Top Seven Things I Can Never Get Enough of in Books

I give you seven things I love to see in books because who needs even round numbers!! FULL DISCLOSURE: I sometimes like to see a lot of things in books that are already out there. AND THAT’S BECAUSE I LIKE THEM. Obviously.

1. Non-Humans.

This doesn’t ONLY mean fae, or elves, or whatever you want to call them. I LOVE ALL NON-HUMAN CREATURES EQUALLY. Like nymphs, and dragons and mermaids, and unicorns and minotaur, and dwarves, and fairies, and made up creatures, and yes also elves. I love elves. All kinds of elves because I can. But seriously. I NEED MORE OF THAT. But in actual sadness I can’t really think of many books other than Everything SJM Ever and Lord of the Rings that have elves and other magical non-human beings in them. So if you know of any PLEASE DO SHARE BECAUSE I HAVE NEEDS.

2. Non-Suppressed Women

Can’t there be a fantasy world out there where girls ACTUALLY rule the world? I like to feature the ‘human world’ as being dominated by men (I wonder why that is my tendency…), and my fairy world, or other world, or WHATEVER is almost always a Queendom. Because Queens are awesome.* But honestly, even I am guilty of having to consciously not suppress women in my books. What is with that please and thank you???

*Obviously, because I am a Queen.

3. Magic

You can never have enough magic. In any form. I personally am obsessed with elemental magics. But any old magic will do. I also love it when characters have Shadow magic Insert Heart Eyes Here. Think Mia Corvere and Azriel (silently gushing over here because LWUOEHOSLIJFEIHAIUHEFLIEUF).


4. Characters With Actual Passions

Nothing makes a character more relatable than having something they are passionate about, or a hobby. Make a character play the saxophone, the cello, the piano. Make them love to read, to write. Make them an artist, make them love to do their makeup, or their hair, make them ANYTHING BUT BLAND.

5. Make Them Real

A Real character for me would be one who has flaws. Not just perfectly beautiful with ever-shining golden floor length hair. Make them insecure. Make them doubt themselves from time to time. Make them have horrible things happen in their past that damage them and make them terrified of something. Give them stumpy fingers, or a fat nose, or limp not-quite-blond hair (because that is me haha). Make them short, or plump or weirdly tall. Give them acne, or eczema. Give them SOMETHING that makes them more palpable, more Real.

6. Make Them Struggle

Not everyone had a perfect childhood with loving parents that always got along splendidly. My parents got divorced when I was 8 because my father did some horrible things to us. As a result of this I struggle with depression, anxiety, I hate the way I look, I find it extremely difficult to be in social situations, I am very emotional. Not everyone is able to be stone cold in the face of horrible situations, or always makes the right, rational decision.

7. Not ‘Gifted’

I don’t know about you, but I don’t pick up a new hobby or skill and three days later I’m amazing at it. Like using weapons. Or learning magic (SHH I KNOW MAGIC. I DO). Or, you know, dancing, or whatever. But it seems like in a lot of books they are like ‘Oh you must learneth this Incredibly Difficult Skill that no one has yet to fully master in order to defeat the Evil’ and then literally a week later they’re like ‘Welp, your time is up, looks like you’ve mastered it pretty well tho! Good job, now go get ’em!’ And then they do perfectly. #NO.

What about you?? Are there things that you don’t see enough of in books that you want more of??? OR. Do you have things you see too much of in books that you are tired of seeing? Tell me all!


22 thoughts on “Top Seven Things I Can Never Get Enough of in Books

  1. If you like urban fantasy at all, read the Hollows series by Kim Harrison! I love it for the character development of flawed and broken people, the super awesome magic, and badass female characters. Plus, all the main characters are different races like witches, vampires, pixies, and a bonus “no one can figure out what he is!” It is my favorite series and I love it SO MUCH.

    1. Ooh I’ll have to try those! First up on my urban fantasy list are all the Cassandra Clare books (because all my friends are mad at me for not having read them yet. Haha.) But ahhhh that sounds so awesome??? I shall put it on my goodreads list!!!!

