Ten Fall Reads

BREAKING NEWS: I am a shockingly normal human being who doesn’t necessarily read according to the seasons. BUT in an effort to SOMEWHAT keep in the spirit of today’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt of Fall Covers, I shall give you…FALL READS.


But with a TWIST. These are not all books I have read * gasp *, and not books that I’d want to read in fall per se, but rather books that either remind me of fall, or that I would read in fall, have fall vibes


Any Book With Foxes

These are not necessarily ACTUAL foxes?!?!?*


1. A Court of Mist and Fury, which has Lucien, who was stuck with a fox mask in ACOTAR (it counts), and is a High Fae hailing from the Autumn Court. IS IT PERFECTION??!?! You tell me.

2. The Grisha Trilogy. I immediately knew I was going to fall in love with the character described as the too-clever-fox. Foxes are my favorite animal?!?! So obviously I must love him???? #logic. Also he turned out to be pretty great. I won’t say who it is — BUT I SEE YOU GRISHA FANS. YOU KNOW WHO I’M TALKING ABOUT.

*Seriously why aren’t there more books with actual foxes?? SO GLAD my NaNo book will have a fox * pats self on back *

Books Set in Autumn

3. An Enchantment of Ravens. I don’t actually know if this is set in autumn?!?! BUT I do know that there is an Autumn Prince so that’s good enough for me. Also. CUE ALL THE #EXCITE. I have not read this one BUT IT IS IN THE MAIL ON THE WAY TO ME.

4. Nevernight. Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like this takes place in autumn?!?! Idk it just gives me all the autumn vibes okay. Aside from the fact that most of it takes place in a deadly desert hahaha BUT THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT. READ NEVERNIGHT.

Books That Trigger All The Nostalgia

5. The Chronicles of NarniaIS THERE ANYTHING MORE NOSTALGIC THAN NARNIA?!?! * goes off to rewatch all the movies and reread all the books * Honestly I don’t think I’ll ever be tired of Narnia!

6. Harry Potter. DUH. Harry Potter is like the epitome of Nostalgia for a LOT of people in my generation! Even if it’s not nostalgic for you most of it still takes place in fall so TAKE YOUR PICK but pick Harry Potter.* WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE: Loving giant who makes a lot of mistakes, teenagers getting themselves into magical pickles, Headmaster who is Totally Okay with them getting into pickles, the Weasly Family, DRAGONS. I could go on…

7. Shades of Magic. OKAY I know they only came out recently but I still feel all the nostalgia when I think about them * smiles fondly with tears in eyes * There’s just something about the familiarity of Red London and the mundanity of magic that just makes me want to reread them all the time always!!

8. Six of Crows I don’t know why but these books totally give me all the autumn vibes plus nostalgia. Plus all that sass and wit…can’t go wrong. Plus morally questionable antihero. LOVE.

*SHH I’m not bossy

Released In September


9. The Language of Thorns a list of fairytales from another world??!?!!? UGH I’M SO EXCITED. Especially because fairytales are usually brutal and morally questionable and I swear my soul isn’t completely black

10. Before She Ignites the only thing I know about this book: illegal Dragon Smuggling. DRAGONS. I’M DONE GUYS I NEED THIS NOW.

What do you think of my picks? What other books do you think would fit well into the categories I have listed? What other categories do you think I missed?!?


14 thoughts on “Ten Fall Reads

  1. ACOMAF, Six of Crows and ADSOM are all books that I’m always up for a re-reading of! And omg, I have Nevernight in my actual possession but haven’t started on it??? Like how?? I must get on that one immediately.. Also, VERY EXCITED to read “The Language of Thorns” 😀
    Shanu recently posted…Fall Themed Books | Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  2. Ohhh I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about An Enchantment of Ravens – I have read some mixed reviews about this and I’m curious to know if you enjoy it or not. This book’s cover makes me think of fall just as well!
    And yes to all the nostalgia in fall – I’m thinking about the Chronicles of Narnia, yeeeees, oh how I loved this world,- and Harry Potter, obviously <3 <3 This is such a great list, Esther <3 <3
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    1. I finally have AEOR!! I’m hoping to read it in November because my reading for this month is all out of wack hahaha I really hope I love it though!

      Fall is just the epitome of nostalgia to me!! Narnia and Hogwarts are just so magical <3

  3. My reading heart is in actual pain because I haven’t yet got my copy of An Enchantment of Ravens, so yeah, poor me. About the nostalgic books, I think that’s pretty much my definition of Fall books, and Shades of Magic is just perfect, especially with the color red all around the setting. If I had to recommend one for this time of the year, I think I’d go with Tiger Lily though, maybe it’s the cover, I don’t know, but it’s perfect for fall.

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    1. UM I literally JUST got my copy haha so I felt your pain. AND I can’t even read it until November so we shall suffer together!!
      I definitely agree! Fall just feels like such a nostalgic time!
      Ooh I haven’t read Tiger Lily but I have been eyeing it!

  4. “Take your pick but pick Harry potter”… wow okay contradictory much, Esther. 😂😂 ALSO NOOOO AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS. I really do hope you like it bc the cover is too gorgeous to disappoint, but I wouldn’t expect much! D: And yessss I feel like rereading SoC in fall or winter bc it just SEEMS like the right weather??? 😍 Great post!!
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