Things to do When Your TBR Won’t Stop Growing

I have rediscovered two things in the past 2 years: reading, and writing. I grew up on books. Books were my life, my breath and my only source of entertainment (no TV, and I had to earn computer time. 1 chore = 20 minutes). I didn’t mind. I love books, always have always will. Also I have several half finished stories that I started writing when I was little. Mostly about Jeremy Sumpter and therefore also about PETER PAN. YES. I tried to write a Peter Pan retelling. It didn’t get very far, because my sister read it and laughed at it. Actually, that happened with most ALL of my stories from back then. So NONE of them got finished.

Almost 5 years ago, I moved to Germany (NEWSFLASH…NOT), and I only brought my clothes with me. No books. Not my writing, which I had ditched several years earlier because I thought what I wrote wasn’t good. Just me, and my clothes, and my favorite LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE signs.

SO about a year ago, I was in a depression rut, and I was desperately trying to figure out WHY WHY WHY. Also I wanted to find out what my PASSION was, which I had been trying to find out ever since I STOPPED writing. SO many missed signs there… ANYWAYS. So I started reading again (sort of). I was forced to read some books in German (which isn’t my favorite, because German humor = EXCUSE ME WAS THAT A JOKE? for me), and I borrowed some English books from friends because I was literally TOO BROKE to buy even ONE BOOK. Sad. I know. No need to rub it in. But I also started writing! Once I started both of those again, my boyfriend said I was like a different person. I was happier (AM) and blah blah blah.


SO I have to catch up on my reading. And my TBR is like the demon that won’t stop growing. HERE I’ve put up a list of things to do when your TBR is being a WEED. Of course this list was requested by NO ONE but #whocares because fabulous. Yes.

  1. Buy more books probably. Even when the TBR is a TBR of shame or even of DOOM, the books will call out to you. You will go to the bookstore, troll amazon and the library and BUY ALL THE BOOKS.
  2. CRY basically. Read, and then CRY SOME MORE. Mostly the crying is probably because books are ruining your life. You fall in love with characters, and then they are taken away from you by the story ending. But do you learn your lesson? NO. GO READ ANOTHER BOOK, DANGIT
  3. Did I mention buying more books? There is no point in passing up that sale? Also, doesn’t that cover just look so PRETTY?
  4. TAKE PICTURES. #bookstagram is all the rage for book bloggers right now, and I’m JUST getting the hang of it. I had an amazeballs photo shoot with my lovely shiny new beauties, and I am itching to show everyone BUUUT I can’t reveal them all at once!
  5. Read obviously. Read, read read until your eyeballs are going to fall out.
  6. Hide from it. This one is, I think, the best option TBH. If you hide, it can’t find you. True story.
  7. Make a list, like me. Lists make everything beter. Also a true story.

As you can see, there are a total of SEVEN THINGS you can do, when your TBR is threatening to take over THE WORLD. Now excuse me while I go buy some more books. sidles off…


How many books are on your TBR of #shame?? Which ones are you simply DREADING? (perhaps because of too much hype…or maybe because they are only there due to peer-reader-pressure…the possibilities are endless!)



4 thoughts on “Things to do When Your TBR Won’t Stop Growing

  1. You had to move…without books? That in of itself is a tragedy. I am so sorry!

    At least I’ve got the buy more books part down, haha. And buying more books. And more. I came to my dorm a few months ago with 10, but between libraries and nearby bookstores, I am being overrun with literature. (Also, I see no problem with this except I WANT TO READ THEM ALL AND I CAN’T). At least we can all cry together. All us despairing bookworms.

    1. I definitely agree. MY LIFE IS HARD DANGIT. But of course I was 18 and poor, and three suitcases full of books would not have worked for my wallet HENCE MY BOOKLESSNESS (because I moved from USA to Germany).
      HAHA I have to laugh because even if I did live near libraries and bookstores ALL THE BOOKS ARE IN GERMAN and I am #despair. I am SO HAPPY I DON’T HAVE TO DESPAIR ALONE THOUGH. I thank you for your solidarity, KIND PERSON.

  2. Before becoming a book blogger, my tbr was like 2 books long on average. Now it’s this hulking beast that I don’t even bother with anymore. And as of now my tbr shelf is pretty much as long as read shelf on goodreads, which is really sadddd.

    1. I must admit that my tbr on GOODREADS has always been long (ooor at least since I joined) but did I really INTEND on reading all of them? Probably NOT. They were mostly on there because I saw them once and thought, Oh that looks interesting. NOW I DON’T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT THAT LIST. Like, HOW else am I supposed to keep track of ALL THE BOOKS I am drowning!? But no! Don’t be sad! Lots of books is good. It means you’ll always have an adventure waiting 🙂

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