  2. Okay can I be just the worst woman for a second?? I don’t actually mind reading about suppressed women in novels. I *almost* like it. Just like I like reading about relationships where the men are alpha-males, but in real life that’d piss me the eff off, I think it’s part of me reading “fantasy.” In my life I am a veterinarian, and it’s a girl-power, woman-dominated field. We are not suppressed! I am a strong AF woman, so I feel no need to read about women like me. I know it’s awful to say, but I just can’t deny that I kind of like it. XD

    1. Haha that doesn’t make you a terrible woman 😂 that’s great if you like it! Reading about suppressed women doesn’t bother me per se, just that I like to read a lot about women who know they are worth as much as any man as well! I’ll only get really riled up if it’s a suppression that is truly unhealthy that is being portrayed as okay or normal! But I of course respect that everyone has different reading preferences! That’s what makes the world go round 😉

  3. For some reason I really don’t like non-humans in books??? IT’S WEIRD I KNOW I’M SORRY. Yesss magic! I LOOOOOOVE MAGIC! As a writer I know it’s SUPER hard to create magic systems, but at the same time… I WANT IT SO BAD. And yes, we really need more realistic characters, whether it be through their struggles or flaws or fears. And GOSH I really would LOVE to read about suppressed women because we totally don’t get enough of that in real life, right??? … -_- Great post!
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    1. That’s okay! Everyone has different tastes! Yessss magic systems are so hard! Especially if you want them to be original??? I need all the magic for sure! I KNOW right? CAN WE PLEASE BE MORE OPPRESSED PLEASE IT’S NOT ENOUGH.

  4. Excellent post! I totally agree with you on all of these points! I’ve been reading so much from the fantasy genre and now, even when I’m not reading, I find myself lost in my own la la, luney-tuney land, imagining all these supernatural creatures (mermaids are my personal favorite :)).
    YES! Figures with passion that drive their struggle – I love that aspect of reading!
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future… Happy Reading! 🙂

    1. Yasss fantasy is the best!! Although I’m probably a little biased, being the queen and all but hey! And EEP I love mermaids too!! Although I find them incredibly hard to get right! Passion is a must I feel like! Thanks for stopping by 😄

  5. I LOVE when characters struggle tragically. It makes them so much more developed and interesting to read about.
    I don’t love non-human creatures, unless they are like, ghosts or phantoms or something xD.
    I would love to see more characters like Kaz Brekker!! (this may or may not be because I totally have a crush on him.) Where they have tragic pasts and didn’t turn out too well, but you can’t help but sympathize with them!
    Fantastic post!

    1. Ohhh yeah I agree I don’t find ghosts to be quite as interesting as the usual fantasy creatures!!
      Um excuse me Kaz is the best of ever everyone should like BE him??? Tragic pasts + terrible decisions + grey (or in Kaz’s case none at all) morals are the perfect recipe for any character!

  6. Oh yes yes to these! *nods* I LOVE magic, all the magic. I can’t understand books that don’t have magic…like even contemporaries should, really?? MAGIC.😍 And I loooove non-human creatures. I’m trying to think of some to recommend 😂 and there are plenty in the Shadowhunter world but I’m not sure if you like those?! But LOTS of fey, warlocks, shapeshifters, werewolves, demons, etc. (ALSO MY FAVOURITE SERIES.) And then This Savage Song has some grand monsters and I LOVE The Darker Part of the Forest for all the monsters/fey in it. Oh and Strange the Dreamer has murderous gods!! OKAY I’LL STOP NOW.😂

    Also yes and YES to #2. I’m so sick of all the sexist fantasy worlds. It’s getting dull, you know? Why do women have to fight oppression in worlds that aren’t even connected to ours?!???? It doesn’t even make sense.

