I honestly don’t know if I was just in the wrong mood for this one!??! Who can know.

I freaking LOVED Inkheart. And Inkspell. AND INKDEATH.

To put it simply, Cornelia Funke is an amazing writer.

WHICH WAS WHY I WAS SO EXCITED FOR RECKLESS, a mashup of all the usual fairytales in a fairytale mirror world with two brothers being brothers and fighting and making up.

But for some reason I just felt zero connection to the writing and the characters. It felt like I was reading words on a piece of paper instead of walking through the world.

I don’t know if, perhaps, something was lost in the translation but it just didn’t hit the spot.

Someone get me some chocolate, I need to recover from this disappointment.

9. Desolate (DNF)

I’m going to keep this one short because DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I had to DNF this one because I was ready to throw myself off the roof.

I haven’t read anything with vampires in it since I was like 14. That was about when Twilight came out, okay? So Twilight was my last vampire book. And we all thought THAT relationship was messed up.

This book is about a human girl who is forced to marry a vampire and then basically gets raped on a daily basis.

I can respect that the author was trying to bring awareness to domestic abuse. That’s great.

But when you make the VICTIM meet some guy she doesn’t know and starts trusting/falling in love with him WHILE SHE IS STILL 389234072348289634259250% STILL IN THAT ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP?

That’s cool.


Okay I’m done.

Here’s my full (ranty) review!

10. Mistborn

Ughhh okay I just don’t like really long-winded political books. The magic was cool. At first! But then the author had to explain it EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY DID SOMETHING.

I get that he created this super complex magical system with rules and physics and stuff.

But come on dude. One explanation is enough. I don’t need to read a step by step guide every time someone pushes off of a coin.

I thought the first book was okay, but from the second on I just started to get more and more annoyed!


Sometimes it just feels good to get it all out there. I feel cleansed.

I should be a professional ranter, TBH. I’d be so freaking good at it someone give me chocolate.

What are some books that have disappointed you? Do you read books you aren’t sure you are going to like, or do you stick to what you know will wow you?



26 thoughts on “Ten Books I Wanted to Throw Into the Abyss

  1. omg i gotta agree with red queen and three dark crowns. i thought red queen was ok but the second book bored me to tears and i hated the main character and all of the characters basically. three dark crowns had SUCH a good concept but it was SO flat like omg HOWWWWWW
    i feel bad bc i don’t even want to try flame in the mist, i already didn’t like the writing style of TWATD…it was way too melodramatic and tried too hard and i was lost in all the descriptions
    i do want to read The Name of the Wind and The Night Circus though! hopefully i will fare better than you bc i’m okay with slow books as long as the writing / characters are good!
    and i love the mistborn trilogy bc i’m geeky and LOVE rules to magic hhahaha but honestly the 2nd and 3rd books were bogged down with too many povs and too much politics…

    1. Yeah I was actually determined to finish Red Queen because everyone was all like THERE’S A HUGE PLOT TWIST AND BLAH and then the freaking love square happened and I just. Couldn’t.
      Ugh and don’t get me started about Three Dark Crowns literally the ending was the only good part.
      I have heard that a lot about Rene Adieh’s writing style, that you either love it or hate it but I guess I’m on the wrong side of that line!
      I hope you do read them! I know so many people who do have simillar tastes in books who loved them!
      Ahhh I am totally fine with rules it just really bugged me that he had to give a play by play every time someone did magic and yesss it was in the middle of the second book where I was like UGH POLITICS WHY.

  2. I’m reading Flame in the Mist right now and I feel you so much! I didn’t even notice it at first but at some point I felt so tired because why!! so!! dramatic!! I am determined to finish it, because even though I find it boring, I want to know what happens next. Can’t blame you for DNF’ing though

    The Crown’s Game really disappointed me. I thought it would be some epic duel but instead they’d just take turns to use their magic to make the city pretty or something??
    Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff recently posted…The Weekly Hufflepuff #57 | HELP I’M NOT READY FOR SCHOOLMy Profile

    1. I KNOW RIGHT. Ugh. So melodramatic!! I wanted to finish it, too, but reading it just became this huge chore and it was a point of stress for me, which reading shouldn’t be. I hope you end up liking it more!

