6 Problems That All Writers Experience At One Time or Another // #WRITERSLIFE

Writers are a complicated species*. We love what we do. We also revel in complaining incessantly about what we do. It’s great! Here are a number of problems a writer may experience:

  • why isn’t the book writing itself
  • wtf characters are starting to kill each other of their own accord
  • you accidentally wrote three chapters that are 90% food and you’re afraid no one will want to read it but you also have no regrets
  • your plot holes are like the black hole that sucked up the sun
  • you sit down to write and write 3 words in the span of 3 hours**

These are not uncommon problems, and if you’re NOT a writer this may sound new to you. That is why I am here to share with you all the complaints that writers everywhere have had of ever.***

*I do think it’s safe to say we are not human?!?!?
**hey, a word an hour is not shabby if I do say so myself
***maybe not of EVER??? But close.

Browser History

Every writer at some point worries that the FBI or CIA or some other mythical organisation will show up on their doorstep and ambush their house, take them into a faux-mirror-filled room to interrogate them. Why?

Just look at their browser history:

  • How to torture people
  • Old torture methods
  • Torture tools
  • How to kill someone quickly
  • Where to stab someone so they don’t die
  • Who ate all my chocolate*
  • What kind of poisons will kill a person slowly
  • How long does it take a human body to burn

You get the picture.

We are a suspicious group, that’s for sure.

*SPOILER: it was probably me but I’m in denial

Separation Anxiety

Now. We writers love our characters.

But why do we kill them all off, you ask??

Well, it’s because we love them that we kill them.

Let me explain.

No one ever cared about Bach, or Van Gogh, or The Man on the Moon before they died. See where I’m going with this??


Nevertheless trust me* when I say we writers have shed many a tear over the deaths of our favorite children!!




The bane of my existence.

Editing is actual hell.*

My inner monologue when editing looks something like this:

  • Dear god did a 5 year old write this
  • who thought that that character quirk was a good idea
  • what am I doing with my life

The Actual Writing??

I have a vague idea of what I want to write??! I have a beginning. I LOVE MY BEGINNING.

Wait. Where is the middle.


Where is the plot??


How did I accidentally kill all of my important characters!?*


*It’s a struggle


A writer often feels discouraged when reading our own work.




Wait. I HAVE READ THIS 34773890934 TIMES.

Maybe someone who has read it 0 times will find it less boring and predictable because they don’t have the whole thing memorized???!?*

*this is a harder realization to make than one would think

The Internet

We love the internet. But it is also the worst thing of, like, EVER?!?

You know that feeling when you know you are procrastinating but you just can’t seem to stop?

You either stumbled across an Ellen video and ended up watching her youtube channel for 5 hours, got stuck on bookstagram, decided that working on your pinterest WIP board counts as time spent working on your book, or you got stuck looking at weirdly hilarious memes because you haven’t slept in 34 hours.

This is like, the epitome of a #writerslife.

These are just a few things that a writer may struggle with on a daily basis! If you are a writer, you surely know what I’m talking about. If you are not a writer, but know a writer who needs help, please contact 1800-WRITE NOW or just give them chocolate and pat them on the back.

If you are a writer what are some struggles that you deal with while writing? Do you find yourself googling questionable things? Who here has accidentally ended up watching Ellen on youtube for hours??


19 thoughts on “6 Problems That All Writers Experience At One Time or Another // #WRITERSLIFE

  1. Oh my god, this was hilarious!

    I’m not a writer but reading your and PaperFury’s blogs has well acquainted me with the struggles of a writer’s life.. At this point, I’m a pro when it comes to knowing how to soothe writers (Hint: Chocolate.. Lots of it).

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I did a “Would You Rather” book tag and of course, tagged you, because you’re one of my favorite bloggers.. If you’d like please check it out!
    Shanu recently posted…The “Would You Rather” Book TagMy Profile

    1. Awe I love to hear that people think I’m funny!

      Haha I’m so glad that Cait and I can school all you non writers (aka we complain a lot about it and people laugh at us.) IT’S FUN. ALSO: CHOCOLATE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER ALWAYS

      AWE you are the sweetest! I shall have to check the booktag out! Thank you!!

  2. Hahahaha, I LOVE this post so much – and I can totally relate to it all. I definitely ask myself HALF the time, WHAT AM I EVEN DOING or why am I writing this, does it all make sense, where is my plot, what are my characters, what is a cliffhanger?! It is crazy. I guess we’re all crazy a little bit 😛 And, aerm… I accidentally spend hours watching Ellen on Youtube instead of writing as well?!!!
    Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books recently posted…Review: Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, Julie C. DaoMy Profile

  3. I’m not really a writer, but I totally relate to the browser history one. I feel like I look up some very questionable things… although my favourite was the time that the three tabs my friend had open were ‘Definition of rob’ ‘Definition of steal’ and ‘lock picks’, but she wasn’t researching for anything… just genuinely curious…
    Iris @ Hoard of Books recently posted…September Wrap-Up – Panicking + Lots of Books!My Profile

  4. Oh great post Esther. I haven’t yet started writing properly again (that comes in November when NaNo starts) but I remember all these problems. At the moment the Browser History and Internet are my main two. I am a serious procrastinator and the fact that I have the Internet right at my fingertips, so to speak, is a major distraction.
    Also my Browser History is filled with strange searches, but then again that’s not really limited to me writing again. Before my searches were things like ‘what is the origin of the May bank holiday’ and now they’re things like ‘what are the different stages of decomposition for a human body’ and the like. Granted my searches are more morbid now but still pretty strange. 😀
    Again great post Esther.