    I also always want to see more epic sibling stories!! And HEISTS AND CONS. Saving the world is all cool and whatever, but can we pls see more stealing storylines.😍
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    1. MAGIC EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME ALWAYS!! I actually haven’t read the shadow ter books?? But the entire series of The Mortal Instruments is sitting in my cart and I’m going to buy them because my friend tells me I should start with those 🤔 I’M SO EXCITED it’s like joining an exclusive club!
      THIS SAVAGE SONG US ACTUAL PERFECTION? ??? I just read it and there shall be a rather short and jumbled review up soon 😆 AND STRANGE THE DREAMER. Don’t get me started 😍
      I haven’t actually read The Darker Part of the Forest but now I shall have to!

      Right??? So frustrating! Probably be vara lot of people only write what they know??? I felt so awful when U was reading Shadow and Bone and I kept having to remind myself that the women were drafted as mug as the men 😑😑😑😑

      Ahhh yeeeeees siblings!! I can say from personal experience that if there aren’t siblings trying to kill each other, it’s not accurate. Stealing siblings is even MORE accurate!

  7. QUEENDOMS ARE NEEDED. i think it should just be normal for men and women to have the same abilities and all., you know? It shouldn’t be some big deal! I LOVE MAGIC, need sooo much more if it. Your description in the Not Gifted point IS SO ACCURATE. Like ‘they were natural with a sword’ EXCUSE ME, it took me years to master eating ice cream without it melting AT ALL. I feel like all your last points about characters, and I love characters with passions, flaws and who just REAL and diverse! I feel like we need so much more of them! I loved this post, it should be sent off to all the authors in the wolrd to read and use!
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    1. Yes THANK YOU!! Who ate all the Queendoms??? Magic needs to be literally everywhere except the main character. Haha. Just kidding. But a little less wouldn’t hurt 😅
      And I know??? Not every random is good with a sword even if he trains!? I actually have a main character who is terrible with a sword AND IT’S A BOY. #winning. I just want to feel close to the characters, feel like they are real people and not unattainable! Schwab and Bardugo are freaking geniuses in that regard!

  8. Ohhh this is such a great post! I don’t read tons of fantasy and I’m not usually a fan of non-humans in books but I find it SO fascinating how authors are able to build WORLDS, non-human characters and EVERTHING ELSE with their imagination. It is CRAZY amazing. Same goes for the magic systems they imagine?! How do they do it? I love it. And should get more into it for sure 🙂
    YES to REAL characters – I need characters I can relate to, ones with flaws, ones I could actually see myself talking to and like, meet on the street or something. Real characters are THE BEST.
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    1. Ohhhh it’s so fun to create a new world haha. It’s a little jarring to come out of a writing session and come to terms with the fact that it’s not real 😂😭
      Magic systems are definitely hard!
      I hope you do read more fantasy it’s so fun!!
      Yesssss I want characters I can feel connected to, not some near – God who is totally unattainable!

  9. I love non-humans too! But I think I particularly like alien species. They can be so vastly different!
    And yes, totally, taking up a skill fast! That, and perfection. Brilliant shiny hair and non-smelly bodies during an apocalypse. Those are my pet peeves 😀
    Great post, and your blog is so gorgeous!!!
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    1. Oh yeah because it’s SO realistic for someone to smell like pine and cinnamon after 79 days of travelling in the wilderness. I totally smell NOT like sweat if I have been hiking for 3 days straight…and I DON’T have dirt caked under my nails or tangly hair…. nope.
      Haha omg thank you!!! XDXD

  10. I am a firm believer of the thing about making characters struggle! Like, nobody walks through life on a rainbow. (story idea! lol)
    I loved this post because I agree with everything it contains. I like books so much, and I love that we have the things we love in books in common.
    (Oh my, that was a confusing sentence!)
    I also am in love with your blog design, it is literally goals!

    1. Hahaha that would be quite a story! I’m thinking leprechauns and old Ireland. LET’S WRITE IT. jkjk
      Awe well I’m glad you agree!! Books are literally my fave thing EVER. And chocolate. And cats. #commitmentissues
      It’s so fun to find people who have the same taste in books!! And thank you! I’m so glad you like it! 😀

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