      I have heard that a lot about that book, which is part of why I’m reluctant to read those books, but also because I’m shallow and don’t like the covers hahaha

  3. I get you on Red Queen – I finished but still not impressed – while on Flame in the Mist and Three Dark Crowns I’m on the opposite side. Yes, FITM’s style and whole story focus on details a lot and it’s more character driven the political. I mean, there’ ‘s the shadow of a political intrigue and almost zero facts. I was like: okay, now I need more, please. That more never happened. Yet, I really liked it. I don’t know why… chemical attraction?
    I actually enjoyed Three Dark Crowns. I think that the end won me. I cannot help it.

    1. Yeah I don’t think I would have cared about the ending of Red Queen either way, honestly.
      I’m glad you liked Flame in the Mist and Three Dark Crowns! I have heard a lot that the writing style to FITM is very similar to her other books, and I think that just might be it. It wasn’t necessarily the story. But it’s not even politics I need (in fact too political and I’ll be running the other way) and there was plenty of action so it must have just been the writing for me!
      The end of TDC was really good! I just was so disappointed in the rest!

  4. I’ve been meaning to read Red Queen for a while now but I’ve seen such mixed reactions to it that it’s kind of making me put it off even more 😅

    And I’ve seen Mistborn be talked about so much because nearly everyone gives it such glowing praise but now that I know it’s all political and stuff, I’ll more than likely give it a miss.
    Louise ✨🦇 recently posted…10 Books I Struggled to Get Through 📕My Profile

    1. Yeah, obviously I can’t recommend it hahaha but I do know a lot of people that love it so it might be worth a try!

      YUP everyone loves Mistborn and I am just the black sheep over here hahah I can’t stand it when books get too political and nothing happens. AND it was WAY too explainy!

  5. THIS POST, I love it so much and I can relate 😂
    I have read Red Queen and even managed to read the second book, Glass Sword, but DAMN it was a bit of a struggle and….WHY. I wasn’t such a fan of this series overall and I’m glad I didn’t continue reading it ahah.
    I’m so sorry you had to DNF Flame in the Mist! It was one of my most anticipated books of the…Well, year, almost, but I have been reading so many mixed reviews about it all, now…I’m not so sure about it anymore. I loved The Wrath and The Dawn so much, though, so I know I’ll try and read it someday anyway. Did you read The Wrath and the Dawn?
    YES FOR RECKLESS, that book made me SO SAD. I loved Inkheart so much and had high expectations for that one, but for some reason I couldn’t get into it? :/
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…On belonging to a community, fear of mising out and other blogging anxietyMy Profile

    1. OMG I’m glad you can relate hahaha…or not so glad??!?! Should I be sorry that you didn’t like these? hahaha
      WOW I commend you for making it that far through the series haha. I kind of feel bad because I own the second book but OH WELL.
      I was anticipating TFITM as well, which was why I was so disappointed to find that the writing bugged me so much. I have heard a lot of people don’t like her writing style. But if you were good with TWATD I think you should be fine with this one!! I don’t think I’ll be reading any more of her books, though TWATD was on my wishlist before I got Flame.
      I know right?!?!? Reckless was just SO disappointing! I was so heartbroken because Inkheart was so freaking amazing.

  6. Some of these books I definitely agree with. I am really not a fan of Red Queen, and I thought Glass Sword was even worse, also I haven’t read Three Dark Crowns but I have it on my to-read list even though the reviews I’ve read so far haven’t made me excited to read it you know?
    It’s a real shame you didn’t enjoy Flame in the Mist, The Night Circus and Gilded Cage though. Those are actually three of my favourite series and I feel like I talk about them a lot/recommend them to so many people, but we can’t all have the same reading tastes can we? I guess with The Night Circus if you prefer a lot of action in your books it’s not going to be the best one to pick up.
    Great list for this week Esther. 🙂

    1. Oh god if Glass Sword was worse then I am REALLY glad I stopped reading hahaha. Yeah Three Dark Crowns sounded so badass and epic and it just…wasn’t. For most of the book the triplets aren’t even together, and it just dragged on for me.
      Yeah I’m sad I didn’t enjoy them! I was so excited for them. I know that The Night Circus was purely because I was expecting a badass epic bloody and stabby battle and it is basically the exact opposite of that haha.
      Exactly though, we can’t all love the same books!
      AHH yes I often make the comparison that people who loved The Nigh Circus haven’t liked Caraval, and vice versa and that has definitely been true for me. A lot more action in Caraval!