  5. DUDE. THIS HAS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVORITE POSTS FROM YOU EVER. For one, it was so accurate and I 100% relate, and second, YOU. WERE. HILARIOUS??? I mean, you’re ALWAYS hilarious but you were even more in this post, if possible. GAGAGH I love it. 😂😂

    Anyways, YESS. The browser history thing is becoming an issue??? I’m looking up “places to shoot someone where they won’t die” and “types of knives” and I just… hope someone realizes I’m a WRITER. And omggg yes to the internet thing??? I literally write for ten minutes and then succumb to whatever site I’m addicted to. 😂 (There are rare occasions where I actually focus, tho!!)

    May @ Forever and Everly recently posted…9 Lies Bookworms Will Tell You (Because We’re Evil and Find Enjoyment in Manipulating You… Oops)My Profile

      I’m so glad you can rlate haha it’s a hard life :,)

      Hahaha browser history is a huge issue XD we are in big trouble if the Ministry of Magic comes kocking at our door!
      It’s hard to write on a computer because it’s so easy to just let the internet seduce you into doing anything BUT writing hahaha.
      Focus is occasional, but it’s there!!

  6. Writers? WHAT ARE THOSE?? OHB YES those dark mythical creatures who are not of this world. I think I might be a writer. but i havent written in a month? AND NANO IS SOON. And it’s my first time?? what is wrong with me.

    OMG yes FOR BROWSER HISTORY. you could look at my browser history and think i was planning to kill me. speaking of killing, YOUR CAT IS KILLING IT. Omggg so cute and evil and love <3

    I've never gotten to the stage of editing? SO I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO HELL AND I AM GLAD? i mean NO chocolate OR dragons? Wow this is torture

    WRITING iS SO HARD. I read it so much I know it off by heart instead of writing more. what is wrong with me
    ilsa @ a whisper of ink recently posted…[LET’S WHISPER] Are we too ‘harsh’ in our negative book reviews?My Profile

    1. IDK HONESTLY?!?! WUT AM I. WUT IS LYFE. Yay for NaNo! You are going to kill it!!

      Hahaha our browser history is just abysmal basically.. AND YES MY CATS ARE QUEENS LIKE ME BASICALLY.

      I edited for the first time this year, and it is SO HARD. But also it’s so rewarding so don’t be too scared (HAHAHA YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BE SCARED)

      YES writing is hard!! But it’s so worth it!!

  7. This is the ultimate level of RELETABLE. I re-wrote my novel many times. I finished my WIP only yesterday, in it’s official version and now I’m re-reading it. And I’m like: WHAT IS THIS. WHAT. WHAT.

    The research make me looks like a total creep and editing…. I’ve no words. Plus I’m super slow. People finish in a week and I take like.. years? And I get distract easily. Really easily

    And I still have to kill one of my characters. I can’t. Well, I’m planning to say goodbye to some secondary character to make practice. I hope that it will works.

    1. EEP I am so glad you can relate haha. Rewriting is so hard! BUT CONGRATS ON FINISHING?!?!? That’s so awesome!!

      Hahaha all writers are total creeps if you go by their search history! UM no way I finish in a week bahahaha it’s taken me like 4 months to edit Feathers Black!! And that’s only the second draft! I’m sure there will be like 20 drafts before I’ll go looking for an agent hah

      KILLING CHARACTERS IS SO HARD?!? But also oddly satisfying. WOW I’m so messed up hahaha

    1. Ohh yay I’m so glad that you decided to start writing! It IS hard! It’s such a myth that writing is easy but it will definitely help you get to know yourself and grow!
      And awe yay! I do think it’s important for writers to not feel alone because writing in itself is already pretty lonely!

  8. excuse me but that photo in the “actually writing’ section IS SO GORGEOUS I HAD TO STARE AT IT FOREVER AND THEREFORE GOT DISTRACTED FROM READING ABOUT WRITING. Which seems apt because like 100% of the writers life is fighting procrastination.😂But hey we do a good job right?!? I consider it a good day if I’m only on pinterest 89 times instead of, well, 90 times.😂

    I get a LOT of separation anxiety from my manuscripts though. Like we’ve been thru so much and now it’s finished??? What is life. 😭😭
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…10 Annoying Questions Bookworms Get Asked That Just Make NO SENSEMy Profile

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