Top Ten Cover Buys – All About the Visuals!

Today I am linking up with The Broke and the Bookish for their Top Ten Tuesday: All about the Visuals! I’m cheating with my cover buys since I DON’T HAVE ANY GRAPHIC NOVELS. I am much too adult for that.* In any case, if you have been book blogging for a while, or Bookstagramming for 2 days, you have probably considered buying a book solely for its cover. BUT WHAT ABOUT WHAT’S INSIDE, you ask? WHO CARES. It looks pretty SO I MUST HAVE. And with that I want to show you 10 books I bought because of their GORGEOUS COVERS!


The Night Circus

BEHOLD THIS COVER IN ALL ITS GLORY (insert heart eye emoji here). Once I saw this book popping up all over bookstagram I KNEW I HAD TO HAVE IT. SO I BOUGHT IT, obviously. Now, I haven’t read it YET, but I’ve started it! The good news is, most of the people I’ve talked to have enjoyed it soo…yay!


If any of you have been reading this blog for any amount of time (and if so BLESS YOUR SOUL), you know that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Splintered series by A.G. Howard (and also ROSEBLOOD BECAUSE OMG THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA). However, I have a SMOL aversion to novellas for some strange, untold reason. Now, STRICTLY SEEN, I did not buy this book myself, BUT I DID HAVE IT ON MY WISHLIST and I got it as a gift from my bookish secret santa for Christmas :). And yes, it was only on my list for the aesthetic of completing my set and also THE COLORS ARE GORGEOUS HELLO.

Lady Midnight

IKNOWIKNOW. I haven’t read this one yet either but in my defense I’m waiting for Lord of Shadows to come out because I GET ANXIETY OVER CLIFFHANGERS. I must be able to read on IMMEDIATELY. But the cover is so gorgeous and green and OH JUST LOOK AT IT.

Red Queen

I was a LITTLE hesitant about this one because I have heard REALLY GOOD things, and I’ve heard VERY MEH things! But it really is so pretty to look at…so I couldn’t resist getting me a hardback copy after being gifted a paperback one (spoiler: I’M HORRIBLE)

The Raven Boys

Okay, this is only HALF true??? First of all, Cait @ Paper Fury is CONSTANTLY AND UNDYINGLY flailing about Maggie Stiefvater and her Precious Raven Boys. BUT (bepreparedtoshameme) I wasn’t TRULY convinced until I saw the cover of The Raven King….I absolutely fell in love and had to buy ALL OF THEM and then I fell in love with the story too (SO THAT ONE HAS A GOOD ENDING HAHA). SERIOUSLY THOUGH. GO READ THEM.


I have to confess something here. I actually like the US cover better than the UK cover for this one and I was a LITTLE disappointed. BUT in all fairness the UK cover is GORGEOUS naked!! I especially love that it doesn’t even have a title on the spine, just the bird!


This is a classic case of AMAZING COVER meh book. Well, FOR ME. I know a lot of people who liked it a lot! It just wasn’t the book for me. But the cover was so steampunky and delicious looking that I don’t even really care that I didn’t enjoy the story as much as others!

Alice In Wonderland

I’ve never actually read the classic (that I can remember)! I know I probably SHOULD…but…I feel like my mind has been so filled with COUNTLESS RETELLINGS and other aesthetics that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it the way I would if my brain was a clean slate. EXCUSES EXCUSES. Shame on me! But when I saw this cute cover I just had to have it. It’s so cute and whimsical 😀

Six of Crows

Not sure if this one really counts??? I had already read it BUT THE COVER WAS SO BEAUTIFUL and I had a mismatched set of SoC and CK soooo….LOGICALLY OF COURSE I HAD TO REBUY THE HARDBACK SET. OBVIOUSLY. #noshame


A Darker Shade of Magic

TECHNICALLY I bought it because I wanted to read it. BUT I bought the paperback version. AND THEN I SAW WHAT I WAS MISSING OUT ON WITH THE HARDCOVER VERSION so I promptly sent back the paperback to buy the hardback. AND LOOK HOW PRETTY A GATHERING OF SHADOWS IS OMGEEEEEEE


TELL ME: What are some books you have bought because of cover love? Have they been just as beautiful on the inside as on the outside or were they rotten eggs???



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Cover Buys – All About the Visuals!


    (Also now read and love them immediately. #thusthequeendecrees)

    And omg I love Timekeeper!? I do love the cover too, but the insides *squishes with happy* And Nevernight is so gorgeous I had a little crisis deciding which one to buy. And I 100% want to read The Midnight Circus because of the cover.? Omg and have you seen the cover of Vengeance Road? #INLOVE And Last Seen Leaving is basically my latest cover buy. But let’s be real now. It’s like 10% is the story good? and 90% IS THAT COVER GOOD FOR MY BOOKSTAGRAM when I buy books.

    1. ERMEGERD I NEVER MEANT TO HURT YOU CAIT I WILL NEVER BE HAPPY IF YOU ARE CRYING (unless they are tears of happiness in the end obviously) BUT I DID END UP LIKING THEM??? SO THAT’S GOOD????

      I actually read them and I read them all so fast and close together that I have to write a glob review because I can’t remember what happened in which book and I’M TRYING TO DIFFERENTIATE BUT IT’S NOT WORKING hahaha my poor memory-impaired brain…

      Timekeeper I also bought because I saw you liked it (because let’s be honest that’s like 90% of my motivation to buy new books…) but the COVER IS SO PRETTY. And I liked the story but it wasn’t my very favorite of the year. I’m really liking Nevernight so far which is A RELIEF haha and The Night Circus really is good but you have to know THERE IS NO STABBING. Also the competition isn’t as competition-y as they make it sound. So I’m leaning towards 3 stars right now. I have seen Vengeance Road SO PRETTY but I like….have a deep and dark loathing for westerns?? I DON’T KNOW WHY DON’T ASK ME but I just can’t stand them D: AND YES I just bought Mechanica because I saw that it has a bright purple naked hardback SO I NEEDED IT IMMEDIATELY NATURALLY. Also bonus: It’s a Cinderella retelling which I didn’t know before because I never know what the books are about that I’m buying! I also just got This Savage Song so yay I can’t wait to read ittttttt

  2. Oh this is such an amazing list! I have heard amazing things about The Night Circus, hope you enjoy it! And Nevernight was so stabtastic and awesome, I gave it 4 stars! (that ending, Esther. JUST WAIT FOR IT.) plus now I think I really need to get started on some A.G Howard books! You and Cait rave soooo much about them.
    Also, read Lady Midnight asap. CC said that the ending of Lord of Shadows is really heartbreaking and people are really gonna cry. So yeah! THOUGHT I SHOULD WARN YOU. But then you’ll have to wait 2 years for the third book since the first in the last hours trilogy will release in 2018. WHY SHOULD AUTHORS TORMENT US SO????

    1. I’m actually finishing The Night Circus today! It’s good, but it’s very descriptive and not very stabtastic so at the moment I’m at about 3 stars. But I do like it!! I can’t be too disappointed since it was a cover buy after all haha. And Yes I am LOVING Nevernight!! AND OMG WHY HAVEN’T YOU RAIDED THE A.G.HOWARD SHELF YET SHE IS EVERYTHING. I just got my hardback copy of RoseBlood and I am already contemplating a reread BECAUSE LOOOOVE.

      ALSO ARE YOU FOR REAL?? Now I’ll never read it haha. I CAN’T WAIT TWO WHOLE YEARS FOR A SEQUEL?? I can barely wait one??? How much stamina do they think we have??????? I will strike.

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