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OMG THIS IS MY FIRST BOOK TAG I’M SO EXCITED. Also, I stole it from Ellie @Capitol Books, so THANKS FOR THAT. To be fair, she DID say that if you WANT to be tagged, it basically means you are tagged. So stealing? I think not. ANYWAYS AND ONWARDS. We all know I am obsessed with books. Well, to be precise, fantasy books. The further away from the world that is #reality, the better, thank you very much. (HA I just almost wrote berry in place of very and IT WASN’T EVEN ON PURPOSE).

HERE WE GO. Now, I did SHORTEN the list a bit (mostly because I’m lazy) but if you want the whole thing then head over to Capitol Books and check out Ellie’s post!



This one is a tough question, mostly because I have been using odds and ends for bookmarks for MY ENTIRE LIFE. So, the weirdest that pops to mind right now is probably bubble wrap. YES, BUBBLE WRAP. I am a loud reader, OKAY?(Get it???)


I might sound snobby with this but NO. Well, it depends. I won’t buy it used unless I’ve held it in my hands. IT HAS TO BE PRETTY, AFTER ALL.


I feel like this question isn’t really fair to either. UM if I only read trilogies, I would never have met the gloriousness that is Harry Potter, or Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom (HELLO duology!). If I only read series I would never have read the Inkheart series! So basically for me, it’s if it looks good and sounds good NOTHING WILL STOP ME!


Hardbacks are SOOOO PRETTY. So pretty. But let’s face it: I’m poor and paperbacks are just affordable. BUY LESS BOOKS SO YOU CAN AFFORD THE HARDBACKS YOU SAY? Pshawwww. Well, I do have a goal of buying hardbacks when I can. And I am trying but…..booooooks.


UM 7987932749230928% fictional worlds. I NEED SPACE FROM ALL THAT IS REAL. And I don’t want to read about real life in a book which I am reading to escape real life?? That doesn’t make sense. So give me forests that swallow people whole and unicorns that can talk, and I’ll be happy.


I am THE laziest person you will EVER meet. If you could see me right now lying in bed with my kitty in one arm and my travel mug in the other, you would probably look very disgusted. I DO NOT LIKE GOING PLACES. It takes time. Time that I could be using to READ obviously. So I’ll stick with online shopping. Plus, I get carried away with all the bookish items that neither I NOR MY WALLET need at bookstores. Also there’s the small problem that all the bookstores in my area have mostly only books in German so….#awkward.


I JUST FINISHED A Darker Shade of Magic, like, an hour ago! AND OMG. Review to come. DO READ IT THOUGH.


Only ALWAYS. How am I supposed to #bookstagram with an ugly cover? Covers I will only grudgingly accept if the book is good: Covers that look hastily thrown together, hobo-y, have unnecessary things on the front such as stickers, writing, and other such nonsense. If I am extremely skeptical about the book itself AND the cover is horrendous, then NO PLEASE GET IT AWAY FROM ME. It probably would have broken my camera anyways.


Oh I’m SO GLAD you asked. UM Villains obviously. I love them. I love to write about them. I love everything about them. DON’T GET ME WRONG. Heroes are good too. But if the book is about a villain doing all the wrong things for all the right reason MY HEART MELTS AND IT RUINS ME. And then I come back for more. MORE PLEASE. (AHEM KAZ).

Well, that’s it, my beauties. I do hope you enjoyed getting a look into my insanely too full head, and do come back next time. DON’T FORGET TO steal this tag if you so please, for it pleaseth me, the Queen of all things fantasy.


By all means, STEAL THIS TAG, and then tell me about how much you loved mine or yours or if you thought it was stupid. Also please do link yours on here! I would love to read them!! 😀


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