To Happen Upon Each Other

Hi. You can refer to me as Esther. I tried once to start up a blog as a kind of therapy for myself, and it was fun! Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best time in my life and I only managed to keep it going for a few months. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was a wild child. As a young’un, I had dirt underneath my fingernails 24/7. And if I didn’t, there was probablysomething else under there. I liked to run away with no clothes on, and get into anything I could get my grubby little hands on.     As I got older, basically nothing changed (except maye the running away naked…). My mother tells me that I started my terrible twos when I was about 1-1 1/2 and went until I was somewhere around 10. On top of all that I basically looked like a monster. For real. I had metal caps on almost all of my teeth (a few of the molars were spared) so when I opened my mouth you had to cover your eyes because of how bright it was. I also enjoyed cutting my own hair. Which once, to my despair, resulted in a nasty bowl cut. Seriously, mom? Any haircut would have been better than a bowl cut. Needless to say, it looked awful on me.

Up till about 7th grade I was all the way tom boy. I only had guy friends, and the girls probably only hung out with me because they felt sorry for me or something. But I somehow always managed to have friends, which amazes me when I look back because I was just an awkward, embarrassing person, but then again who isn’t, at that age? I always had short nails, never wore nail polish, started playing the French horn, switched to tenor sax and piano alongside. Despite my tom boy status, I was absolutely no good at sports, the way I remember it, and I dreaded the moment that the teacher announced that we were going to play a few rounds of dodge ball. This lasted up until I was about 13 (by ‘this’ I mean my tom boy-ness, not the sucking at sports. I definitely still suck at sports). At 14 I had my first “real” boyfriend, behind my mom’s back. I know, shame on me.

All of this took place in numerous states (mostly just 3, but back and forth. It’s too complicated to write down). I could keep rambling on about my childhood, which would probably be a lot of fun, but would result in a REALLY LONG post so I’ll be merciful and stop here. To get to the point: at the age of 15 1/2 I moved to Sunny California with my Mama and sisters. And then, 3 1/2 years later I moved to Germany without my Mama. I’ll get into that in another post! To clear things up a bit: I am a blond haired, blue eyed 20 year-old female (now this is starting to sound like a dating site profile!) I have a mom (and a dad, but they’re divorced and I’ve lived with just my mom since I was 8), who has 5 girls, of which I am number 4.

So now I have been living in Germany with my boyfriend for a little over 2 years, and that’s probably enough information to introduce you to me. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and if you have any requests or questions don’t be shy, and I shall do my best to accommodate you!


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