Top Five Scrumptiously Edible Books

GUYS I have been the WORST blogger lately! I promise I will catch up on comments! I have so much going on and I really like to procrastinate everything and its the worst hahaha

IT’S TUESDAY AGAIN???!? I LOVE this week’s prompt which is FOOD IN BOOKS. I live for food. I LOVE FOOD. Especially sweets and chocolate. FOOOOOOD. So enjoy these incredibly edible books*

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*Disclaimer: DON’T EAT THE ACTUAL BOOK. Will likely end in indigestion


How could Heartless NOT be at the top of this list?? Basically it’s about how much Cath likes to bake?? #winning.

OH YEAH there is also lots of Wonderland weirdness and there’s also Jest, the love interest who is basically the hottest thing since sliced bread, man. Probably at least as tasty as a lemon tart.

Strange the Dreamer

The great thing about Lazlo Strange is that he has such a vivid imagination. And any good imagination knows how to imagine some highly delicious cakes! The food descriptions (and honestly all the descriptions) in this book are SO DELIGHTFUL.


OMG I literally almost forgot to include this. BUT HOW. How can we forget about all the wonderful feasts at Hogwarts for Christmas, Halloween, Sorting and literally everything else. Not to mention all the sweets like chocolate frogs and every flavored beans.*


*NOT always delicious. Ha.

The Night Circus

Although I was disappointed with this book on many levels, I can’t deny the decadence of the food. All important meetings and decisions were held around a fully decked extravagant dinner table at odd hours of the night. #approve.

Lord of the Rings

How can I leave out this iconic trilogy? True, they are traveling most of the time, BUT one has to appreciate the hobbits pure appreciation for food. WE SHOULD ALL HAVE SECOND BREAKFAST.

And sadly that’s it?? HOW CAN I NOT KNOW MORE BOOKS WITH FOOD. Obviously I need to read more books.

Honestly there is food in literally every single manuscript/abandoned manuscript I have ever written haha. ALL BOOKS NEED FOOD OKAY.

Do you love food descriptions in books? DO YOU KNOW ANY MORE FANTASY BOOKS WITH FOOD THAT I’VE MISSED??? Do share because I must go devour them immediately.


6 thoughts on “Top Five Scrumptiously Edible Books

  1. Oh great picks for this topic Esther. Honestly just reading your post has made me a little hungry. 😀
    There are so many incredible books out there when it comes to food. In my mind the Harry Potter series is one of the main ones, like the ones I expect to see one everyone’s list this week, and for me so is The Night Circus.
    Also I loved Heartless. Catch’s passion for baking made me love it more as well. In fact I loved the baking parts of the story more than the Wonderland parts in places.
    Again great picks for this topic. 🙂 ❤️

    1. EEP thanks Beth! Haha that was the goal?!?! (just kidding I would never be that cruel. Maybe). Honestly I was a little shocked that I could only think of five books with food in them??? I NEED MORE.
      Heartless was SPOT ON when it came to the food aspect. No complaints from me. The baking was the best!!
      Thank you!

  2. I’ve read none of those books except for HP!!! Oh and Strange. STRANGE HAD ALL THOSE TEA CAKES OMGGGG. Also! I went to HP world and had Butterbeer!!!! And a Chocolate Frog!! The chocolate was average and the BBeer was too sweet but OMG I HAD HARRY POTTER FOOD AJDLAKFJKALTKAJS. Anyways, great post, and I definitely want to read The Night Circus!!
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      YAS Strange the Dreamer is so decadent I can’t! And there is honestly no beating a Hogwarts feast or all the sweets at Hogsmead like seriously. SO DELICIOUS. I hope you love the Night Circus if you read it!! If you go in with the right mindset it is amazing and sooo beautiful!

    1. I feel like there need to be more books with food though?? I was so shocked that I could only think of five!! I mean, I could have added Six of Crows because WAFFLES but there really isn’t that much food in it otherwise :,)
      I will totally check out your post!! Thanks for linking me 😀

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