      1. Yeah if you weren’t a fan of Red Queen I can’t not recommend Glass Sword enough. I have heard the third book is better but I haven’t read it so I can’t say for sure. That seems to be what everyone has said about Three Dark Crowns, I’ll be going in with low expectations that’s for sure.
        It can be hard to enjoy books when they’re so different from what we expect them to be, at least you gave the book a try. That’s something isn’t it? 🙂
        Ahh, see I loved both The Night Circus and Caraval! 😀

        1. Hahaha yeah…I have just given up on the series all toghether. OH WELL we can’t have it all! Just don’t expect tons of action from Three Dark Crowns or blood baths. It’s mostly character development…
          It’s true that I tend to like books less if I expected something other than what I got but not always! This is why I try to go in knowing as little as possible!

    1. UM YES. Desolate needs to be destroyed immediately and never seen again on this earth. Like. HOW DID IT EVEN GET PUBLISHED. I could rant for hours about it!
      Yeah I know so many people who loved those! They are usually people who are okay with books that focus purely on character development, but I need plot and action and preferably characters dying and breaking my heart.

  7. OKAY for me Red Queen was actually interesting (except for that FRICKING LOVE SQUARE WHAT THE HECK) but then Glass Sword… oh my god you are SO lucky you didn’t read it. And The Night Circus!! I’ve been meaning to read it but then I read “love story” and got scared away. 😂 Hmm a book I couldn’t get into?? NEVERNIGHT. I’ve heard such good things about it but I just COULD NOT read Jay’s dry writing (dialogue and footnotes were hilarious tho) and it was so confusing. Oh, and The Scorpio Races! I’ve heard amazing things avout it as well but I was so boreeeeed and not invested and tbh I think Maggie writes better in third person. 😂 Love this post!!
    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…Scribbler Wrap Up // A Collection of Writing Advice, Snippets, My Own Writing (?!), and WINNERS!!!My Profile

      Hahahah I honestly have to say I’m surprised someone hasn’t come and said they love the Red Queen series yet because they are all over bookstagram and I just hide in my corner. BUT I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MY PEOPLE. I am honestly so glad I stopped reading hahaha
      OH YEAH if you go INTO the Night Circus knowing it’s a love story I’m sure it’s great! I was under a different impression D:
      I have just found that Maggie Stiefvater’s writing is just ‘okay’ for me. I know people who swear by her books, but not I.

  8. NO, I LOVE THE NIGHT CIRCUS! But I haven’t read the other books in this list except Red Queen, which I enjoyed, but I don’t think I’ll ever read its sequels, if I’m honest with myself! I’ve heard good things about Flame in the Mist, Mistborn, and The Name of The Wind, but wasn’t interested in any of them even with the hype. I still have Three Dark Crowns on my TBR, though, from when I bought it with my Christmas money. XD

    1. AWEEE I know so many people loved The Night Circus! I mean, I still gave it three stars and I can’t say it’s a terrible book, it just wasn’t for me!
      Red Queen seems like it’s just very problematic in general haha
      I have realised that it’s just Rene Adieh’s writing style that I don’t like. Those who didn’t like The Wrath and the Dawn had the same issues I did!
      I have to admit I wasn’t interested in The Name of the Wind an the hype was the only reason I picked it up…
      Three Dark Crowns is still good, the ending saved it! BUT I need to see if One Dark Throne will suffer from the same fate.


    You have some of my favourite books on here, gurl.



    Getting over that.

    *cries a little in corner*

    It’s fair that all readers are not created equal. Throw ALL the fantasy at me. youngling fantasy, YA fantasy, grown-up fantasy. I devour it. That probably helps. Also there are so many books, if we all liked the same ones, it would be boring. And my husband DNF’d The Night Circus as well so I can’t very well forgive him and not you. XD Name of the Wind, tho? So much love/hate/anxiety/more please. Fair that the pace was slow… it is. That’s an epic fantasy thing, especially adult epic fantasy. Not for the faint of heart.
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    1. I’m sorryyyyy I can’t help how I feel haha it’s true! We can’t all like the same things otherwise the world would be SO BORING OMG.

      I am probably one of the most picky readers out there. But if I love a book, I LOVE it, you know what I mean?!?

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated “Red Queen” and “The Night Circus”.. For a minute, I was worried I was missing something… (I mean, everyone loved these books.. What was wrong with me??)

    I really want to give “Flame in the Mist” a try because the reviews are crazy, but honestly.. I dread that feeling of wanting to love a book so damn much but just not being able to… #bookwormproblems
    Shanu recently posted…My Top 5 Favorite / Auto-Buy AuthorsMy Profile

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